His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 6

Aamon slammed the pail of water on the table causing a small splash of water to land on it. This caused Minerva to shoot him a glare before she peered inside the wooden pail.

“Really, catfish?”

“What? You weren’t specific on the type of fish you needed, Minerva!” He didn’t try to hide the smile that creeped on his face. “I thought you would prefer catfish, like cats. Considering you are a witch and all.”

“Hardy har har, you’re most definitely the most cleverish demon I know,” Minerva said with her voice laced with sarcasm.

“I know. I appreciate the compliment, by the way.”

Aamon still had that smile and smug look on his face, too.

Minerva just growled and went back to the task at hand. She grabbed two jars of ingredients from her shelf: bloodroots and bat’s blood. Setting them down on the table, she started scanning through her spell book.

Aamon took the jars and read the labels. “Bat’s blood? You must’ve had lots of time on your hands.”

The witch just ignored the demon as she finally found the spell she was looking for. The witch grabbed the two jars from the demon’s hands and set them back down on the table. Minerva walked over to her bed and reached underneath it. She pulled back out a dagger. After setting the dagger on the table and telling Aamon not to touch it, she opened the jars of bloodroots and bat’s blood. She crumbled and sprinkled in a small handful of bloodroots and poured in a cup of bat’s blood into the pail full of the two swimming catfish. Minerva immediately grabbed the dagger and before Aamon could protest, slid a clean cut across his palm and balled up his fist over the pail. Droplets of crimson blood dripped into the pail.

“Fuck! Minerva, what the hell?” Aamon questioned, pulling his hand from out of her cold grasp.

“Don’t be such a baby. You’ll heal.” Right as she said that, the wound on his palm began to close in on itself. Leaving no trace of the wound. “And I’m only using your blood because you’re the only one here that’s been in His presence. This way the fish will detect Him more clearly, find out what He’s hiding and what His plans are.”

“Still! A little warning next time would be helpful!”

A smirk appeared on Minerva’s face as she looked up at him. “Aamon, I’m going to cut the palm of your hand, now. Would you prefer the left or right palm?”

The demon scowled at her response and mouthed, “fuck you.”

The witch just said, “You’re not man enough.”

Then she read from the book, “Multum in Pisces quoque veni ego sum factum est vincere. Et guiding oculis meis. Et intacta relinquere sine macula omnino curiose intendat. Non cessas (Come fish, I have a deed for you to overcome. Be my guiding eyes. Observe Him and leave no spot untouched. Don't keep me waiting).”

The witch repeated the mantra as the wind picked up outside and the potion began to become one with the two catfish. It was invigorating. She stopped the mantra altogether and looked down at the catfish. There were only the catfish and the water, as if the ingredients disappeared. The catfish were as normal as before-- just swimming around. Once Minerva closed her book, she took a deep breath and ran her hands over her face. She peered down at the dagger coated with Aamon’s blood and waved her hand over it, making the blood vanish.

“Well, what now?” Minerva heard Aamon inquire as she placed the dagger back under her bed.

“Now, we let the fish go to track Him down. And, then they’ll send notice through the bond once they find anything.”

“What if you don’t hear anything back from them?”

“Oh, I won’t. You will. I know right, another perk of using your blood. You get to hear talking fish in your head.”

“What friend are you, Minerva?”

The witch shrugged in response.

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