The Hunter's Chronicles: Hunting Fire

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Chap. 4

“Eric Cornelius Jäger, you are to be put under custody until your trial with the Three Elders!” Yelled one of the guards, charging a spell, presumably the Porta-prison.

“Fellas, Fellas! What are the charges?” I said nonchalantly. They were second-rank B-classes, at best.

“Insubordination, Manipulation, and abuse of your powers.” claimed another guard beside the first.

“Hmm. Very interesting. I can somewhat understand the Insubordination, seeing how I stormed away from Emily earlier, but manipulation and abuse of powers? I don’t quite understand that. Who have I manipulated It couldn’t have been the Elders, because they gave me my rank happily due to my prowess with magic, nor my teachers because they thought I wouldn’t have gotten past a C-rank. I have only used enough defense and offense magic to defeat my targets as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“Now, if you want to see more insubordination and abuse of power,” I snapped my view towards a guard to my right who was still charging a spell, “Then keep on charging that spell towards me, and I’ll be more than happy to oblige.” I said through my horrific, toothy grin. The guard immediately stopped charging the spell and found his feet far more interesting than current events.

“Eric!” Boomed a loud, authoritative voice behind me. Great, The Sarge himself was coming to have a chat with me. How flattering. I turned to the direction of the attention-demanding boot clicking in the distance. He pushed his way through all of the other guards, with little-to-no effort, if I may add. When he finally came up to me, he was looking down at me, not surprising for someone who is seven-foot-one. He was covered from his broad chest down to his feet in standard military apparel. He has a scar running down from the middle of his forehead, across his left eye, and it landed on his left cheek. Around his thick neck hung a black leather strap, which held an assortment of big, curved teeth. You’d assume these were from some wild animal, and you’d be wrong. The Sarge is known to wrestle with ogres every once in a while. Not bad for the Elder Hunter of Corporis, huh?

His face could have put a tomato to shame with how red he was. He slowly said with his gravel pit of a voice, “Eric, stand down. These are my men, and if you were to fight them, you choose a fight with me.”

“I don’t mean to insult you Sarge, but your men are the ones trying to start the fight here!” I scoffed “Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve practiced on people, and we both know I can take you down easily. What did I do to deserve this attention, really?”

Like his men before him, he shuffled on his feet awkwardly. He leaned in and whispered, “Look, Emily needs to see you, she doesn’t appreciate how you demanded to fight Draco alone.”

Of course it was Emily. Whenever I’m in trouble, it’s always Emily. “So do I have to pretend to be captured or can I go on my own?”

“You can go of your own volition, but you have to go now.”

“Well, we better not displease the queen, no?”


Eric’s father was right. He might just be a challenge for me. But, seeing how he was unable to sense me in this weakling human does bring down my expectations. I mean, I was right in front of the fleabag, after all. It was interesting to see that he was able to make all of the weaklings stand down with a few words.

It was about time to abandon this body I took. Unluckily for my host, he will not survive that transaction. As I was walking out, I ran into Eric’s pupil. She was visibly upset that Eric was being “detained”. Humans and their emotions for one another. It is pathetic. It blurs their perspective, and blinds them from any danger in their way. She obviously had one of these emotions for Eric. Love, I believe. I never cared to learn the inner workings of anything below me.

I was on my way to one of the anywhere portals when she stopped me. She was obviously unaware of what she was holding the shoulder of.

“Hey, where are they taking Eric?” She asked.

“Exactly what I said would happen to him. He’s being detained for his trial with the Elder Hunters.” It was easy enough to get intel around here. What was that silly phrase the humans came up with, again? ‘Loose lips sink ships’? It was easy enough as I had a human form deep in their ranks.

“Oh. Well, thank you, I guess.” She replied shyly.

“It is no problem.”

I turned to walk through the portal when she said, “Hey, you should get your eyes checked out.” I forgot entirely about that.

“What do you mean?” I didn’t turn around. I was still too far away from the portal to do anything.

“Your pupils are slit in a weird way. Maybe you still have a spell active?” She was walking closer. I didn’t have to face her to know that. I was running out of time. Then I got this brilliant idea. If she was so interested in my eyes, then maybe I’ll show her, and this whole base, what they belonged to.

“You know what? I think there is something wrong.” I said, reverting to my true voice. “I think if I lose this suit of mine, I’ll feel a lot better.” I started growing, feeling the skin of my host starting to tear way. I don’t know if he was still alive, but by now he wasn’t.

Just as I started to sprout my wings and tail, the alert went through the base. Perfect, an audience. I turned to Eric’s pupil, and she had already backed up a considerable amount. “Thank you, human! If you hadn’t mentioned that, I wouldn’t have known something was wrong.” I boomed. I was now taking up a fourth of the hangar. I could always create a portal whenever I wanted, but I wanted to show them real power.

