Seeing Embers

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Chapter 4: Might as well say “pull up bitch”

When we arrived in the Fates realm, I expected to appear back in Asher's office, but instead, we appeared in a huge living room. It had black raised ceilings with recessed lights.

The walls, in contrast, were cream colored paired with dark oak wood flooring and black leather sofas equipped with recliners which were placed all around the room.

I glanced to my right and saw a 90-inch flat screen TV hanging on the wall. They must be pretty stinking rich.

Ronan released my hand, as I turned back and saw the portal disappear into nothingness. Ronan sighed, running a hand through his golden locks.

He turned to me as he began to speak, "I'm going to go retrieve Asher. Hopefully, L is with him. I'll need you to stay here for a few minutes."

He walked over to the arched doorway, his pure white wings practically dragging on the floor behind him. "I'm sure you'll be fine on your own for a bit." He glanced back with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes, of course, I will," I responded, beginning to walk to the sofa the closest to me. I sat down and leaned back into it, and sighed. "Me and this sofa are gonna get real acquainted," I said tilting my head to Ronan who looked amused. He smirked, "You do that." He said turning his head back and leaving the room, without a second glance.

Now that I have time to think about the previous events, I remembered how weird L was acting earlier. I closed my eyes and sighed. He knows Asher, Sloth, and Lust, it's obvious, but he somehow knows Ronan also?


What made the situation more confusing is that I'm just now hearing about The Fates, my knowledge is vast but I have never heard any mentions or read any books that mentioned them. The weird part is that L knows almost all of them personally, no one tells me anything. And I don't completely understand why.

"Hey lady"

I heard a voice once more but continued to ignore it. Sloth also said something weird earlier in a language I didn't recognize. Just as I was about to answer the voice I remembered what Ronan told me

'We're fates darling, do you expect us to give all our secrets away.'

And the thing is that I don't expect them to tell me anything now that I think of it. They all desire to remain mysterious.

I decided I've been ignoring the person trying to talk to me long enough and I looked up and saw a guy standing in the doorway.

He had neatly styled and combed back dark brown hair and dark violet eyes, with a slight pink tint to the irises. He wore a perfectly tailored suit that closely hugged his figure, paired a burgundy colored tie. And like every person, he was taller than me at 6'0".

I smiled softly, "Sorry, I was deep into thought and I -"

"Who might you be and why the hell have you been purposely ignoring me." He sneered cutting me off, his eyebrows furrowed. I immediately scowled at him narrowing my eyes at him.

"Well, first of all, you need to take a fucking chill pill. Second of all who the fuck are you to think you can talk to anyone in that tone and expect them to listen to you", I said, my scowl deepening.

I can deal with many types of people, but I'm not the best with stuck up assholes.

He smirked at me and waltzed over to me in an arrogant fashion. I want to knock his teeth out already. I gave him a disgusted look as he gave me a once over, "From what I'm seeing your not completely ugly, so who are you sleeping with, to be in this realm you have to be a fate." He said, " You must be one of the many sluts. Since no one is allowed to be here. Especially a weakling like you."

Did he just call me a slut? My vision went red, for two reasons the first reason is that he called me a slut, the second he had the grammar of a two-year-old, third he called me weak.

Just as he leaned forward he touched my cheek, getting in my face, and successfully popping personal bubble. I pulled my fist back and nailed him directly in the nose. A cracking noise following as he hissed. I jumped up and slammed my knee up into his gut.

He bent forward groaning, as I yanked him up by his hair and put a death grip on his throat digging my nails, knowing for sure it would leave bruises. He still continued to smirk at me while pulling a handkerchief out of his suit pocket, he wiped his nose which was literally a bloody pulp. "Not as weak as I thought." Just as I was about to rip his throat out I heard a voice "Aria", I heard a voice say. I turned my head and saw L in the doorway, his eyebrows were furrowed.

I grinned spiteful letting go of the guy but my glare was still directed his way "Oh finally, you're here", I said "I was just about to rip this fuckers throat out. And if you don't want him dead by my hands you better get the fuck over here."

Just as L was about to speak the guy cut him off. "Oh", he said "Is she your girlfriend or your little slut. I was just wondering how much you offered to pay her because I was wondering what her services are."

"What did you just say?" L said his voice completely calm, as eerily chill washed over all of us. I saw the guys face become pale as he turned away from me. I turned and saw L standing in the doorway silently his head tilted to the side.

His eyes flickering from his normal vibrant green to black, like he was holding on by a string, which was about to snap. He had his hands in fists and his skin was a pasty white and his teeth were visibly beginning to sharpen as he clenched his jaw.

I stared at him curiously, a normal person would be afraid but once you've looked death in the eye and told it to fuck off, you simply don't care. That didn't change the fact that he's practically fighting not to shift into who knows what.

I continued observing him, as I saw as the last of his control break as his dominating aura was released. I wasn't fazed by it as I was used to it back on earth, I've dealt with it many times and from the beginning, it has never affected me. The guy, on the other hand, was shaking.

I saw that with the last of the control he had, he somehow stopped his shift halfway. I don't fear him. He still looked intimidating of course, he currently has black soulless eyes, and elongated canines, paired with long and also elongated nails that turned a black color with his half-shift.

He stood there silently, his chest heaving from the effort of forcing back a shift into who knows what. He swiftly cracked his neck and his head snapped towards the guy, L tilted his head and his stance shifted to one of a predator.

His gaze did not leave the guy as he slowly ran his tongue over his sharpened canines. I looked to the guy who looked horrified "Hell fucking no" he gaped, shoving himself swiftly from the ground. He took a step back. He watched L who looked ready to pounce. I saw determination suddenly fill the guys eyes.

Holy fucking shit is he really gonna try running from L? Even though I was beyond pissed and ready to kill, I decided L was a better candidate to get the job done and stepped away from the guy.

Let the show begin.

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