Over The Picket Fence Into The Woods

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Once again, Fox had ended up in the company of trees. He scrambled over the garden fence, and disappeared amongst the thickets at dusk... A young boy finds himself in the woods at dusk once again. He seeks comfort in the trees and the gentle creatures that live there, and wishes to never leave.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 - In The Woods

Once again, Fox had ended up in the company of trees. He scrambled over the garden fence, and disappeared amongst the thickets at dusk. Comforted by the orchestra of gentle creatures that lived there, and the giant, leafy guardians that looked down on him.

The young boy pulled a granola bar from his pyjama pocket, and sat atop a mossy stump. He let out a small sigh (which sounded as though he may be holding the weight of the whole world on his tiny shoulders). A smile broke through the sorrow that was engraved deep on his dimpled cheeks, as he looked up at the canopy of trees against the reddish, blue sky.

January blew its bitter breath through the trees, and the pitter patter of rain began making its way through the woodland’s defences. The arrival of the wet weather only but made Fox’s smile more prominent. He nibbled his snack happily under the bare boughs, as the rain drops splashed atop his head.

Halfway through eating his granola bar, a squirrel hopped over in Fox’s direction. Once the boy noticed the animal, he tossed a morsel onto the floor in front of him. The creature cautiously moved towards it, sniffing as he did; then eventually picked up the crumb and shuffled further away to enjoy it at a safe distance.

“Thank you.” Said the squirrel, finishing the mouthful.

“You’re welcome.” Said Fox, with a nod.

“Shouldn’t you be getting home?”

“No. I’m not going back home this time.”

“Suit yourself.” Said the squirrel, and scurried away.

Fox folded the wrapper into a neat triangle, popped it into his pocket, and journeyed deeper into the woods.


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