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The Dragon Queen - Book Five

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The war has intensified, While Jamie and Joshua discover other versions of their existence under the tutorage of The Dragon Queen, Such was the destruction that the Demons were winning one step at a time. It was then two of the fallen became aware of the time bubble and used their skills to attack, never before had the four students seen such rage and mastery of magical abilities, and it was then Jamie remembered these were one-time actual high ranking angels, who had rebelled and fallen. Yet their powers were immense and although for now protected, all four students felt true fear. At that moment another three fallen appeared and together they united their power and attacked the bubble. Suddenly it burst, and its protection failed, and the students found themselves in the middle of a demonic battle with Demon’s about and five fallen angels about to kill them. A blinding flash of raw energy hit the students and they screamed in pain, every atom within them felt as if it was on fire, and the fallen before them had far more power and magic than they could even dream of knowing.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter One.

The Dragon Queen

Book Five.

By John R A Smith.

Lady Olga revealed to the citizens of her world, that the alien had evaded capture and it had sent details of their existence and location and ordering the citizens to prepare for war. All citizens who could fight and were not working in critical manufacturing or of a medical nature, were called into service and armed. Weapons were made available to all who requested such, even if they were not in military service.

Elaine advanced the cloning program, and had all of her technicians in creating cloned dragons, and cloned human hybrid dragons, as she was preparing an army, and tailored to fight the aliens, also she developed a further extension of her chameleon shadow warriors, and incorporated the dragons XDNA into their design. As the resulting warriors turned out to be a formidable force, Elaine underwent yet another transformation, and had the extra dragon XDNA incorporated within her.

As such her dragons recognised her as the matriarch mother of their race and could communicate directly into her mind. Unknown to Elaine, Jamie and Lady Olga, there were two intelligence gathering aliens who had been sent using the gate portal technology and opened a portal directly into Lady Olga’s world.

Their sole purpose was to collect information and report back their findings, once they confirmed the existence and accuracy of the Intel received, the aliens were ordered to explore the dimension space between worlds, and to seek out any other locations, worlds, or life forms.

It was Joshua who first became aware of the aliens, as he was exploring through his mind the outer boundaries of his world, sapping up knowledge, and growing and developing his mind as a sponge draws in water.

He became aware of an unknown signature frequency, and focused his mind to investigate, at first due to the aliens been cloaked, he could not locate their exact location, so he contacted Lady Olga his grandmother.

“Nana, I have been exploring the outer boundaries of our world, and I have come across a frequency signal not of our world.”

As they were on full alert, Lady Olga responded immediately, and involved Elaine and Jamie.

As they united their minds, Jamie detected the gate portal, and encased it within a time bubble, preventing access in and out, basically sealing it out of existence from others to use.

Then he focused his mind upon the resonance frequencies of the aliens and sealed it within another time bubble, suddenly to their great surprise and annoyance the aliens found themselves unable to escape and were trapped, and at Jamie’s mercy.

They tried communicating and sending a warning through the astral portal gate, and found it not responding, and it was for this reason Jamie had sealed it first. From their he captured the aliens and had them taken to an undisclosed location for quantum brain mapping, extracting all of their memories, and DNA, so the technicians could clone them and have them infiltrate the aliens, and working for Jamie and Elaine.

Joshua was reaching such advanced stages of mind development that he had risen to a stage thirty-seven Alpha, only some seventeen positions below Lady Olga, and when you consider she was herself many thousands upon thousands of years of age, and Joshua was not even a teenager. His development was far outstretching available tutors. It was for this reason Lady Olga contacted Elaine and requested if she could oversea his education and development.

Elaine was honoured to have been trusted with the child’s education, growth and safety, and accepted, so Joshua was transported along with his dragons directly into Elaine’s home, and buried deeply inside a mountain. When he saw how many dragons, Elaine had to her command, he was stunned, and wanted immediately to learn how to create such life.

The fairies had settled and transformed their location, and as beautiful as the land was, they chose as before to create a portal into a time gate, but this time some twenty feet above the ground and built directly into a huge granite boulder. This was to prevent accidental entry, and then set the time bubble just two seconds out of faze time within the area of their land.

Basically this meant a life form could walk directly past the portal onto their land, and travel the entire width and length and not see, hear or find the fairies, even though they would be sharing the same area, they were simply out of faze by some two seconds, rendering all life and construction and objects within the dimensional bubble invisible and untouchable.

As the gate was guarded, it also assisted in preventing accidental entry, along with the highest of orders that all approaching fairies or life forms wishing to access their realm, had to first cloak themselves within and invisibility spell over a mile away before entering their land.

The coastal region was used for harvesting food, and the ancient forest was a perfect environment for farming fungi and insects, all staple diets of the fairies. The huge red wood trees could accommodate a small community within each, and with walkways connecting the trees.

Royalty lived in the top layers of the highest trees, which were many thousands of years old, and as the fairies recognised the trees as an ancient life form, they treated them with respect, and communicated directly to them, and all life forms within their realm. The warriors captured huge adult Terridules, a bat type flying creature that could carry two adult warrior fairies upon its back, and its speed and manoeuvrability made it an ideal creature for war.

They had only been residing within their new home, for some two months when the first part of the invaders appeared. Huge interstellar ships were reported exiting from a gigantic portal, which the aliens had created, and with each of the twenty-seven interstellar ships, were seven world destroyers, and in each of the world destroyers were some four million warriors, and over two million servants and slaves. All armed and having access to the highest of technology, developed or captured from invaded worlds.

The invasion was sudden and immense, and of which this was but the first wave, while on earth, a similar invasion was taking place, with the aliens trying to retake all they had lost, but this time arriving with a higher technology, greater weapons and fire power, and creature slaves from other worlds.

Jamie had enwrapped the Moon and Mars within a series of time bubbles, and had set it out of faze by a few seconds, this prevented invasion and asteroid strikes, He was about to do the same to his planet earth and then to offer Lady Olga such protection, but time had over taken him, and he now had to make do as he could.

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