The Wolf's Fate

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I had always known that there was a darkness that lurked around the corners. It waited and watched until it could wrap its murderous claws around you and take away any form of light. I had always known that one day something ...something cruel would try to snatch away people from our paths...our fate. Or maybe it way bringing us to it.

Fantasy / Drama
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Growing up, I lived in a beautiful home. Every room was a different color with a different theme but they all harmonized perfectly together, just like my family. My father was your average hard working doctor. At the age of 25, he met my mother at college and together they created the perfect family years later. My oldest brother, Kage, is a 20 year old perfectionist. He followed every rule in the book and spent his whole life pleasing our parents. He hated anything that disrupted his self image, and maybe thats why he hated me.

I wasn't exactly the perfect daughter of the perfect family. I was human and made plenty of mistakes. One of my biggest flaws was that there was a part of me that couldn't be tamed, a burning fire that would burn and destroy anything in its ways.

"Enya!" my mother yelled from downstairs, "it's time for dinner!".
I quickly rolled out of my bed and hustled across my wooden floor to my bathroom.

In the mirror, my black curls hung loosely around my brown face. Light brown eyes stared back at me, studying my face and clothes to make sure I was presentable.

"Maybe if you stopped being such a mess, you wouldnt look like one." my brother Kage had said. Although we were siblings we had different features. His hair was dark which matched his darker eyes. Where my eyebrows seemed to arch, his were bushy and straight. He had also a few new additions of frown lines on his face guessed it, always frowning.

Quickly, I turned around in shock. "Why are you in here Kage?"

"Mother and Father might be patient but I'm not. She won't start dinner until everyone is there. So move." Kage turned around and headed downstairs.

I rolled my eyes and looked one more time at my outfit. In the long vanity, I could see my slightly wrinkled white crop top matched my denim jeans. As much as I wished I was a fashionista, jeans were just too comfortable and went with almost anything. I turned around and paddled across the wooden floor towards the stairs.On the way down I smelt the aroma of baked chicken and vegetables.

"There goes my beautiful son and daughter. Now we can finally eat!" My father said. He always was hungry, especially when it came to mom's cooking. I mean who could blame him, my mom could cook a 5-star meal out of ramen noodles. His scruffy beard began to collect a few grays. Like Kage, he had thicker eyebrows but they complimented his wide eyes full of ambition.

"Yes, honey. Say your grace first. Now, Enya as you know a special day is coming up."

"The princess finally turns into an adult." My brother sneered.

"Look Kage, I dont know what your prob-"

"Now now children, save the bickering for later. As I was saying, since you turn 18 this week Enya I wanted to do something special. Maybe even throw a party." my mother exclaimed.

"Hmph, no boys" my father grumbled in between bites.

"Hush, Joe. Now we'll have it all worked out, we just need you to go out for a few hours so we can set it up. Maybe go shopping with Jade for a few hours. "

Jade had been my bestfriend since we were born. Our successful friendship was inevitable as our parents had all grown up together. I guess for our sakes, we were just lucky we actually liked each other.

"Awww, thanks Mom. Sure we could take a shopping trip, maybe even get our nails done."

"As long as you're back by no later then 9", my father grumbled pouting and folding his arms to his chest.

"I say 8" Kage sneered as he stabbed his fork into his last piece of meat, shoving it into his mouth.

"Moooom, please help" I pleaded as I flashed my puppy dog eyes at her.

"She's turning into an adult, Joe. Let her have some fun as she transitions into adulthood. I say you stay out until 10 Enya but not a minute later", my mom said waiving her hands.

"Yayyy, thank you Mom!!" I clapped my hands together with excitement.

"But-" my dad mumbled with a mouth full of peas.

"Great, now that it's settled. You kids go get ready for school tomorrow" mom said as she got up collecting our dishes.

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