Seeing Embers

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Chapter 3: Yes, abandon the dumbass

I watched as L knocked on the door hard three times and took a step back to stand next to me.

“Come in,” We heard a voice beyond the door.

I took a deep breath as L opened the door and we walked into what appeared to be an office. The office was spacious with dark oak floors and light gray walls. On the left side of the room was just bookshelves.

“Asher,” I heard L say turned toward the back of the room to a large curved oak desk, where a man was sitting with his feet propped up on the desk. The man had jet black hair that was messily styled and dark blue eyes with vibrant golden rings around the irises. He was smiling, looking towards L with a knowing look as L just smirked in reply.

I looked between the two and saw recognition between them. “What’s going on?”

I asked, “Are you two long lost lovers or some shit?”

Asher turned to me as L scowled. “Oooh, I understand,” I grinned, “Are you long lost fuck buddies, I didn’t think you rolled that way L.”

L dragged his hand across his face, his scowl deepening. I chuckled and turned to see Asher staring at me.

It was becoming unsettling. He seemed to be in a daze. “No,” he murmured. L turned towards him as Asher remained to look puzzled.

“Bonded by souls, but your not mates,” Asher said. “How? A bond like this is impossible and inseparable.” I turned to L who was expressionless. Then back to Asher. He put his hands on his temples his eyebrows furrowed. “Aria,” he said, “The power inside of you is indescribable. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” He pushed back from his desk and stood up to his towering 6’4” height, and turned to L. “Well, this was quite a reunion but she needs to go see Ronan immediately and you know it.” He said turning to me.

“I’m sorry for the short introduction, but you need to go see Ronan,” he murmured offering a small smile. He snapped his fingers and a galactic-looking portal appeared. “This will take you to Ronan, meanwhile me and L need to have a long talk.” I froze, “Why can’t L come with me I’ve never met Ronan, what if -” Asher cut me off, “Ronan would never harm you, but you need to go now.” He pushed me towards the portal. “Aria,” I heard L say.

I turned to him. “Trust me, he won’t harm you and if he does you know what I’ll do.” He smiled, “Now go, Asher’s right you need to see him.” He finished.

‘He can’t lay a hand on you without me knowing.’

I sighed, “Fine.” I walked up to the portal, which resembled galaxies swirling together. “Aria,” I turned back to L. “Good luck,” He said before turning back to Asher. I turned back to the portal, inhaled, accepting my possible death and walked into the unknown.

Part 2

Unlike Sloth’s powers of transportation, going through a portal was overall much more pleasant to go through. Added to the fact I didn’t feel like I was plummeting to my inevitable death. It felt as though I was floating through the depths of space.

As flickers of different colors, stars, planets, and galaxies flew past my eyes. Swirls and patterns of colors. Some people might perceive this as terrifying, and to tell the truth, I’m scared shitless and I’m definitely gonna beat the shit out L for allowing me to go through by myself. But to be in awe and terrified is something I haven’t been able to experience in my life.

The experience was calming yet unsettling. I was so entranced that I didn’t realize how quickly the experience passed and I appeared at my destination. When I felt solid ground again the atmosphere of the room felt different. A calm and tranquil feeling washed over me. I rubbed my eyes, still seeing silhouettes and flashing colors. I glanced behind me and saw that the portal had vanished.

Looking around I noticed I had to be in a library and not necessarily a small one. That would be an understatement.

The library seems to extend past what I’m assuming was the sky, there were no ceilings just stars. The bookshelves were packed with old and new books. The floor was dark oak and the walls were a light shade of burgundy. Lanterns floated around in golden spheres that slowly twirled around me.

There were books also surrounded in the golden spheres that floated in and out of bookshelves. The library was overwhelming. Not knowing where to go I wandered in between bookshelves walking around corners and down what almost seemed like never-ending isles. I wasn’t getting anywhere.

In fact, I’m back exactly where I was before.

‘L’ I thought.

Have you found Ronan?’ he replied.

‘No, I’ve been walking around and I just end up back where I’ve started.’ I responded.

That sly prick, what you’re experiencing is one of his abilities. It’s an illusion that makes you feel like your walking forever when you really haven’t moved. To break the illusion you need to say לחשוף את הבלתי נראה then call out Ronan’s name.’ He said.

‘What does לחשוף את הבלתי נראה mean?’ I asked.

Uncover the invisible’ he said, ‘now say it there’s no time to waste.

I groaned and obeyed. “לחשוף את הבלתי נראה, Ronan” I called out.

The second those words came out of my mouth. It felt as if a cord snapped within me, and I could see everything clearly, yet everything looked the same.

I began to walk down a wide pathway with bookshelves on each side. The lanterns got brighter and twirled ahead of me. ‘Did it work?’ I heard L say. ‘Yes,’ I replied.

Good, Ronan’s tricks never change. Also, Ronan rules Salrelus the heavenly realm. I’ll talk to you later, I have to go.’ He said his voice fading out. I continued walking. Great, now I’m all alone. Again.

