His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 3

Aamon came back shortly, dressed in his fresher pair of clothes. The table was already set with one small bowl of soup and two cups of water. One cup of water and a bowl of soup reserved for one seat and, the other cup of water reserved for the other seat that was taken by Minerva, who was dressed in only one of his old shirts and eyed his every move. So, the clothes do still fit.

She took a few gulps from her cup of water once he sat down and, then said, “We can continue talking after you begin eating.”

Aamon stopped in his tracks on his way to the small dining table. “Why are you not eating?”

Minerva smirked with her golden irises sparkling. “Afraid I’ll poison you?”


The witch scoffed and told the demon to relax. Then, she thought, I won’t poison you, yet.

Aamon didn’t want to play her bullshit games. “Seriously, Minerva, shouldn’t you be eating?”

She watched as he then eyed her figure.“My figure is perfectly fine, thank you. And, did you forget I just threw up a few minutes ago? I’m just not hungry is all.”

With that said, Aamon took his seat and began to eat his soup. And, the table was cast with complete and utter silence.

After pondering around with her thoughts, the witch said, “I thought that it was impossible to kill Him.”

Aamon looked up from swirling his bowl of soup with his spoon to Minerva. The side of his lips quirked up with a tiny smile. “Was…. past tense. Now, there is a way for Him to die.”

Once again, Minerva looked at the demon with confusion written across her face. “How?”

“Your powers.”

The witch choked on her water. “Excuse me? Did you just say my powers? How do you know if that’ll for sure kill Him?”

Aamon took a bite of his soup and a gulp of water before simply responding with, “I don’t.”

Minerva almost broke her cup of water because she was gripping it so tight. Aamon continued to talk before she could say anything.

“I have a theory. The way He talked about you…” he paused. “It’s like He knows something and He’s afraid of it. Of you. Your powers over overpower his own.”

The witch watched as he got up and walked over to her. Looking up at him, she said, “Aamon, that’s not much of a plan. Even, if he is a man frightened of a woman with powers stronger than his. We don’t even know if it’ll work.”

“It’ll work. C’mon Minerva, you have to trust me on this.”

“Just like I trusted you to always stay?” Minerva responded harshly.

A look of hurt crossed over Aamon’s face. Immediately, Minerva felt guilty and said in a brittle voice, “I’m sorry... I do trust you, it’s just going to take me awhile to forgive you. I mean, you were the only family I’ve ever had and… you left, Aamon. It’s been easier to push people away. And, even harder for me during everything else over the past six years.” Breathing a wavering sigh, the witch continued. “Taking all this information in, especially about you being tortured, just makes things even more difficult.”

Aamon stared at her with his crimson red eyes. “I understand. I hope to the gods that I never have to leave you for that long again. Or at all. Spending those painful six years away from you, my best friend. My witch. It was hell. And I’ll be damned if I let that happen again. But to protect you, I would.”

Then, a salty liquid brimmed at the corners of Minerva’s eyes. She abruptly rose up from her chair and wiped the tears before they could fall. Going back to her cold demeanor, Minerva cleared her throat and looked over at the small dining table. “Are you done with your dinner?”

She didn’t give him time to answer. She already grabbed his bowl and cup, taking the dishes over to another table set with a few other dirty dishes. Then again, with hers.

The witch turned back towards the demon and said, “I guess we can both take the bed. I’m not going to let you take the floor or sleep outside. I’ll make the bed. I’d appreciate it if you put the fire out.”

He obeyed and watched as Minerva finished up making up the bed.

Minerva climbed in the bed and under the covers, closing her eyes. Soon, she felt the bed dip.

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