The Great Creator

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A young man died and his soul was mysteriously teleported to the abyss and there he learn how it feel to be lonely so he create the a sun the abyss

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

My name is Futon an odd name right.I came from a far away world called earth well I died by jumping in-front an electric train and was crush to a meat splash the strange thing was that it wasn’t painfull or anything. I just saw my soul excited my body it was strange seeing my dead body but I didn’t feel any emotion.

But I forgot the reason I end my life this reason hunts me till now, was my life too hate-full or was I coward that got tired of it all.

The people at train station saw my pieces of body sticking to the train rail and they didn’t react it was like a natural occurence to them only some faint-heated girl scream and some feel sorry, the other view me as a coward somewhat.Some kid cry as my blood and body part landed on them and there was that one who was enrage because I delay the train, well it was my fault

When the rescue officer arrive wearing some red cloth they didn’t care as-well, it was a daily thing to them,they started cleaning my dead body using cloves and hands then they sprayed some kind of chemical were my body use to be.Some train worker[cleaners] started cleaning the blood and soon no trace of me was left.

I am a spirit or a soul I didn’t know the different when I never check about it before but let call it soul.As I was thinking what will happened next a sudden force pull me into a void a hole it look like a black holes like the one that was recently taken of photo off but smaller

As my body was sucked into it I wonder was it the path to heaven or hell the priest said those who committed suicide will go to hell or some place similar, will I go there or not those thought were clouding my head and I close my eye scared of what to come after a while the suction force pause and stopped and I open my eye’s

There were darkness it was total absence of light. everywhere nothing existed no light no space and time even matter was not here not even Dark matter that was said to excise in all place dark. And in this place I named it the abyss the reason it was this name so was because it was bottomless everywhere,everything was a pits here

I taught it was my punishment for what I did, A prison and I was the sole captive in this vast abyss of darkness that surround me the sole light that shine in this place the sole being.

After a while, I feel alone and lonely even scare of being by myself I even long for death but can a soul die of old age I guess not it been more than a hundred year or even more than a thousand since time doesn’t exist I can’t tell or it could have been a moment. suddenly I got an Idea or you could say the Idea hit-me, could I escape this hell holed.I’ve been staying’floating in the same spot since I arrive I was hoping for rescue or something similar.

I started my journey I flew in a straight direction for a long,long,long time if other soul see the speed I was moving the would be shock 10 light year per seconds quickly thousand of years past in a breath of time,but all my hope was lost I found nothing all around were the same thing the same darkness.

I felt overwhelming fear and extreme mental pressure but I don’t have a brain it was odd..I was void of empty emotion for a time I floated in the same spot for untill I had a thought in long period what if I could create light since there no light, maybe I can create some since the time I was void of emotion I been observing my body,every inch and cranny of it and found an energy or you could say soul essence floating,moving in my body

I was motivated by the idea and I reach my hand out and concentrated and imagine a light,pure light and the soul essence started moving and turn white and a white element in the middle of both my hands it was a spark and the move I release the soul essence it grew bigger and bigger untill it reach the size of a base-ball I was happy very happy than a voice spoke in my head was it me or something else I didn’t know it said ″If you can create light than you can create life.‴it was an inspiring idea

I let the small orbs of light go and I flew back and said ″let there be light″ and the white orbs of light grew bigger and bigger a 10,A 1000 time bigger even more and it finally stop it was now the size of a normal moon.I reach closer to the light and I touch it and it envelope my hand I didn’t feel heat nor did I feel cold it didn’t feel like anything it was just pure light with no purpose so with a thought I send a red energy into the white orbs of light

And the obs of light started to shine brighter and started turning yellow and red luster and then it turn pure red with yellow light that glow from started taking form and soon after it turn round and bigger it was now classified as a Sun so from today I name it ″Sun″ as it heard my voice and its name it started trembling and grew even bigger and brighter and then I wonder do my word contain power it finally stop after a time.

For a time I stay with the sun and made it my home I stayed in the middle of it the heat was warm to me, I could tell the sun was forming something a being or an object the energy it use to create the object was huge almost half it energy went into it I would be an idiot if I didn’t feel it, I was waiting exciting for the time it be finished and so hundred of years pass

A golden object with dark spot on it flew out of the sun toward me it look like a cloud it has no form but just a fog, I didn’t talk to it nor did it speak to me I stare at it in-confusion.what to do now and suddenly I feel a strange energy inside of me it flew into my arm and out of my palm it surrounded the golden clouds

I fell life from the cloud similar to my existence was it a soul or something else.It was a new soul created from the Sun will and power, but its will take million of years to gain a physical form.The green energy surrounding the soul grown denser as the soul started taking a form similar to me with my help it will finish in no time.

