Seeing Embers

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"The human race has always been this way, selfish, naive. Most are this way, some aren't. But we aren’t human are we Aria has always been trapped whether it be in her cell, the forest or perhaps her own mind. She was always being chased, ever since she was a child. It was a just a game to them. She always knew her death was around the corner waiting to pounce like an animal on its prey, but she never thought it would be this soon over something so simple, and she didn't think her death would be by them and she isn't the only one. They're called E.X.I.L.E. standing for Execration Xenogeneic Inhuman Lyterian Extermination, they experiment and examine anything that moves, acts, or looks at them the wrong way. The program itself is ran by the government, and is known as the dark side of the government. Anyone that crosses them is exterminated. Anyone that tries to run from them is exterminated. E.X.I.L.E. isn't the only threat that lingers in this world. E.X.I.L.E. needs to be stopped. But who will stop them?

Fantasy / Action
Lyra Contos
Age Rating:

Before you read

So before you start reading my book, I wanted to say a few things:

1.) This is my work. I own this and I wrote it myself. I own the characters, meaning I did not copy them from anyone else's work. Do not copy my character or my book unless you want to be reported and blocked permanently, and if one of you see a work similar to mine please message me and comment below so I can check them out, and I'll see if need to report them or block them. If my book is repeatedly stolen, I will remove my work from Inkitt and to another reading app.

2.) I've seen many writer with the issues of people just translating their work to a different language without their permission, or just translating it and not saying anything to the writer. I want to set something straight, this will not be allowed for this book or future works. If I want it translated I'll do it myself.

3.) Please I'm begging you guys I don't want any hate comments. If you don't like my book don't read it, just read something else.

4.)This book is a product of my imagination any similarity to any real people or events are just a coincidence.

5.) My book will most likely have spelling errors. I'm not perfect and I make mistakes. So please, if you see an error and it bothers you, comment below on whatever chapter it is on and tell me what it is and where it is.

6.) Feel free to recommend your own works to me in the comments and I will look into them and try to promote them. I love helping fellow authors achieve their goals and being successful, and I want to help you be successful writers.

7.) I don't have an update schedule made up yet and I can't guarantee I will update every week. I have a life outside of writing. I have school and things to do. Please understand.

8.) There will be cursing, violence and ect. I just wanted to mention that in case someone doesn't want to read a book with cursing or violence in it.

Relating to the characters and book itself :

1.) I will not be basing characters off of pictures of people, but I can say a lot of my characters are based of real people mostly the fates (My friends and a few family members).

2.) All the fates are immortal, and they all have special gifts. Not all of them will be revealed in this book.

3.) Dominance- basically something every supernatural being can release. You can control how much you want to release. Dominance is something that can be felt by everyone if the individual releasing it allows it, typically only leaders, immortals or alphas are able to do this, but there are a few loopholes. Dominance is usually to make someone submit. Only the strongest willed won't crumble to their knees. The more you resist, the more pain you will feel.

That's all I can think of at the moment to say if you have any further questions comment below.

I worked very hard and it took over half a year to develop my characters, their personality's, and the story plot itself. So I'm gonna say this one more time, please don't steal my work.

Since everything I need to say has been said, please enjoy my book and vote for it if you like it.



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