His Witch, Her Demon

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Flashback 1

Fourteen year old Aamon was very clever but also reckless. Reckless enough to get caught stealing for the first time out of over fifty accomplishments of this crime.

It was getting dark and he had not had anything to eat at all that day. And his stomach wouldn’t stop grumbling from his hunger. The demon’s eyes searched the marketplace for any good food. Only one stand was open with food & it looked to only sell fish. Raw fish.

The demon’s head shot up once the merchant shouted at him after noticing Aamon snatching the raw fish from the merchant’s table. Looks of shock and fear took over his features for a split second before Aamon ran off, trying not to stumble with the merchant right on his heels. Aamon ducked and swerved through the crowd of the village until he came across an alley. He hid in the shadows of the alley and watched as the merchant entered the alley as well, looking for the thief.

Once Aamon’s body was wrapped by the darkened shadows of the alley, he felt an icy cold hand cover his mouth and something cold and sharp touching the tip of his throat. “Either you share the food you stole or I give you to the merchant,” a low voice spoke near his ear. Considering the noisy tavern beside them, the demon was surprised to even catch the threat clearly. Shit, Aamon thought. And since the merchant hadn’t left the alley yet, Aamon didn’t have a choice but to nod his head. “Good,” the same voice said but didn’t retract their icy cold hand from covering the demon’s mouth and let alone the dagger or whatever at his throat.

Eventually, the merchant left the alley. Leaving the two strangers alone in the shadows.

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