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The Dragon Queen -Book Six.

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Within seconds the angels held huge swords of fire, and they glided forward to attack the fallen. As they battled, Michael turned to face the teenager Within three days the entire alien nations spread out over thousands upon thousands of worlds and galaxies, and had received this news and all responded, such was the pull upon their desires to become free of debt. Knowing even if they failed their families would benefit. The Earth, Lady Olga’s world and the Demon Queens worlds had never faced such an invasion force before. Billions upon Billions of alien ships emerged out of orbit and encircled these three world.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter One

The Dragon Queen.

Book Six.


Into the future and ever since Jamie and Joshua made a dimensional shift and learnt there were duplicated versions of themselves living completely separate lives’, they crossed dimensions to meet up with Gramp Vamp, and who ran the Queens Magical University, and from their they were introduced to their counter parts, and also met the Twin Royal blooded Imps, and who according to Michael the Ark angel, informs them, they will become partnered too, Elizeron and Elsurn, and one day have children of their own.

After risking his future Jamie and Elizeron confronted Gramp Vamp over the injustice of a presumed expulsion for an innocent student, who was set up for a crime he had not committed, only to learn it was a test, to see Jamie’s reactions. The War has intensified within both dimensions, the aliens have invaded in force and are once again seeking the cloaked planet of the Fay, while earth remains destroyed and at stale mate, due to the hybrid life forms having colonised the planet and fighting against the invading aliens.

The human and human hybrids have relocated to a Base station discovered buried within a time faze deeply inside Mars, while Jamie, Elizeron, Joshua and Elsurn, have been sent to earth within the security and safety of a time bubble to view for themselves, the devastation been caused by the Demon’s and the fallen angels, only to become attacked and to find the time bubble destroyed, and themselves trapped in the middle of a Demonic war, and partly surrounded by five fallen angels, and who have attacked them and crippled them with agonising pain.

The sheer pain was agonising, “So what do we have here a pack of little wizards and witches is it?” stated the leader of the Fallen angels, as he moved closer to the four teenagers who were laying in utter agony, but before he could travel any closer a blinding light a hundred times brighter than the middle of a sun exploded outwards, and standing around the teenagers was a group of warrior angels led by Michael himself.

Their appearance had sent the fallen back several steps, and as they recognised instantly, the only created beings able to generate such a powerful burst of light, were the higher Holy ones, angels of immense power, and who usually were prevented from direct confrontation or intervention. Within seconds the angels held huge swords of fire, and they glided forward to attack the fallen. As they battled, Michael turned to face the teenagers, and with a simple wave of a hand, the young adults found themselves back in the university.

As they awoke, they found themselves laying fully dressed upon hospital beds, with each of the teenagers next to each other. As Jamie turned his head, he realised Elizeron was laying upon a bed close to him, and she was holding his hand, the same applied for Joshua and Elsurn, but they were only just starting to recover, even now as Jamie looked into Elizeron’s eyes, she smiled. “Hi, I did not want to wake you, apparently they left us how we were found, and might I ask how you are feeling.”

It was Joshua who answered, “I don’t know about any of you, but I feel bloody dreadful, it’s as if every atom within me, has been touched and is burning,” he stated.

It was the university who spoke next, “That is a very apt’ description, as the fallen had tried to destroy you, by slowly obliterating one atom at a time, a dreadfully agonising death, and had we not have set you less than a tenth of a second out of faze, they would have succeeded,” it paused to allow the teenagers to fully awake, it was Elsurn who responded. “Thank you, but what…, what was it that happened?” she enquired.

The university waited until all four teenagers had sat up, and let go of their hands, “We told you a direct confrontation with the fallen was beyond your abilities, and you needed to see for yourselves the danger you would be facing if you were to leave and confront such power without finishing your training, and as noble as your hearts were, you are not yet ready to face such a force.”

Jamie interrupted, “May I enquire if Michael and the Holy ones are safe, and can you please thank them, I fear we would have died if they had not intervened and saved us.” He said.

The university appeared before them in the form of a hologram, “Thank you Sir for your asking, I can confirm the Holy ones are safe, and as powerful as the fallen are, they do not have the ability to overpower the Higher of their kind, as for your incident, we had not expected so many fallen in one place, and they simply had the power to destroy the time bubble, but had not known or realized you were set out of faze with their time line, it was that which prevented their spell from killing you.”

The teenagers looked at each other realizing they came so close to losing each other and to dying before their future had a chance to unfold.

“That is correct” came a voice. As they looked towards the door to their hospital ward, Gramp Vamp and Michael walked in. “Your hearts were truly noble, but we had not wanted you to just leave, without knowing what you faced, and yes you each have a wonderful destination ahead of you, and we want you to go to your respective rooms, wash or shower, put on clean clothes and report to Michael within the next hour. He will meet you in the staff’s common room, where you can also find food and something to drink, and from there Michael needs to talk to you about your future.” Stated Gramp Vamp.

At that Gramp Vamp simply vanished leaving Michael walking into the room. “Before you go, you have been touched by the fallen, sadly that means your very souls are marked for destruction, and as for the rest of your lives you need to be protected.”

At that he handed them a bracelet each of pure gold and embedded with precious gem stones. “Place these upon your wrists, I have set them slightly advanced in time and already given them your genetic codes and included a vile of Omega XDNA within each of the bracelets, which will help to rebuild you from the inside outwards.”

It was Jamie who responded first, as the four placed the bracelets upon their wrists. “Joshua and I have XDNA already Sir.” The angel smiled, “I know my son, but not like this, that is my personnel Omega XDNA, as from the moment you placed those bands upon your wrists, you became adopted into my family and under my family’s protection.”

He paused and then continued. “There is not an angel anywhere including the fallen who will now not realise you are under my family’s direct protection, and to harm or attack you will bring instant judgment and death upon them.”

They looked towards their wrists, and already the bands had merged into their skin and genetic structure and become invisible and irremovable. Yet they could still feel the bands were there. They looked at each other in silence as it dawned upon them the gift they had just received. Then looking back towards Michael, it was Elizeron who spoke first. “Thank you, Sir, but we do not deserve such an honour.”

Michael smiled, “You deserve it more than even you realize, as so few of your kind ever turn from the path they are on, and change by their own conscious will, and follow a path to love and help others, yes…, some do, but far, far more do not, and although you are as of yet unaware, your future holds so much more for you, and in that future you will need this protection, as millions upon millions of lives will depend for their safety, from the four of you.” He stated. “Now go, go and prepare yourselves, and do not ever try to remove those bands, they are now a part of your genetic structure,” he stated, and at that Michael vanished and left them to go to their respective rooms.

Elaine had not long returned to the Mars base when reports were coming in of various contacts originating from off world communities, offering trade, and informing them, they had been warned to expect humanoid type life forms requesting friendship and trade, and to originate from the Mars Station which held its own master frequencies, recognisable by all other gate portals.

There was also reports awaiting her from some of the Gorlong’s who had remained upon the station, informing her of new areas discovered, and of hibernation chambers, millions upon millions of them holding what appeared to be partly blank cloned warriors, which the other Elaine later informed her were created by the Martians as their representatives and contributions towards defending their solar system. When Elaine and her technicians examined their genetic structure, the Mars base computer, Thousands of years more advanced than Elaine’s own version of Seth. Informed her they were awaiting whatever genetic material she wished to install within them to finalise their construction.

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