Seeing Embers

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Chapter 2: I’m surrounded by idiots

Everyone froze and stared at L, who had a terrifying smile beginning to spread across his face. I grinned as well, but at L. 'I'm going to kill you,' I thought. L tensed as his head turned to me. His mouth slightly gaped, eyebrows raised.

He had an amused glint in his eyes. 'How can you kill me if I'm already dead,' he chuckled. I was seething as I began to speak, "You little shit." I stepped closer, jabbing my finger into his chest, "I will tear you the fuck..." I stopped speaking as a new presence became known, noticing my sudden pause.

L and the others heads twisted in the direction I was now facing. There was a tall man with a pale complexion. He had brown hair and blood red eyes with silver flecks around the irises.

He was smirking while gazing upon all of us, his head slightly tilted to the side obviously amused. Recognition fleeted across L's features, as I still was unsure about what was going on. After a moment of silence, I finally got the courage to speak.

"Who the fuck -" I began to say before I was cut off by L ."Language," he corrected. I rolled my eyes and flipped him off, "Fine then." I said stepping forward. As the man was now grinning, appearing even more amused than before. "WHOM," I said looking to L. Then turning back back to the man, "The fuck are you?" I asked as L dragged a hand across his face groaning.

The man appeared to get a kick out of that, as he began to laugh. "My name is Lust, darling," he said, his voice smooth. I could see L shooting daggers at him through a glare out of the corner of my eye.

He doesn't seem fond of Lust. I grinned, "My name is Aria." I held my hand out, he grinned once more taking my hand and yanking me into a hug. I immediately tensed, then returned the hug. Patting his back rather awkwardly.

I pulled out of the hug and tried to step back. Just as he took my hand again, I gave him my best 'what the fuck' look as he lifted my hand up and kissed my knuckles. "Ok, Lust you're being over friendly," I heard L say from behind me.

I chuckled removing my hand from Lust's grasp and wiped it on my hoodie. I glanced at L to see his void expression. I turned back to Lust, "I have to agree with L for once if you ever touch me again without my permission." I leaned forward as Lust smirked, "I will sew your lips shut with barb wire." I turned around and walked back to L, who was smiling at me.

"What?" I asked raising an eyebrow looking up at him. "Nothing," he said, "Also, It's rude to leave without saying anything and leaving your guests behind." I looked to him, confused until I saw L and Lust turn towards Gluttony.

Wrath was already watching her "Seriously!?!" She seethed, peering at Gluttony who appeared to be attempting to sneak away. Wrath continued to glare. Gluttony frantically looked to Sloth for backup, which he didn't offer, as he was leaning against the wall smirking at her dilemma.

"Umm.." Gluttony murmured, twirling a strand of her hair, whilst looking to the ground. "I was just gonna-" she paused biting her lip as she thought, Sloth motioning her to continue with an amused glint in his eyes.

She took another step back, as her eyes lit up. "Gonna go find Ezra, to tell him that they are awake," she blurted out nervously as L stared at her with a devious smirk on his face and an evil glint in his eyes. 'Don't try anything,' I thought towards L as he groaned and turned to me scowling. Lust and Wrath turned to us. Wrath still seething.

"She's gone." Both of our heads snapped to where Gluttony was and saw that she had indeed disappeared. "Well since we know she went to Ezra we might as well take you to Asher and Ronan before they make a surprise entry and when Ronan is involved they aren't the greatest." Wrath said as Sloth walked over to me and L.

"Well I'm gonna take my leave," Lust said turning to walk down the hallway and before he suddenly froze. "Also," he turned around grinning, "It was a real pleasure to meet you Aria," said Lust, sending a wink my way as I cringed and L rolled his eyes.

"You know what," Wrath grumbled angrily storming over to Lust. "I'm done with your crap," she said grabbing his arm in a death grip as she began dragging him down the hallway. I chuckled. "You really need to keep it in your pants." She groaned. "I'm Lust what did you expect me to do?" He said. "Take a cold shower," replied Wrath as she dragged him down the hallway and around the corner out of sight.

These people are gonna drive me insane.

"Are they always like that?" I asked Sloth. He nodded, "Yes, but.." He paused and his eyes glazed over. After about a minute went by he groaned, dragging a hand down his face as his eyes turned back to normal. He turned his attention back to me and L. "Sorry about that, apparently Gluttony has told Ezra you two are awake," he sighed "Asher and Ronan still don't know." he finished.

"Who are Asher and Ronan?" I asked Sloth. "You'll find out soon enough," he said, "Now take my hands." L raised an eyebrow. Sloth smiled impatiently, "If you think we are going to sing Kumbaya and spin in a circle whilst wearing flower crowns and holding hands, you are sadly mistaken." He smiled with a dark expression.

"Now grab my fucking hands and stop being stubborn and unless you want to find Asher and Ronan on your own," he said in a sing-song voice as I laughed and L glared at me. I grabbed one of Sloths hands and L grabbed the other.

"Hold on," he said just as everything went black as the ground disappeared from beneath us. Just as quickly as it turned dark, we appeared in front of a dark oak double door with intricate carvings all the way up the sides and golden door knobs. I looked around and noticed we were still in the hallway. Is this whole place just hallways? I turned to Sloth who was gazing at the door. "I must go now" Sloth turned to us. "But I wish you the best of luck." He smiled.

"Well, it was nice meeting you Sloth", I said as he nodded. "My pleasure," he said, turning his back to us as he stepped away from the door.

He looked back at us, "bye אלמנטלים," he said smirking at L as he vanished into thin air. Confused I turned to L. "What does that mean," I asked L. "Nothing important," he responded turning back to the door. I took a deep breath.

"Are you ready?" He asked, offering a smile to cut the tension. "As ready as I'm going to get.” L nodded, turned around and knocked on the door.

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How did you like the new characters and who do you think Ezra is? Or Ronan? Asher?

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