Seeing Embers

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To further explain what has happened so far.

Everyone is destined to die and Aria wasn’t destined to die when she did. So that sent her directly to the fates instead of Salrelus (the heavenly realm) or Dastrue (basically hell) or Delezital (the realm of punishment) Where she then has to personally meet all of the fates because her being there is extremely wierd. As it has never happened before. She ends up meeting all of the fates and getting sent back to her body along with L to be able to help her this time around.


Ronan is the ruler of Salrelus the heavenly realm.

Asher is the ruler of Dastrue or also known as hell.

Delezital has no ruler and neither does Jaluxti.

Delezital and Jaluxti are 2 other realms.

Delezital is the realm of punishment, of sins that are done without reason or guilt. Basically it’s for punishment of sickening sins. Your punishment depends on your sin(s).

Jaluxti is basically the waiting room to the realm of Fates. It is the first realm you will arrive at when you die if you aren’t meant to die. Which you dieing at the wrong time is unlikely it basically serves a realm that divides the other realms from each other.

Salrelus is the place for the sinless, or any who have committed sin for karma. Most times after your punishment is done in Delezital, you go to Salrelus. Salrelus is a realm like earth in a way where you can be with your family and loved ones. You can travel around Salrelus just like you can earth.

Only the ones specificity chosen by the fates are able to go to Delezital permanently. Every punishment is fair. For example if you murdered a family. You have to go through the experience in their shoes and you get to feel there emotions. Honestly, not a fun experience.

The unlucky ones go to Dastrue.

Dastrue is equivalent to what we would refer to as hell. It is a place for the corrupted and unstable, who have committed sins without guilt or regret. It is a place for the heartless. That is where you straight up burn for eternity in eternal darkness.

Also Aria seemed emotional and annoying in the fates realm, but her personality isn’t that way. The fates realm heightens any spirits emotions besides the fates and their helpers when inside. So a lot of the emotions Aria experienced felt as annoying to her as it sounded to you.

L is a protective guardian over Aria and will aid her from inside her conscience until her gains physical form. Which can only happen when the time is right.

A summary of what happened is basically Aria was killed and it isn’t revealed how and she has the meet the sins so they can further evaluate her. The reason being is she wasn’t supposed to die yet. Proven in the book of life. Now currently they approved of her and sent her back to the living world.

I cannot really anwser any questions about L and his character because it will spoil a lot of things.

Also be careful about having favorite characters cause who knows what I might do to them. 😇

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

And please if you like my book please like the chapters it really does help a lot in terms of my book being seen and me having motivation to write.

Also I’ve been working on writing so you guys might get to read a new chapter soon.



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