His Witch, Her Demon

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Flashback 3

Aamon knew it wasn’t smart of him to follow the girl but he was starving so he kept up with her until they stopped before a small cottage. After entering the front door, he couldn’t help but ask, “You live here? By yourself?”

The girl nodded and unwrapped the fish.

“So, you have no parents either?” She halted in placing the fish in a hot pan and glanced back at him. Again, she nodded and resumed her task. After letting it cook on one side for a few minutes and then the other side, she split the fish into two. Serving them on two plates meant for the orphaned strangers.

After dinner, the demon asked again, “You’ve been following me? Why?”

“Because this past week, you’ve been stealing and running around on an injured leg. I saw you idiotically, jump down from that tree. It was nearly 400 ft tall. But, looking at you, I can see how you survived the fall and didn’t cause yourself more severe injuries. You are a lucky one, demon.”

Aamon, the demon, didn’t even show a hint of shock at her realization. “Why do you care about my injured leg, witch?”

“Because like you said, neither of us have parents. And before we even met, we were both alone in this world. So with that being said, I wouldn’t mind your company. Well after or even if you’ll let me heal you, of course.”

Aamon pondered his thoughts. Then, gave a slight nod and rolled up his left pants leg up to his knees. The young witch moved to crouch in front of him and set her palms near his slightly purple bruised ankle. “Do you see anything?” she asked hesitantly.

“Excuse me?”

“When I heal people, they can see my memories. So, what do you see?”

The demon heard footsteps then he saw her steal some fruit. “You’re definitely a committed thief.”

He swore he saw the witch’s lip curl into a small smile.

The demon watched as the purple color turned back to its regular tan complexion.

“Thanks,...” Aamon waited for the young witch to answer for him.

She stood. “Minerva.”

“Minerva. Thanks, Minerva. For healing me and allowing me to keep you company.” He also stood.

“You’re welcome….um..” This time, she waited for him to answer for her.


They shook hands.

“Nice to meet you, strange witch.” Aamon smirked.

“You as well, idiotic demon.” Minerva smirked, too.

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