Seeing Embers

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Chapter 1: Darkness

When I opened my eyes I saw nothing but darkness. My limbs appeared immobile. I opened my mouth to call someone, perhaps to explain what was going on, but nothing came out.

My breathing hitched as I felt the temperature in the room drop. An unsettling feeling washed over me, I attempted to move once more. Still no reaction. I tried to relax and close my eyes, but as I did a searing hot pain rushed through me like hot needles breaking through my skin.

My breathing quickened as I tried to move to somehow ease the pain, but it only got worse. I couldn't scream out or even get a gasp out, as the pain was too much to handle.

'Calm down' I heard a powerful voice call out inside my head. 'What?' I thought as the burning didn't cease. 'Calm down this will be over soon, this is only temporary'

'Are you doing this to me?' I asked as the pain faded to a dull ache.

'No' he said, pausing 'Are you alright'

'Yes, who are you and why did I feel pain?' I asked.

'Think of me as your protector, not completely physically but more or less mentally and emotionally and the pain was the result of being stuck in this realm for so long'

'Ok, what's your name?'

'I cannot tell you at the moment, but for now, call me L'

'Ok... L' I began, the name foreign on my tongue, 'do you happen to know where we are?' I asked.

'Your full of questions aren't you?'' He said sounding slightly amused.

'This isn't funny'

'Never said it was, you seem quick to assumptions'

'Just answer the question' I said beginning to get irritated.

'We are in Jaluxti' he finally replied.

'What is Jaluxti?'

'Jaluxti is an area were all souls arrive in once they die, which I find unusual is that we are somehow stuck in a wedged state in which we cannot speak or move; but we are able to have a thought process between one another, which shouldn't be possible. We should have been sentenced by now, so there must be an issue with your death. We might be sent back to Earth since we obviously died too soon.'

'How would you even know that, and how do you know we died too early?'

'I know many things, my knowledge far surpasses the knowledge of a mortal mind.' He pauses, 'Also if we were meant to die we would've been sentenced, with our fates decided, and I wouldn't be able to make contact with you'

'Wait, what options for our fate are there?'

L sighed ' First off there, is Delezital, which is a realm of punishment for any sins that are without reason and are careless, then you will either be fated to Salrelus or Dastrue.' He stopped, 'Are you grasping this so far?'

'Yes, you may continue'

'I'll start with Salrelus, Salrelus is the place for the sinless, or people who have paid for their sins and are not evil and spiteful. It's also for the people who have committed sin for karma. Salrelus is what humans would refer to in some beliefs as "Heaven". The other realm is Dastrue, Dastrue is equivalent to the human term "Hell", it is for the corrupted and unstable, who have committed sins without remorse. It is a place for the heartless. For example Murders, rapists, child molesters, these sick bastards, are the ones who go to Dastrue, women and men alike. Dastrue is a place for the heartless.'

'I would assume we would go to Salrelus'

'We have committed nothing that didn't involve be Karma, self-defense, or sinned for our survival, or because we had no other choice and it was to keep us alive'

'Ok, but what if they try to send us to Dastrue or Delezital?'

'If all doesn't go well, I'll kill them, and find us a way back to Earth'

'You can't just kill someone because you don't like what they do, and also who is them?'

'The 10 fates'

'Who are the Fates'

'Well, first of all, have you heard of the 7 deadly sins?'


'Good, the first 7 fates are the deadly sins and you are judged by each one of them and if you don't remember the sins they are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. The remaining 3 Fates are quite unique, the first 2 are the rulers of the realms, Salrelus and Dastrue and the last fate.' he pauses.

'Who's the last fate?'

'The last fate is The Balance, this fate is the one who will make the final decision, he or she is basically the main adjudicator, this will be a different approach than most, nobody has ever met the fates.'

'So what we really should be focusing on right now is the Fates judgment.'

'It'll be fine, if not like I said I will kill them' He said once more like it was normal to kill someone, that could possibly help us.

'You can't kill them, without any consequences'

'Wanna bet' he said his tone challenging.

