The Pledge

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krest made a promise to his child-hoof friend to marry her, But he was only a hunter how can he marry the daughter of the chief.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

From the beginning the god's the so called omnipotent being created the earth and the heaven world and separated them into Nine realm.

A realm ice and fire, A realm blood and steel and 7 other's realm the 9 god's each choose one realm of there own liking and made there home.

In a world called earth 10 thousand year's past after being formed, this world was call Earth it was name so because 2 god's rule it.

One whose name is Eath's the god dead and the other name Erath the goddess of love the two being were at heated war with each other for one name hade's rule dead and war and the goddess Erath rule life and peace.

……………………………The village of reptant…………………………….

In the southern plain, In the land of Elvin was a small village named reptant with a population of 39 mortals it was a hunting village and was part of the kingdom of Teraut.

which rule the southern plain which Elvin was situated as well as 34 other small plain, it was daylight as the sun shine on the peaceful village not far away on a small hill with no forestation but a single tree.

Two boy and a girl and were happily eating black bread a big axe station near a lad with black haired he appearance was that of a 16 year old.

''krest it about, time to head back now, or your old hag will kick me again.'' A boy with fire in his eye with blond hair and a big physic for 16 year old his name was Zuse

''don't say that about my mother, she been complicated since the accident with father,'' Krest said with understanding voice

''Enough boy, Life is far to complicated for your uneducated faults to understand.'' A sweat voice spoke she been quite until now, she must be those people that eat all their food before talking

she wore a white robe with beautiful silver silk, she had blue hair and blue eye with a body of a goddess after turning 17 she be wedding the son of the village chief of the village near reptant which was more bigger than reptant and richer her name was Athena

''We warrior don't need education,'' krest said

''What he said.'' Zuse said

''Athena you should go back. Me and Zuse gonna got at it again.'' Krest spoke

''Well lunch time is over, I be going than,'' Athena stood up and took her leather bag with her before leaving and look back at us and wave her hand ''I'm almost 17 guy's.''

''don't worry I become a Seth soon and you better believe it.'' krest spoke with a inspired, kind of like a promise

''I won't let that skinny punk take you,'' Zuse said while scream at the heaven

Soon Athena was out of sight ''There 5 month before she marry, until than one of us must achieve Seth and gain warriors force.''

''Ya no problem, But don't think it be you.'' Zuse spoke seriously he may act like a goof but that only in front of Athena

Seth is a tittle one I bestow upon by the god, when one gain warrior force which is one inner power that increase your strength by 3 to 9 time but that depend on you training technique.

My name is krest a 16 year old teruadain, I'm a single child my father went hunting one day and never came back my mother is now mentally sick

And my dream in my life is to marry Athena and become a Seth but that is much easy said than done only 10 in 1000 people can become a Seth what change do I have.

I may not be strong as other boy my age, nor I am Intelligent as others but I have something the rest doesn't have that is Determination .

I took the Axe with both hand and with swing the Axe was cutting trough air, but it was bounce back once it hit the tree ''clink'' I Feld down and got up again. This tree was called iron oak tree strong iron, But that didn't stop me

I've been hitting this tree for the pass 7 year since I was 9 year old, but I've only made a dent in it 4 inch deep 7 inch wide, I've been training everyday and ever since dad disappear 2 year ago I've been living in the forest looking for him I hunt my own food and make my own haunt

Soon the night sky appeared, only a bit of day light was left I took the Axe from the ground with my sweaty and bloody hand and headed to the forest called Amayes forest

I didn't run, I walk slowly I didn't want to use a lot of energy I had great eye sight and could seen quite well in the darkness, I walk for 15 minute Until ''Awoor'' the roar of wolf it was close. But it strange last I check no wolf live it this forest only some bear and poisons snake

I Look around and held the Axe tightly I was very vigilance My breathing was getting higher but I kept my cool, footstep sound could be heard from the bushes ''rarrar''

The wolf jump from the bush, it body was big as a bear, I move quickly and did a side step and avoided the jump of the wolf and with the Axe I swung it, It slice at the wolf in the air but only a small blood line could be seen it meat was hard very hard, I didn't worry but I did get scare

I than ran toward the wolf again, It turn around and jump at me and swing it Axe but I was too slow and my left shoulder was beaten ''HAHH''I screamed but I didn't stop moving I hold the front of the Axe quickly and press it against the wolf head but all that did was scratch and anger it more

But it work it ran back blood dripping from it face, my left shoulder was missing a huge chunk of flesh .I could feel my arm and I was now scared and desperate to survive the adrenaline kick in and I ran toward it and I jump with one hand swinging the axe it lost control of the direction it was headed and hit the leg of the wolf with cut a joint ''revenge a arm for a arm.''

I didn't let my adrenaline go to waste and swung it at the wolf head. The only reason I hit the mark was because the wolf was no use to using 3 leg the Ace head enter the right side of it brain. Th giant wolf scream, and started rolling on the ground, I Tried pulling the Axe but it was stuck on the head of the beast

My only chose was too run away but soon the wolf eye turn red, it was dying but I was taking me with him. I started running, the wolf started running after me as-well it reach me and claw my back with it claw 3 giant deep claw mark was dripping blood from my back I ran even fast and I saw hope a giant

I quickly Jump on a branch with one arm and role up on It, I didn't stop I climbed even faster but it was getting harder with one hand

When I look back, I saw the wolf still down and can't climbed the tree. I started laughing it was the feeling of happiness, escaping dead.

After 2 or more hour the wolf fell to the ground it seem to lost all of it energy, I observe it for a long time until a light green ball fell from the mouth of the giant wolf,

I was shock that thing, Was is the thing that I heard in legend ''A beast core.''

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