But it separated into 2 being one made of golden light the other made of darkness as they started taking from, One took the shape of a man it was the golden one, he had yellow golden skin with pure blond hair with a golden eye his body seem made of pure manly muscle 4 pair of golden feather appeared behind it back and golden halo floated above his long golden hair wearing golden armored looking like a Sun God.

The one made of Darkness was a female with long black hair an attractive body that can make nation fight over, for possession, her unique eye with was black as outer-space with start like pointe in-side it with 4 pair of dark feather a horned was on her head she wore a beautiful tight robe

They were beautiful my first creation well since the sun was my creation and they came from the sun so ya they were my creation,they look at me and bow slowly and said ″father″ and I said ″

And I said ″Iv’e been waiting my children’s now go create your home.″ both of them nodded and separated the golden one went toward the heaven and the dark on went down-ward and disappeared

They were now creating their realm and A realm was a world of one own primordial element only gods or high diety can create such places only a God of Creation can create the different realm of elements and every realm has it task that can affect the mortal realm/physical realm as the mortal realm is the true realm of a galaxy the other realm only take a small space but the mortal realm can extend all arround the galaxy

″I should create the Mortal realm’ or I can even create a cultivation realm that would be more exciting.″I away dream of becoming an immortal before I die but I’m one now.A question was on my mind for while,do all soul become a being like me...or was I special maybe it was a fluke or a higher being was part of it this.

So to get started first their matter because with-out matter there is no space and time and matter is the element of creation

I decided to look at it from the three axioms of the theory of the universe:Time, Space, and Matter.Time, space and matter were tightly related to each other one another. The three elements were independent yet inextricably linked.

Time was found in space, and space was filled with matter. Thus, time and space were related to matter.Among the three elements, matter was the primeval element.

If there was no matter, space would never have existed.As it is almost impossible for something to come into existence from nothing. However it is possible for something to come into existence within nothing, given something else is responsible for the creation of the new, let’s say, matter.

like it said nothing can come into existence from nothing but if the something is matter or even dark matter it can create new thing like stars and even black hole I learn this from endless trial and error.

If space did not exist, time would never have existed. So first I Created matter to do so I expand the matter that the sun is made off to the surrounding and creating more by using my soul essence and thus so it expand into thousands of light year away It took a long time before it reach a standard size of a galaxy which was 10,000 light-years across which was the standard of non-milky way galaxy.

Out-side the matter was the abyss, the galaxy was like a obs of light in the darkness of night but the light from the galaxy was devoured by the darkness of the abyss after leaving the end of matter of the galaxy

After Matter was formed,space was created and soon time started to flow,The non-moving Sunlight started travelling at a very fast speed.From the abyss you could see the galaxy started shinning now since it has matter and space,time. soon stars and other element will start forming form the 3 primordial elements.but it will take a lengthy span of time that were I come In,Futon the builder.

So to speed the processes I created hundred of thousands ball of light as big as half of the earth moon and spread them over the galaxy evenly. they would be the future stars and even some may even create star as big as planets that wonder the galaxy untill they find a strong magnetic field of a sun to give it a chance to sustained life

Than I create 10 Sun’s and send them over the galaxy, to help created life. They were half as big as the first Sun that is the super sun it was the center of the galaxy if it was destroy the galaxy would be in disorder and eventually be consumed by the abyss the other small sun was circlings the super sun it was very slow but it was moving.

I stared at the enormous sun that appeared in front of me, unsure of how to feel about the sheer, gargantuan size of the thing. The orange and yellow fire swirled and roared in a cosmic maelström of heat, radiating forth from the seemingly infinitely powerful heavenly body. Though, to be honest, I wasn’t sure how it matched up to other suns, from other galaxy but it would be fined.

I was sure that the super sun will not create another soul in a long while, As the other small sun they would take close to a million year for the soul to be born and another million for it to take shape.