I looked up and realized the stars appeared to shine brighter than before. When I looked back in front of me I saw I was in a spacious area that was isolated off by a giant ring that was all bookshelves. A white rug covered almost the whole floor and there’s a fireplace in the back of the room and a large desk in front of it that resembled Asher’s desk, which had several old looking books stacked on the edge along with a cup of pens.

Two white sofas sat on each side of the room. In the back of the room was a few feet away from the fireplace. There was a wine cooler full of various types of wine with an ice cooler beneath it. After looking around and seeing no one. I groaned. Of course after all this work no one is here. I decided to make myself at home and wandered around. I walked to the fireplace smiling. Reaching my hand out towards the flames as they flickered forward towards me. I froze as I heard a soft thump from behind me.

“I hope you weren’t rummaging through my stuff.” I heard a voice say as I turned around to see a man with white wings that were folded up against his sides the silver tips glistening from the light from the lanterns above. The man was slightly shorter than L and Asher but still towered over me at 6’3”.

He had slightly ruffled blond hair and crystal blue eyes with silver rings. He was wearing black jeans and a crisp white shirt which was rolled up to his sleeves. He was staring at me, slightly smirking. “What is with you people and staring? It’s rude.” I said beginning to feel unnerved.

My hands began to tremble. I took a step back, closer to the fireplace. My body was moving beyond my control. The flames flickering behind me. I was beginning to feel nervous. His eyes softened and his smirk faded, “Calm down, I won't harm you.” He murmured. The lights in the room shined across his face giving him an innocent look.

Slowly approaching me, his hands facing outwards. I stepped back further as he was almost a foot away. What’s happening to me? My limbs seemed to move against my own will. Taking another step back my foot got hooked on the rug and I stumbled back.

Just as my back almost came in contact with the flames, he darted forward snatching my wrist pulling me forward, away from the flames. My eyes widened as he waved his hand and the flames went out.

“What just happened?” I said, pulling my hand out of his grasp and rubbing my temples. Taking a step back he looked down at me.

“In this realm emotions are much more enhanced.” He said. “You have to be a ruler or a fate not to feel these effects. My aura and dominance automatically makes others extremely nervous and makes them jump to conclusions without even realizing it. I didn’t take the time to notice I hadn’t blocked it.” He looked down, “You must be Aria.” He continued holding his hand out. I froze before taking it and shaking his hand.

I nodded. “Yes, and you must be Ronan,” I replied.

“Correct,” he said as I turned around and walked over to one of the sofas and sat down, propping my legs on the armrest. “Asher sent me to talk to you. While he talked to L, claiming I was special or some crap.” I said.

Ronan turned to me. “Yes I know your special, I knew the moment I sensed your presence in my realm. “Also,” he walked a little closer to me. “Did you say Asher was talking to L?” He said amused. I sat up, “Yeah, why?” I asked. He chuckled. “Nothing,” he said, turning back around.

I’m about done with people keeping secrets from me. “Do you know L?” I asked standing up. His head turned back “Yes, unfortunately,” He laughed, walking away.

“What’s so funny?”

He turned back grinning, “ I was wondering why L was chosen to protect you, and it makes sense now.”


“Do you know of your abilities?”

I smirked “Yes, of course, I’m not naive”

“That’s the first reason”

“What’s the other reason?” I asked.

He smirked before walking towards the wine cooler.

“That’s for you to figure out,” he said, opening the wine cooler and pulling out a bottle of clear wine.

“Why are you people so damn secretive?” I murmured. Ronan pulled out a glass and poured some wine into it, topping it off with ice and turning around.

“We’re Fates darling, do you expect us to give all our secrets away.” He said nonchalantly, twirling his glass, obnoxiously clinking the ice. He took a sip of his wine, “Doing that would be too easy”

I groaned in annoyance. Ronan looked up and smirked. Setting his glass on his desk. He walked up to the fireplace and stuck his hand in the ashes and pulled out a delicate looking necklace with a black stone with dark blue swirls on the stones surface. Brushing the ashes off, he turned towards me, and walked over to me and held out the necklace.

“Does this necklace look familiar?” He questioned.

“Yes,” I said, confused. “That’s mine, I’ve had that for as long as I can remember”

“Take it, I put an enchantment on it to protect you from a certain aspect of your future. The second you put it on the enchantment will be sent to the real stone that’s back in the living world.” He said placing it in my palm. It was surprisingly cold to the touch. I immediately clipped it around my neck.

“Ok, what now?”

“Well,” he said walking towards the middle of the room. “I’m assuming that we should return, it seems your friend is getting impatient.”

Damn you L. Just as I was getting information.

I walked to where Ronan was standing, he smiled.

“Don’t tell me we’re-“

“Yes we’re using a portal to get back,” he said, waving his hand as another portal appeared. This portal was majorly different than Ashers. It was a brilliant white with cream colored swirls twirling around in it. He grabbed my hand, “Hold on,” he said and before I could give a response, he tugged me into the portal.

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