The Prophesied Spirit I : The Spirit Reborn

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Can a mere human prevent the ultimate doom amidst The Supernaturals, Deities, Dark Entities and The Devil, all searching for the power to rule all? Millenniums ago, during The Great War, sorcerers, vampires, demons and werewolves were on the verge of extinction. To uphold power over all, the sorcerer king Agares gave into darkness and made a pact with the Devil himself! Together, they forged a all-powerful soul, the legendary dark soul of power, possessing unlimited powers. But before Agares could use it to enslave all the races, God sent His Holy Spirit, the Osiris to destroy him. The Osiris destroyed Agares and his minions and took away the soul with him. Millenniums later, Agares returns and with the help of several dark entities seek to gain his treasured soul. But the Osiris is also reborn as a human, to stop Agares and his allies. The naive human is unaware of its destiny and the dangers that lies ahead. Should he fail to fulfill his destiny, everything would perish.

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People take birth and die. It's a very basic law of nature. But... when someone intervenes..........

Something unexpected happens that shakes the supernatural realms. Something once did! Centuries back! But when history repeats itself and nature tries to balance what had been imbalanced, then?........

In the dark of a winter night, a hooded figure, hooded with red robes was passing through the lands of mist, the land of the feared dark realm long forgotten and banished from power due to the creatures that lurks in it, a realm where none could enter. It's a place that angels fear to tread upon, that scares the devil himself with its magic, magic so dark that would prey on the devil himself if he tries to enter or simply pass through it. It was evident that the hooded figure was a red witch. Of course it had to be, for only the pure blood red witches who are known and told to be the most benevolent, are immune to any illusion the realm could cast.

This realm is locked up for some reason known by a quite few...... but some say, something very evil resides there and it shall take over all power known and unknown when it shall manifest itself...... but only in time.

She walked through the burnt and lifeless forest, covering herself from the shivering weather, cautious of any sudden attack. Though no creature there is said to be alive anymore but the wise would never take any chance. She was walking and suddenly, out of the blue, she heard a baby's cry, a human baby near the bank of the mist river. She thought it to be an illusion, as no mortal could possibly enter and lurk in the dark realm. But alas! It wasn't so. The nearer she went, the louder the noise became, a noise too innocent to be an illusion but dark magic is not something to underestimate or make light of, in simple words it cannot be trusted. Out of sheer curiosity, she went only closer to it as a brave soul would do. She, being a pure blood red witch was immune to any spell of the fearsome dark realm and only the pure blood red witches posses the power. The Creator Himself blessed them with such power as a reward of their inexpressible kindness.

Without an atom of fear in her brave heart, she went to the child but only to discover a baby with bright complexion and divine spark. She took it on her healthy motherly hands so that she could inspect it more closely but only to be left at awe. Her eyes popped out at what she discovered next. Her hands trembled as she saw a mark, a mark on its back, small shiny mark burning, a mark she! She knew, was but a myth; a mark that would soon change everything we was the mark of a Spirit, a Holy Spirit that was prophesied in a very dark time long ago who'll either be the salvation or the doom of creation. It was only destiny that she should find it and stop the apocalypse that'd soon find its way in the near future through it before it was too late. Losing not a moment of time, she held it within her chest protectively like a mother would do and instantly transported herself in the sorcerer realm with forgotten magic, to the witch sage for she's wiser than any Elder that existed.

The Elders are ancient supernatural beings with divine knowledge. Their birth is very rare and cannot be killed with any mortal weapon. They are the guardians of peace who keep the balance of light and darkness, protects the innocents. They say you know an Elder when you see one. The Witch Sage, through a great penance, attained immortality and more knowledge than the Elders themselves, except for maybe the Jor-El, the Elder Chief. They take birth only when one dies. The Sage has superiority in knowledge only. Other than that, she's as ordinary as the other witches but...they say that she attained superior mystical powers through her knowledge and thus cannot be matched by any other being. I refuse to believe it. There's always someone more powerful than you.

Even the supreme sage was shocked at the very sight of the baby, she was simply perplexed. Her pupils broadened with disbelief though she had always known this day would come, with a face so helpless as if she saw angels in hell. Her hands trembled with fear as she held it but soon composed herself to her normal features. The baby's rising fiery aura was getting more and more powerful. It was getting heavy on the atmosphere. Its aura was destroying the realm's shield that hides and protects it from other powers.

The sage closed her eyes and thought for a while but time was short. Soon the others would be able to sense this baby. "So the legend is true. I can contain its powers but not for long. We must send the baby to the human realm immediately. Till time it'll be safe before danger comes crawling. Only in human realm will its power stay suppressed till his destiny shows him the future'', she said to the red witch and added, "My child! This baby will be our only hope when he returns to enslave us. You must protect it with all your power". The witch humbly accepted the responsibility entrusted upon her and took an oath to hide it till destiny manifests its reality.

After that, the witch took it away, no one knows where but on earth it rests and that was it! No sign of the baby was ever found and peace prevailed among the realms of the supernatural beings. The baby was kept hidden very safely from the dark creatures with unknown names, that are waiting to return to power when their King returns again.

Should the baby ever found by them, all will be lost for the baby will follow only the path it would be shown.

He/She will either be the salvation or doom of all creation

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