The Hunter's Chronicles: Hunting Fire

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Chap. 5 (WIP)

A swift silence fell across the court, and there was a visible air of wonderment. The spear cackled with the very energy I had formed moments earlier. The lights stopped flickering and swaying after the spear had formed.

“Before you ask,” I said, exasperated, “This isn’t it’s only form.”

“You look exhausted.” Said the ever-so-observant Elder Anima Mea.

“Well, I have only summoned it once before. The more I do that I won’t be nearly as tired.”

“How can we trust you with this weapon if you can’t summon it without being tired afterwards?” Barked Sarge.

“Maybe because I’m the only one who can summon it? Too little power, and you might implode, and that’s if you’re lucky. That, and it takes too long to learn. Whether or not I try to train someone else, they will not learn by the time Draco wants to fight me.”

“And when is that?” questioned Emily.

“Why, the day he took my parents from me. The day he wiped a town off the map with his wings alone. My birthday.” I was still panting from summoning the Dragon Piercer. Jeez, was I that out of shape?

They all turned to where I could not hear them. I decided that it was best to put away the Dragon Piercer. Since they had already seen it, I had no point in keeping it out. I simply let it go, allowing it to fall over. It dissipated into a green mist before it could rattle on the floor. There was a small circle on the floor, burned in by the base of the spear. After a few minutes which felt like hours, they turned back to me.

“Eric, although what you ask is monumental, and will possibly mark the history books for the rest of humanity, we will grant you your request to fight Draco alone.” Said Elder Anima Mea. I barely saw it, but it seemed the Sarge shot an aggravated look towards them.

“I feel like there’s a ‘but’ here.”

“But…” They started up again.

“I knew it.”

“As a contingency, you must train another to wield this weapon of yours.”

“Someone you trust beyond any other.” Continued Elder Emily.

“Someone you trust with your very life.” Finished Sarge.

“Who will be your disciple?” They all asked at once.

A disciple. I honestly didn’t expect that. “When do I have to find this disciple?” I asked. I already knew who, but I want to try to delay this as much as I possibly can.

“By the end of the day.” Declared Emily. Crap. Well, seeing how I can only delay by a few hours, I might as well decide now.

“I know who my disciple shall be. C-rank, Third-class, Amelia Conrade.”

Twice in one day I had shocked the Elders.

“Hold on!” Demanded Sarge. “Are we seriously not only going to allow him to hold the destiny of the human race in his hands, but trust his ultimate weapon in the hands of a rookie? You saw him, he could barely handle it!” He was turning to his tomato-shaming shade of red.

“Elder Corporis, stand down!” Demanded Emily.

“Fine! But when Draco comes knocking on our doorstep with the heads of Eric and that damned rookie of his, don’t come crying to me!” He said, storming back down his tunnel. A few seconds after he went out of view, you could hear the sound of stone cracking.

“I apologize, Eric.” Continued Emily, “Go find her. Pull her out of her teachings if you have to, and start training her immediately. Until you fight Draco, you will be performing your normal assignments, and Amelia will go with you. You are dismissed.”


Amelia was pleasantly surprised when I walked in her class to take her. The moment the door was closed behind us, she wrapped her arms around me.

Puzzled, I asked, "Woah, what is this for? I didn't know today was national hug day!"

She looked up at me, teary-eyed, "Eric, you can't fight Draco."

"What do you mean? Of course I can! It's what I've been training for these past thirty-"

It was quick, but it was far from unnoticeable. She gave me a quick peck on my left cheek, right under my green eye. I felt it flicker for a moment.

"That should shut you up for now." She took in a deep, drawn out breath. "I saw into his eyes, Eric. He doesn't know what mercy is. You can tell."

Still recovering from her kiss, I tried my best to stammer out a response, but she continued.

"I know you have the fate of humanity on your shoulders, but there is no possible way you can win a fight with that dragon."

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