With a thought I created another red obs of light and I expanded it to a size of a moon but this time I added different element to the ball of fire I first added Solid matter which was burned by the flame of the obs and fuel the flame more so I added the element of extreme hardness like pure Iron and then I added nickel and some other substances after some hard work playing with my elements

I mix oxygen which fuel the flame, I didn’t want it to increase in size I wanted quality not quantity so again I created another red obs and as for the one before was feed to the Super son, After a few hours of creating I found the way,first I didn’t create the red obs of light I just create oxygen yes pure oxygen and made it round and the quantities was half as large as a moon and then I added some other gases and after that I created a red obs of pure flame and made it surround the oxygen when the flame touch the oxygen it didn’t burn put fix with it .....after while.

I look at the round ball of solid matter it produce an extreme heat but it was nothing compare to the sun...if it would get close to the Super sun the obs of solid will be no longer solid and that a fact.a

I floated there and looked at my creation of pure solid matter it was mainly made up of Oxygen, silicon, aluminium, Iron with a ttemperatures within the core can reach over 10,000 Fahrenheit I than added my Pure Soul essence to the earth core and it started enlarging and reach a higher density of heat, I can’ have my first planet be small

And than I Created the outer core made of melted solid Iron and other material.It surrounded the core of the earth with was extremely hot but It couldn’t get close earth Core and stayed a 100 meter apart from each other.I added Creation energy to the out layer for it to enlarge.

Creation energy is the energy to create material not like life energy that can Create life.

After a day of hard work I rested today was the first day since time started,Since I’m taking a break let check on my children.I concentrated my spiritual essence to the location of both the newly mold realm.

For my son land was already containing with Golden energy and life, trees were everywhere and he was just flying arround and life was born ″shit how the hell’s not even finish creating the layer of a planet.″ I was too depressed to look at my daughter realm and I went back to creating my realm.

After Creating the outer core, the mantle were next.I just release earth and elemental element like gold,diamond, iron and copper and more, around the outer-Core earth started to formed fill with different color that was probably the elements I added it look like a start of different color

And than I separated it into 2 different layer:

The lower mantle is larger than the upper mantle with a depth of 700,8000 miles,when compare with the upper mantle the lower mantle is more dense and solid because of the temperature from the core.

The upper mantle was in a semi-moltern state to solid state the upper mantle has conventional currents within it which are responsible for tectonic movements of the Earth’s crust, seafloor spreading, mountain formation, and temperature regulation.

But since I don’t want the continent to move I made the upper mantel 80% solid substance and the rest were semi-molten that made up of the other 20% of the upper mental that will be responsible for creating mountain formation and sea floor spreading

And then since I wanted the world to be high on material let say resources I have added a lot of silicon and even more iron and magnesium than those of the outer-core.

After creating all the other layer only the crust was left, since the crust was supposed to be the tiniest layer of the 4 main layer on my previous world who said I’m going to make it the same I laid a massive amount of land mass made of pure soil on the outer-layer After a long time it was as big as the lower-mantle

That seem good but it missing something, the elements I extended my hands and with my full power I pour all the element I possess into the crust even life energy, 3 day’s later ″finish.″ the crust was full of element shinning like a colorful star the soil was full of energy of all kind but the were no mountain and other low land

so I made the earth core spin at a fast speed as it spine the temperature started increasing at a fast rate and soon the semi-multon lava started acting-up with a raging might it blow up from the crust thousand of volcanoes started forming and eruption and the plate started moving creating higher and lower lands

The crust structure started taking shape, lava was blowing everywhere so than I fill the crust with endless pure water untill it fill up the crust and soon the volcanoes was stopped and I than cut the speed of the core by 90% it was now spinning slowly.

And I Created an expanse to separate the waters and called it “sky.” and that how the magnetic field was formed and then Created the dry ground and gathered the waters, calling the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters “seas.” On day three, I also created vegetation the first life forest was growing at a fast rate with the high amount of element contain in the soil

And then I created the moon to be the light in the dark and I made the planet circle the Super sun it would take 3 year to make one circle around the sun for it was not name the super sun for nothing and with the star would also serve as signs to mark seasons, days, and years.

″Finally done with-in a few year living creäture would start appearing my job is done for now..″ I was very happy and I could tell I was tired this was the first time since becoming a so call God that I felt tired ″I should now name my children.″And so I disappeared from the spot

Creation chapter done!!

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