His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 5

Minerva watched as he easily cooked the ham and eggs over the fire. She was literally hovering over his shoulder. Aamon slightly turned his head to look at her. “Is there a problem, witch?”

Minerva shook her head and said, “Just didn’t know you could still cook my breakfast the way I like it.”

His eggs and ham were basic while her eggs had pieces of strawberries in it with her ham chopped into tiny pieces.

He finished up cooking their breakfast and set them on two separate plates. “Yeah, well, you can never forget the small things, right?”

“Right…,” she cleared her throat. “How did no one from the market recognize you, anyways?”

Aamon tapped on her spell book that sat on the table. “Used one of your spells. An identity spell. It faded once I got back here and saw you a few minutes ago. I’m surprised the book even allowed me to open it, honestly. So, Minerva, why didn’t the book attempt to destroy me?”

“Don’t get all cheeky and arrogant. I’ve had that book ever since you and I met when we were orphaned kids. It probably just recognized your touch or scent and let you use it to perform a spell.”

“So, the last time you saw Him was before…..you know….the killing?” Minerva asked as she began stuffing the food in her mouth.

Aamon nodded and lightly chuckled.

“So, you don’t know his next move?”

Aamon opened his mouth to answer her then completely shut it. He didn’t have an answer to that.

“Okay, so since we know nothing, I’m going to need you to do something for me.”

After breakfast, Minerva gave Aamon a wooden pail and told him to go out back, fill up the wooden pail with water and fetch her two fish from the lake. He didn’t bother asking why before he went out the door. The demon trudged down the short path until he was ankle deep in the water. Aamon set the pail of water on the bank of the lake after filling it up. When he looked in the water, he didn’t see anything. Until, he saw a few fish not too far away. He quickly grabbed two and dumped them in the pail of water.

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