Seeing Embers

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Chapter 5: I wish he’d go sleep in the forever box

Just as I stepped away from the guy. He attempted to run. But before he could take a step L was in front of him in a split second. The guy stumbled back but before he could make a move L had him by the throat, his nails dug into him drawing blood but not piercing the skin.

He stared at his quivering face for a moment, then in a split second, he threw his body like a rag doll into the wall. An echoing boom was heard as he crumbled to the ground, I could see a crater in the wall from his impact. The guy groaned and stood up "You think you can kill a fate?" He asked L smirking his cockiness returning.

Is this guy bipolar or is he just screwed in the head?

L looked at him and gave a big fucking smirk his own, he stood there and started laughing throwing his head back.

I've decided, everyone in this realm is bipolar.

L regained his composure, and by looking at his face I could tell the guy was screwed.

Immediately before the guy could come up with a response. L was already there, holding him up against the wall by his throat. L's nostrils flared as he took a deep breath. The guy froze up.

"You’re Greed, I figured you were." He began, "Do you really think I don't know how to kill a fate?"

L leaned closer to him and grinned, "There are many ways" he murmured, he loosened his grip around Greed's neck, as his other hand trailed to the back of his neck as Greed shivered. "But I have two favorites." He said with a wicked smile. "I prefer to rip their spine out," he said in a sickly sweet tone, his black eyes glinting dangerously. Pressing his nails down while trailing his hand down Greed's spine. Which caused Greed to stiffen. "Or I like to decapitate them." L removed his hand from his back and moved it to Greed's jaw slowly tracing along it until he was at the place his head and neck attached. L’s eyes seemed to get darker if it was possible.

"And you wouldn't believe how quick I could do it." L murmured, as Greed seemed to get even paler. I wonder which way L’s gonna kill him. Ripping out his spine seems overboard.

"L, you need to calm down."

I turned to see Asher and Ronan in the doorway standing side by side. I saw that Asher had wings, which were a rich ebony color with golden tips.

Asher and Ronan seemed completely calm. Till L turned his head towards them.

"Holy shit," Asher exclaimed stepping back after seeing L's eyes.

Ronan remained calm as he spoke, "L let go of him." L kept his choke hold on Greed.

"Aria if you want to go back to earth, I suggest you stop him from killing Greed."

Why do I have go stop him? I sighed and walked towards L. "Be careful" Asher said.

"L won't harm me"

I reached out and put my hand on his shoulder, L immediately turned his head to me, "It's time to stop" I said, and in a split second his skin began to regain color and his teeth and nails slowly shifted back to normal. L's eyes shifted back to green.

He released Greed, scowling he walked to the doorway. Greed sat against the wall heaving. His hand placed over his heart. "Get up and stop being dramatic, ” I said.

Greed slowly got to his feet.

"I want you to get the hell out of my face and before you walk away there's something I want to do" Greed looked up, and I nailed him in the face right in his already formed bruise, he stumbled back clutching his cheek. His lips and nose covered in dried blood as he grimaced.

"Now go" I seethed pointing to the doorway.

Cursing, he scurried towards the doorway and Ronan and Asher scoot over to make room for him. Just as he's about to walk through the door L puts his hand on Greeds shoulder and leans down and whispers to him.

Greed visibly stiffens and L continues to speak. Greed nods as L let's go of him. Greed then ran out of the door and out of sight. Part of me wanted to go after Greed and get the job done but I knew that I can't if I want my life back.

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