As I was about to respond my mind-state shifted and I became slowly aware of my surroundings as I felt as if I was covered in warmth as tingles rushed through my arms and legs. I could feel my self falling in and out of consciousness until I forced myself to open my eyes. Blinded by the light I quickly shut them, groaning.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes, erasing the drowsiness away. I shook my head. I looked down to realize I was wearing different clothes, a maroon hoodie, and skinny jeans.

Confused, as I looked around I saw that I was in a medium sized bedroom, and I was currently sitting on a queen sized bed with a dark grey comforter and white sheets and pillows to match.

The walls are light grey, there was a nightstand next to the right side of the bed and a few feet to the right of that there were two beanbag chairs which were also grey. I continued to look around until a voice spoke up

"And she awakens"

My head shot the left were I saw a male wearing a black hoodie sitting next to a small bookshelf reading a book that name appeared to be The Tempest by William Shakespeare while sitting in a beanbag chair.

He had slightly curly black hair that covered his eyes. Feeling my curious stare he glanced up, he had vibrant green eyes with black around the irises and flecks of color that looked like melted gold. He raised an eyebrow at me, his mouth twitched slightly.

He went back to reading his book as he spoke "You had me worried for a bit when I awoke and found you still passed out cold, I was beginning to contemplate whether to wake you or leave you be."

My eyebrows furrowed as I moved to sit at the edge of the bed "And who might you be?" I asked, not familiar with the man in front of me. His face fell dramatically as he held his hand over his heart feigning shock, "I'm wounded" he gasped, returning to his book.

I scowled, standing up and stalking over to him, yanking the book out of his hand. He looked up me and sighed leaning back clasping his hands behind his head whilst closing his eyes.

"Your protector," He said reopening his eyes, glancing up at me. "L, seriously why didn't you say so earlier?" I asked he smirked, "It's fun to press your buttons." He stood up taking the book out of my hand and setting it in the chair as I stepped back, craning my neck to look him in the eyes since he's well over a foot taller than me. "So since we are obviously dead, what do we do now?" I asked as he walked around me and strolled towards the door.

He paused turning around, passing a hand through his hair, "Well, I say we take our leave." He said about to open the door, twisting the knob just a loud crash was heard.

L paused giving me a startled, what the fuck look, as we heard a female yelling outside the door.

"You fucking idiots, stop breaking shit you're being way too fucking loud, my god." I stood next to L as he opened the door.

"Sloth, get up off the floor, Oh my god did you just pass out AGAIN?!" We heard the female yell again. L choked back a laugh, as he opened the door the rest of the way and we beheld the sight in front of us.

In the front of us we saw the female that was screaming, she had long wavy chestnut colored hair that went down to her waist and bright pink eyes that appeared to be blazing as she glared daggers at the two other people on the floor, with her hands on her hips.

"Wrath calm down your causing a commotion," said the other female who was sitting on the ground on top of what appeared to be Sloth who was passed out cold on the floor face first.

Wrath scowled stepping over the broken glass, "I'm causing a commotion?! Gluttony, do you realize that on your way down the hallway you managed to knock down 7 vases and 4 pictures off the wall?!" Wrath seethed.

"Excuse me" L finally said, trying to make our presence known. "It was an accident," Gluttony said, brushing her thick black curls over her shoulder, "An accident, an accident!? How could you accidentally knock 7 vases and 4 pictures down?!" screamed Wrath, oblivious to L trying to get their attention. Sloth grumbled from underneath Gluttony, he opened his eyes and blew his hair out of his face.

He noticed my stare and looked up, as I stared back in shock at his bright orange eyes, tilting his head in amusement he gave me a lopsided grin.

He tried standing up, wincing realizing Gluttony was on top of him squirming about. "Gluttony," he said trying to get her attention, which he didn't get since she was still arguing with Wrath, he groaned.

"Gluttony" he boomed. She immediately stumbled back off of him. She looked at Sloth while breathing heavily her chocolate brown eyes glaring at him.

"I don't know if you two realize but you have an audience," he said as all heads turned to us. "Finally" L said, "Ok, I'm gonna make this simple so you can process what I am saying because from what I'm observing from what I'm seeing you all have the mindsets of children" he paused, his eyes appeared to darken as he looked at everyone, "First, where are we, and I suggest you start talking before I kill everyone in this room" he finished with a menacing grin as he cracked his knuckles.

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