His Witch, Her Demon

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You’re the one.

Minerva blinked but ignored the voice in her head as the kingdom celebrated King Aamon’s coronation. She clapped along with everyone else applauding and Big Blade howled his congratulations.

Of course, the King asked her to dance with him….

….so, she did.

And they danced and held each other like when they were at the festival.


One Year Later

“Your second-in-command has arrived, Your Majesty,” one of the King’s guards said through the door.

The King of Albridge coughed & responded, “Let her in.”

She walked in wearing a light black jacket, pants and combat boots. Matching her appearance, she laid a sheathed sword across her back alongside her braided black and red-highlighted hair. Her gold eyes bore into his crimson ones.

“General Eligius sure is strapping your knights into good shape. You can hear their cries coming all the way from the practice grounds.” The second-in-command smirked and sat down in front of the King at his desk.

He coughed again which made her glare at him. “If you won’t let me help then why not the healer?”

King Aamon Blackwood chuckled. “I’m fine...So all is as well then, Minerva?”

Minerva Hallewell rolled her eyes but still nodded in response as the same guard’s voice came through the door again. “Another visitor, Your Majesty. It’s….the wolf.” Said, wolf growled.

The second-in-command got up from her seat and opened the door, giving the guard a dry look in return. “His name is Blade. Well, little Blade for now. Unless you’re considering getting on his bad side.”

After the guard shook his head in fear, she closed the door behind her and little Blade. Immediately, the black wolf ran over to the Aamon who patted him on the head. Looking up at his second-in-command, he said, “If you keep scaring my guards, I think I’ll have to replace you.”

“But you wouldn’t.” He raised his eyebrows at her. “Because you have a high respect for me. Oh, and you trust me.”


She reached across the desk to a pile of papers but before she could get a hold of them, they were snatched up by the demon king. “What are they?”

“Letters.” He stuffed them into a drawer out of her reach.

“Keeping secrets from me again? Your second-in-command? Your witch?”


“No as in you aren’t keeping secrets from me again? Or no as in I’m not your second-in-command or witch anymore?”

This time she received a dry look from him.

“When did we switch personalities?”

“I don’t know. But, it’s been a year now and I don’t like it,” she replied jokingly and running her fingers through little Blade’s black fur.

King Aamon smiled at her. “I’m pretty sure it is because I became king. So, I had to become more mature.”

“You sure weren’t as mature before.” Minerva looked up at him as if she forgot to tell him something. “Oh, and dinner’s ready.” She smirked. “Your Majesty.”

little Blade led the pair to the dining hall. He was close to tackling Eligius once they got there. Minerva noticed and told little Blade to be careful as Eligius just chuckled at the wolf.


At the brink of dawn, the second-in-command and general ran down the hall and into the king’s chambers once they heard the shouts for help. “What happened?”

The guards standing at the door said nothing in response. Eligius opened the door and nothing seemed out of the ordinary to the two newcomers. Everything was as it should’ve been. Both the King and little Blade were fast asleep in the room.

Eligius whistled and little Blade’s eyes popped open. He got up from his former sleeping position on the floor and trotted toward the pair standing near the door. Minerva walked towards the edge of the bed. “Aamon?”

No response.

“Aamon, wake up.”

She touched his shoulder and instantly drew her hand back at the cold feeling.

No, she thought. No, no, no.

Resurrectio. (Resurrection).”

The spell didn’t work.

The witch tried again..

..again, it didn’t work.

The witch tried again..

..again, it didn’t work.

The witch tried again..

..again, it didn’t work.

The witch tried again one last time..

..it didn’t work.

The salty tears drastically streamed down her face and onto her lips as she sobbed and screamed for him to come back. To come back to her. For her demon, to come back to his witch.

He didn’t.

Not this time.

She left. She couldn’t stand to be in that room any longer. Not with his…..corpse, or little Blade’s crying howls, or Eligius’ cries either. So, she left for the king’s office.

The witch, not second-in-command anymore (she didn’t know who she was), busted open the locked door.

You’re the one.

Again, she ignored the voice in her head.

Minerva’s eyes narrowed as she spotted a paper lying on his desk. Shaking all over her body, she picked up the paper. Opening it, she found it to be a letter:

My witch, Minerva Hallewell,

I hope it has been a couple of years for me to be a king before my death came. We both knew I was sick and I know you are currently filled with sadness and anger over my death. Probably more at yourself than me. Which is why you shouldn’t blame yourself. My death is not in your hands. On the right of this desk, is a drawer with a few letters.

Your demon,

Aamon Blackwood

Her face was stone cold as she reached for the drawer full of those letters. At the very top of the stack was a letter to the kingdom of Albridge:

Kingdom of Albridge,

If I never have the honor of being your king after my uncle’s death, or if I do, even for a short time. Then, I hope you at least give Minerva Hallewell the chance at being your queen. She’s a great friend of mine that would make a wonderful queen at ruling the Kingdom of Albridge.

Your lost prince,

Aamon Blackwood


Minerva Blackwood misunderstood that voice speaking again in her head that heartbreaking day.

The voice didn’t mean Rhazien’s death. It meant Aamon’s. And that she was next for the throne after him.

But, she understands now. As the crown sits on her head. And as the kingdom of Albridge bows down to their new ruler---

Queen Minerva Blackwood of Albridge.

Not only a witch, then a second-in-command to the former king. But, a queen.

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