His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 20

It is now two days until the Summer Solstice and the wolf and witch were hidden under a cloaking spell as they raced to the old and dank dungeons. After passing by some vacant and occupied cells, they found him.

Per tempus. (Phase),” Minerva whispered quietly and led little Blade through the closed door with her. In the cell, a bruised and broken body hangs from their wrists by rusting chains on the opposite wall. After removing the spells, the wolf stayed to the side as Minerva unlocked Aamon’s cuffs and set his body down to lean against the wall. Idiot with an even more idiotic plan, she thought as she put a cloaking spell over the cell. After feeling for a pulse and murmuring an idiot under her breath, she brought her hands up to cup the demon’s now lesser tan and injured face. “Aamon, wake up.”

Her eyes searched the cell until they landed on a bucket of water in the corner. Minerva whistled, catching little Blade’s attention. She cocked her head toward the bucket in the corner.

The witch let go of the demon’s face and let it hang. little Blade held the bucket out to her as it hung from his teeth. She backed away from Aamon’s body after taking the bucket from the wolf and poured the water over his face. Immediately, the demon awoke with a gasp and cough and looked up at the pair with a bruised eye. Minerva cut him off before he could say anything. “I told you not to act recklessly like that. You might think you’re protecting me, but you’re gonna get yourself killed if you keep jumping in like that. Why didn’t you tell me that ‘making amends with your uncle’ would mean paying practically deadly consequences?”

“Because you wouldn’t have let me do it,” he replies in a low and raspy voice. “Now, are you going to heal me or keep scolding me?”

She would have replied to his remark if he was not severely injured all over. After giving little Blade a chance to greet Aamon, she repeated her actions from before and cupped his face. “Stay still.”

“What memory do you see?” She asks as she began to heal him. He didn’t answer her right away. He was just staring at her.

Minerva tightened the hold she had on his chin. “Aamon, I need to know that this is working. What memory do you see?”

“The morning you pushed me into the lake. Can I ask you something?” He says faintly.

“...Proceed,” she replied softly. She tended to a wound near his collarbone while she waited.

“...Can I have a hug?”

The witch’s head shot up and she scowled at him. Then, she giggled. “Of course, when I’m done.”

Minerva worked diligently and attentively on the rest of his wounds. After, she handed him fresh clothes from her knapsack and he changed.

Aamon patted little Blade’s head then pulled the witch into a tight embrace. “We’re going to be fine. I promise,” he murmured into her hair and kissed her forehead.

In less than a minute, the trio phased through the cell and were covered in a cloaking spell. “Which way to the throne room?”


King Rhazien wasn’t there. He wasn’t in the throne room. “Remove the cloaking spell.”

Minerva drew her sword from its scabbard and questioned Aamon’s demand. “Are you sure?” He nodded and drew his sword as well. Then, they heard footsteps. Numerous footsteps.

little Blade became Big Blade.

“Nephew, I was wondering where you were hiding your new companions.”

King Rhazien was followed into the throne room by his Black-Eyed Beings. They were surrounded. The king glanced at Minerva and cocked his hide to the side in confusion. “Since you’re not in shock, I’m guessing he told you what relations I have with him. Hmm?”

Minerva ignored the king and continued to look over her surroundings at the king’s warriors.

A warrior rushes toward Minerva and Big Blade jumps in the way, catching him between his teeth and ripping his body apart.

Three against over hundreds of Black-Eyed Beings. The battle begins.

As soon as it did, the witch decided to use an easier spell to give the trio more time.

She raised her arms and spoke, “Suffocant. (Choke).”

About a hundred of those hundreds of warriors began to gasp for air and fall to their knees, pleeding for Minerva to stop. But she didn’t, even as her nose began to bleed.

Once she was sure they were done for, she stopped. Aamon looked over from where he was fighting. “When were you planning on telling me you could do that.”

“I’m a witch. I can do anything.”

Halfway through the battle, there were less than fifty Black-Eyed Beings left standing against the gigantic wolf with blood dripping down his teeth and fresh wounds and the nearly battered witch and demon with bloodsoaked swords.

The furious King Rhazien sat on his throne watching as everything he worked for crumbled down in front of him.

He’s had enough.

As the trio continue to fight the remaining fifteen Black-Eyed Beings, the king sped toward Aamon. Minerva noticed what was happening.

Iaculare. (Hurl).”

She watched as the king’s body flew through one of the castle’s walls and outside. The witch turned to her two companions and told them she could handle it as she ran after King Rhazien. Minerva held out her sword as she approached him once he was beginning to stand.

“Pleasure to finally meet you, Minerva,” he said in a way too joyful tone.

“I can’t agree more. It’s lovely to meet the man that has caused my friend so much pain,” she replied sarcastically.

The two opponents clashed swords. They kept clashing and clashing. So much, it was like the whole world shook from them fighting.

The witch leapt at him but he managed to slice her arm open. She groaned and charged at him again. This time, she aimed for one of his ankles, which she managed to cut open. Screaming in pain, King Rhazien managed to keep standing and fighting the witch. And, it annoyed her.

The witch was so distracted by her annoyance with the king that she didn’t realize when he got her in a chokehold. He tightened his hold around her neck and she grunted, trying to breath. Her vision became blurred as her sword dropped from her hand. But, she told herself to remain calm. In doing so, she flipped out of his embrace and landed on her feet.

The king charged at her and punched her vigorously in the stomach. The blow sent the powerful witch flying onto her back. She rolled over onto her stomach, trying to catch her breath and coughed out blood. Then, he landed another punch to her jaw and even more blood spilled from her lips. Minerva kicked at his legs and knocked him down. Using her powers, she grabbed him by the neck and sent him flying into a tree and back to the ground. She heard him break from the impact. But, that didn’t stop him.

They continued to fight using their powers and clashing swords some more. Both taking ragged breaths with cuts lining their bodies from their adversary’s marks. But, King Rhazien was growing weaker than the witch from each hit they took from one another.

Minerva could tell that the king was weakening and used it to her advantage.

When King Rhazien could barely stand anymore and disappeared, she concentrated and sensed him appearing from behind. And she was ready for him. Minerva turned and plunged her hand deep into his chest where his beating heart remained. “This is for Aamon, Blade, and the Kingdom of Albridge. I hope you rot in hell.”

Pulling his beating heart out, she crushes it in her hand. The blood dripped from her fingers as she looked at his corpse with a nefarious smile planted on her face. Big Blade howled and Minerva abruptly turned towards the sound to see the wolf running towards her with Aamon right behind him. And every single one of Rhazien’s soldiers dead.

The breath is knocked out of both of them with the force that the two friends collide. Hands gripped each other’s back as they held one another tightly. Minerva pulls away and their foreheads press together. Then, Aamon sighs in relief and drops his forehead into Minerva’s neck before watching what happens next.

Big Blade swallowed the corpse lying before them whole.

The former king died that day.

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