His Witch, Her Demon

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Flashback 2

Aamon’s capturer shoved him away and into the little bit of light casting down from the torch light a few feet away from them, hanging along the side of the noisy tavern the strangers stood beside. Abruptly turning around to face his capturer, the demon was again shocked to see that they were only an inch or two inches shorter than himself. But, he still couldn’t see their face from the hood of the cloak they wore over their head.

“Who are you?” The previously low but now clearer voice asked.

“A boy that was just threatened by a girl for food he rightfully just stole, apparently.” Aamon tried to complain but couldn’t help the corner of his mouth lift into a small smile of amazement.

The stranger pushed off their hood, proving Aamon’s theory correct, to reveal natural curls of black and red-highlighted hair and deep golden eyes. Which matched perfectly to the girl’s chocolate skin tone.

The girl presented a scowl on her face and walked towards him under the torch light. Plucking the raw fish from his hands, she wrapped it in cloth. “C’mon,” she murmured, walking past him. Realizing he wasn’t following, the girl stopped and turned her head back towards him. “What?”

He answered her question with a blunt one,“How’d you know I stole that?”

The girl furrowed her eyebrows and crossed her arms, still holding the wrapped food. “One, you were running from the merchant…….and two, you ran into my trap once you entered this dark alley because I’ve been following you.”

“You’ve been following me? Why?”

Before she could answer him, his stomach growled at them. So, she said, “I’ll answer your questions after dinner.”

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