Seeing Embers

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Chapter 6: Out all the places I could be, I’m here

Greed that makes sense. Knowing this doesn’t soothe my bloodlust any, but at least I understand why he acted the way he did. But who he is, is no excuse for his actions.

“We should get going, Greed won’t be around. For as long as he can help it and you both still need to talk to Ezra.” Ronan began, “Ezra may be patient but that’s no reason to leave him waiting.”

“If we are going through another portal I swear I will kill you both.” I said, like hell I was going to do that for the third time today. Ronan and Asher laughed as L leaned against the doorframe, rolling his eyes.

“There’s no need to use a portal, it’s actually a walking distance to where Ezra is”


L pushed off the doorframe and walked into the hallway. Turning his head back to us, as he scowled, his eyes glinting dangerously. “We best go before I change my mind and dismember Greed.” He sneered.

I looked to Ronan and Asher, and motioned to the doorway. Ronan sent a small smile my way before walking out the door ahead of L. With Ronan following him and me and L behind them.

“Ezra overall is very upbeat and laidback” Ronan said, “As long as you’re somewhat polite, you have nothing to worry about.”

We turned left down the hallway and kept walking until we saw two white French doors with tinted windows. Asher and Ronan turned to L “You already know how to enter Ezra’s place, it’s been a while and I’m sure you need to be more prepared than Aria.” Asher said to L. What the hell is that supposed to mean. I gave Ronan a puzzled look. He just shook his head and mouthed to me ‘Don’t worry about it’.

I rolled my eyes.

“We would come with you but we have some business to attend to that requires both of us to be present.”

“Ok then, do we have to knock or-“ I began before Asher cut me off.

“No Ezra pays no mind to formality, he’s already expecting you so there’s no need to knock.”

I nodded and followed L closer to the door. “Well anyways it was nice meeting you but we best get going.” Asher said, straightening up. “We’ll see you later”

I watched their retreating figures as they walked away and disappeared around the corner.

“Is it just me or are these hallways never ending.” I asked turning to L. His mouth lifted into a small smile as he shook his head “Not if you know your way around” he answered moving to open the doors.

Just as he opened them. The view in front of us was different, real different from what I’ve seen so far. It was a beachside with a phenomenal view of the ocean. I’m assuming this is an illusion since we aren’t on earth, but what made it so realistic was you could smell the ocean and see the waves cascade over the waters surface. The atmosphere of the place made me feel energized. L’s eyes slightly glazed over as he tilted his head.

‎למה הוא תמיד צריך לעשות את זה?" L began to mumble as he walked towards the shoreline, like he was possessed. I rushed after him, and stood beside him. He leaned near the water and knelt down.

He reached out his hand and held it above the water, almost close enough to touch the rippling surface. What the actual hell.

He exhaled softly and spoke out loudly in another language once more in a commanding tone.

‎“לחשוף את אלמנט המים הבלתי נראה”

Nothing happened for a moment, then I saw it. A shimmery glow appeared on the surface of the water. I was taken aback, I mean who wouldn’t be? A sphere of light rose from the water and got close to L.

L wasn’t fazed at all as he just looked at, his gaze unwavering.

‎“אדון הברקים, L”, the sphere addressed as it changed from white to an electric yellowish white.

I took a step back, as L stood up, turning his head up to what once was a blue sky, and is now gray and flooded with storm clouds. The clouds slowly shifted into one another as lighting zigzagged throughout them as a storm began to brew. He sighed pinching the bridge of his nose in aggravation. He closed his eyes for a moment before lazily opening them while turning to the sphere murmuring.

‎“לחשוף את הבלתי נראה”

The sphere slowly descended back into the water at his command and the waters began parting at the shoreline. He tiredly turned his head to me.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I will be” he replied, pushing his hair back with his hand.

“What just happened, how did you do all of that?” I began questioning as the previous events caught up to me. He stood up straighter, and shook his head.

“Some things are left better unsaid” he answered, looking around as the wind began to pick up.

“We should go inside.” He nodded towards the passage.

