His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 19

Minerva’s golden eyes remained alert as the pair scouted as much as Albridge as they could to pass the time. They were currently waiting at the back wall of the magnificent and imposing old castle. Unbelievably, its bricks started to vanish from one another. Brick by brick they disassembled until there was enough space to walk through. Furthermore, Aamon was standing on the other side.

The witch stared at him from her side of the wall. “How’d you do that?”

“Ever since I could remember, the castle’s been bound with magic.”

“How come outsiders never knew about it?” Minerva asked as she and little Blade followed him through the tunnel and up some stairs. A secret passageway.

“Because it’s magic,” he replied mockingly.

As they continued taking lefts and rights through the tunnel, she asked, “How were you able to get to us safely, anyhow?”

“Uncle was warm and welcoming to his favorite nephew,” he said sarcastically, leading them up to an iron door at the end of the secret passage.

The witch scoffed. “Doubt that.”

“As long as he doesn’t know that you’re here now, it’ll keep his soldiers busy scouting for you in the villages.”

“So, where are we going exactly?”

Aamon opened the door to a room. “My former guest chamber.”

little Blade and Minerva took a few steps into the chamber as Aamon closed the door behind them and pulled a curtain over it. The first thing Little Blade and Minerva noticed in the room was the small dining room table a space away from his king-sized bed. “The table?”

“Like I said, favorite nephew.” The witch rolled her eyes and continued to look around the room. On the other side of the king-sized bed, stood a six-foot tall wardrobe with a window nearby.

“How is your chamber safe, exactly?” Minerva glanced behind her to face him.

“No one ever comes into this wing of the castle unless I ask of their service.”

Continuing to face him, she asked. “And, what’s the plan? Because the Summer Solstice is still in less than three weeks.”

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