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The Dragon Queen -Book Six.

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Chapter Two.

Elaine realised this gift was mind blowing and beyond her wildest of wishes, as according to their genetic coding, they had abilities already above and beyond that of her own Chameleon Warriors, and other than herself, they were the most advanced warriors under her command. “May I suggest, and offer some guidance,” requested the other Elaine, it was easy to tell them apart, as the Mars base Elaine was a reflection of how Elaine appeared before she had acquired the additional XDNA gifted from Anastasia, yet even then the Martians had gifted her with advanced, Omega ZXDNA, and which far outreached any of Elaine’s abilities.

“They are awaiting a genetic coding directly from you yourselves, my Omega ZXDNA, is already installed into all of these clones, and it is only when you include yours, will they be under yours and Master Jamie’s direct control.” Elaine looked puzzled and then shook her head, having forgot the person before her, was actually her, but from another version and time line, which had accidently split time and formed an analogous dimensional time line when she became trapped upon Mars.

“Forgive me Elaine, I am still trying to get use to you been me,” commented the earth born Elaine. The Mars Elaine smiled at her counterpart, “I will soon be leaving you; I have already received confirmation that a group of my adopted family will be returning to collect me and take me back to my husband.” Stated the Mars Elaine.

The earth Elaine blinked, “Husband…, I do not understand.” There was a smile and a sly grin upon the other Elaine’s face. “Yes…, I fell in love with Olgerat, who is one of the Mars base elders, and we lived together for over seven hundred years, until the aliens started approaching between our nearest galaxies.”

She paused reflecting back upon time, “The Martians placed me into one of their chambers and altered my genetic structure to duplicate theirs, but you see they are a nonviolent race, who have dedicated their lives on knowledge, and peace, O yes they can defend themselves and have and will assist all who request their help or protection.” She paused as her mind drifted back so many thousands of years in the past.

Blinking her eyes and wiping away a tear, she continued, “But they themselves have no need to fight, as no conventional weapons can harm them, but I convinced them to leave you a gift, so they set up this station to accommodate your needs and created an army of clone warriors with their abilities but to operate under your control.”

At that a figure appeared standing before the Mars base Elaine, “Olgerat”, cried out Elaine. As they both hugged each other, and so warmly embraced. As they settled, there were introductions, “My husband has spoken to me every single night via a dimensional set of ear phones, but we have not held each other in over a thousand years. Once he was able to return for a time to visit me, and a son was created, and after its birth, my son stayed with me until he was eleven, but from there he was collected and taken to his kind, to undergo further education and training.”

At that a group of Martians arrived, “Mother cried out one of them, as he stepped forward and hugged his mother. “This is my son,” explained Elaine, I am to leave you and return to my people, but before I go you need to talk with Olgerat,” At that Elaine and the group simply vanished, leaving Elaine to talk with Olgerat.

“Thank you,” stated Elaine, “This gift is of immense value,” Olgerat spoke before she could continue. “We looked into your possible future, and it indicated there was a 97% chance your people would not survive if we allowed you to continue on your current path, and as advanced as your technology is, the aliens are soon to take over a planet where they will find a buried civilization now long departed, but from within the remains, they learn and assimilate vast knowledge, and that would have meant your certain demise.” He stated.

Elaine swallowed, but Olgerat continued talking, “So the elders and I agreed it would be wrong for your people to die, especially after we learnt of your kind through Elaine, and decided to step in and offer help.” He paused taking hold of her hands, “Look into my eyes please,” he requested.

As she did, he imparted further essential knowledge to her, and Elaine saw, that within this very room stood an unseen porthole. “Inside that portal lies a secret gateway that only you will be aware of, it will lead you and your people directly into our realm, where if needed we can offer you and your kind refuge, but that said, we see only a small 28% chance of that ever happening, non the less as long as the danger is there, we have prepared a way for you to escape. Inside your mind I have emplaced the knowledge on how to create such a portal so no matter where you are, you can open it, but it will only allow your kind through, and prevent the alien’s genetic signatures entry.”

At that he stood and kissed Elaine upon her head and vanished. Elaine felt sad, as if she had known Olgerat all of her life, and his parting gift of knowledge was still unfolding within her mind and giving her all the knowledge, she needed to know about the station she now occupied.

As the four teenagers entered the universities staff’s common room, they were pleased to see a row of freshly cooked eggs, bacon, and mushrooms, orange juice, tea, water, coffee and so many other items to choose from. “Do come in,” called out a voice, as the teenagers saw a young angelic type nymph who was serving Michael, “Please pick up a tray and help yourselves, there are plates, bowls and cutlery over there upon the other counter.” She stated.

Michael moved over to a table, and he had chosen scrambled egg on toast and a coffee.” Joshua grinned, “I did not realise angels needed to eat,” he said. Michael raised his head and grinned, “You are correct young man, but while in corporeal form, we like you have the opportunity to consume if we so desire, and I am very partial to your coffee, but I must admit, I have never tried Scrambled egg before.” Elizeron laughed, “It is delicious, but you might find it a little bland unless you put on some ground black pepper and a small pinch of salt,” she replied.

Michael looked at the black pepper, “Yes I have tried this before, it certainly improves the flavour,” at that he put on bout a teaspoon full of black pepper. And the four teenager’s eyes widened in surprise, and upon seeing this Michael grinned, “I like the taste,” he replied, “Now come sit close to me, after our food we need to talk.” At that he continued eating and poured himself another coffee and then awaited the teenagers to finish.

Once they finished and the dishes were removed, Michael waved a finger, and the table was dry and clean, and before each of the individuals was a glass, containing a light coloured liquid. “Please accept this from the Son, He instructed me to ensure you drank it before we continued.” At that they each lifted their respective glasses, smelt the liquid, smiled and drank.

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