I spun around and started flaming the portals in front of me. Melting the marble was no problem for me. I’m pretty sure I got some other hunters, but I could care less. I turned back and said, “Listen, you pathetic humans! Eric demands to fight me alone, then you best listen to him! If any more than he and he alone are to arrive, I shall purge this pathetic planet of yours entirely in fire!”

With that, I summoned a portal above me and flew through. That would be more than enough to make them listen. As I went through, I became exhilarated at the fact I was a mere month away from completely destroying the bastard of the humans that killed my children. Once I was done with Eric, I will recreate my children and rule over these pathetic creatures, like it was meant to be. And best of all, I will personally ensure the fact that there will be no more like Eric and his cursed family.


Well, that was eventful. Draco Dei right under our noses, and even transformed in our base. That’s how much power he has. The result of his attack wasn’t crippling to the foundation, luckily. Except for melting some of the portals’ marble pillars and roasting some technicians, the worst that happened was that some hunters were abandoned all over the world, at most 30. Some technicians on T1 say they felt Draco’s fire and heard his voice. I wouldn’t know, because I was being voluntarily detained to make Emily happy.

The cells I was supposed to be in were just your run-of-the-mill barred rooms, except for the magic-proof bars made of night steel. An interesting alloy that not only nullifies magic if it was touched by it, but it also prevents any magic from moving past it if they were spaced correctly. But, due to the previous encounter with Draco, my ‘trial’ was moved up to be done immediately.

I was moved to the judgement court in night steel shackles, because why not? Slowly the Elders came out one-by-one, with Emily emerging from her tunnel, the one in the center, to take up the middle Elder stand. She was then followed by Elder Anima Mea on the right. A weird one, they are. No-one has seen their face. Or heard their true voice. They were covered head to toe in a long, black robe, wearing one of those white opera masks on their face. They had either this voice modulator in the mask or had some sort of spell constantly active, because their voice was one of heavy distortion, constantly changing between old and young, masculine and feminine voices. Not even Emily or the Sarge knew who Anima Mea looked like, let alone what their name was.

Then came the Sarge, with his ever-present boot clicking. He, of took the corporis stand. With all the Elders present, the guards that escorted me in left and closed the big double doors behind them.

“Eric Cornelius Jäger,” said Elder Anima Mea in their ever-changing voice, “You have been told that your crimes are those of insubordination, manipulation, and abuse of your powers. You are well aware, however, that these were just to bring you before us, are you not?”

“Why, yes, Elder Anima Mea. Sarge over there told me.”

Emily chimed in, “Then are you aware of what the true reason you are here is?”

“If you excuse my crudeness, Elder Emily, that’s because you didn’t like my tone with you.”

“It is more than that.” growled the sarge. “It is because you are demanding to hold the fate of the entirety of the human race in your hands.”

Emily continued, “Never before have the Elder Hunters been forced to make a decision of the magnitude you demand. In any other situation, we would have simply scoffed at your request, but with Draco Dei showing how easily he can come into our base of operations, we have been forced to reconsider what you ask of us.”

“Eric,” said Elder Anima Mea, “How can we know you are more than capable of handling the God of Dragons by yourself? We made a special task force specifically for hunting dragons, and out of forty-five, only two have ever completed all given assignments and survived to only be hunted down by Draco Dei and slaughtered later.”

“Again, excuse my crudeness,” as I snapped my constraints, “But those two Dragon Op hunters you mentioned are my parents. They left me behind, with their ultimate weapon. I have been training for this all my life. I taught myself this weapon, and I can assure all three of you that this weapon will pierce that scale-bags’ armor with ease.”

“Can you demonstrate this weapon, then?” asked the Sarge.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot. You know as well as me that Draco can see his own back without turning his head, and he can be anywhere in a moment’s notice. If I were to practice this out in the open, he would try to fight me immediately. I have not personally tested it, but I am sure testing it inside the base might destroy it.”

“Can you summon it? If so, can you please show us?” asked Emily.

Without a word I started charging up this spell. My green eye started to glow, and I felt the power surge through my veins. I’ve only summoned this once before when I was a B-rank, and I almost died. It’s a good thing that I’m stronger now, since now I can handle it. The lights above started to flicker, while also swaying back and forth. The orb I was forming between my hands started to become a vacuum and take in the air around us. It was whipping past me, and I felt my shirt being attracted to it.

I then took the green energy in one hand, fell down to one knee, slamming it into the ground. I started to slowly stand up, bringing up the pole of a long, intricate spear where the orb once was. I brought it up to be a few inches above me, and grabbed it right below the spear head. “This,” I panted, “Is the Dragon Buster.”

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