I sighed, he’s never gonna tell me anything unless I force it out of him. I walked past him and looked down the passage which was literally like a hole you use to enter the sewer but in better condition. The hole was about 5 ft across. It looked to be a 10ft drop to the floor. Not the worst drop I’ve endured.

“Before you jump I hope you know-“ I heard L start.

“No” I cut him off jumping down the hole. I hit the ground with a thud, in a squatting position. I stood up cracking my neck, walking forward a few steps just to feel my back crack. I heard a clinking noise and then I turned around to see L standing there. Honestly he looked completely done with me as he gave me a questioning look.

“Why did you jump?” He asked.

“How else was I supposed to get down?”

“The ladder”

He smirked his green eyes glinting with unspoken humor. I looked behind him to see a metal ladder.

“Oh, I didn’t see that there.”

“I assumed that much” he said while peering around the area. I looked around and noticed we were literally on top of a balcony in a giant aquarium.

“Did we really go through all of this just to end up in a freaking aquarium” I said throwing my hands up into the air as I walked to the edge of the balcony.

“How the hell are we even supposed to get down there?!” I groaned, placing my hands on the railing.

“The ladder”

“ Of course”

“If you don’t always jump to conclusions-“

“Are we really back to this again?”

“Anyways as I was sa-“


“We wouldn’t-“


“Really Aria”

“Yes” I said turning around just to walk around him to the ladder as I started to climb down I heard him climbing above me as he started speaking again.

“We wouldn’t have to go through this.” He said from above me. I immediately froze and looked up to see a victorious look cross his features.

“How far is the floor from where I am?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“About” he paused “15 or more feet”

I smirked at him until he realized what I was going to do.


I jumped down the rest up the way. Landing with a thud. I stood up, to hear a soft thump behind me and turned around only to see L.

“Was that necessary?”

“Don’t you even start unless you can say you climbed the ladder down.”

He rolled his eyes and walked past me.

I gasped dramatically “Oh my lord, L just rolled his eyes. I thought you were an emotionless diva that had a stick up his ass.” L froze, and turned around.

“Did you just call me a diva?” He said, holding back a smile. Damn bipolar much?

“Heck yeah I did, after seeing that whole charade that just happened I know you are.”

“I’m disowning you.” He stated, turning on his heel and walking away. So I’ve postive he’s either bipolar as hell or he just hates being in this realm.

I began to walk after L just to see he was already across the room. Sometimes I forget he’s literally over a foot taller than me and he has longer legs. I quickly walked towards him while glancing at the fish tanks which held hundreds of tropical fish which swam feverishly about. When I looked up they’re were more tanks that held sharks.

While walking I realized that once we meet this Ezra guy we will be given the details of my death and that it won’t be long before we go back to earth and I won’t have the chance to get the answers I want unless I take matters into my own hands .

Just as I made it to the door, L reached out knock, and before he could I stopped him.

“No, before we go in there you’re gonna tell me how do you know the fates and what happened earlier.”

“They’re things I’m not allowed to say”

“Then can you at least give me an explanation on what the hell you did earlier?” I sneered putting a hand on my hip.

“I can’t simply–“

“If you don’t answer my question right now, I will castrate you.”

L stepped back scowling. “It was a display of power.”


“To enter Ezra’s realm and to be where we are now we have to show a display of power, so instead of explaining it to you and having you do it, I took it upon myself. It tends to wear you out.” He explained, “Now can we go in?” He asked.

“Yes,” I replied “But I will get my revenge later.”

“May I ask why?” He asked sarcastically.

“First because you didn’t tell me what happened till I threatened you, and you had to have an attitude when it wasn’t needed.”

“Why does that call for revenge?”

“Well aren’t you full of questions.” I said mockingly.


“Yes really, now knock on the damn door.”

L rolled his eyes and turned to knock on the door.

“I saw that eye roll.”

“That’s the point” he said knocking on the door.

“Come in” a voice sing-songingly replied.

L opened a door to a navy blue room, which had ocean theme pictures on the walls and knickknacks on shelves. There were a gray sofas around the room in which several glass coffee tables sat in front of and the left and right walls had bookshelves.

I heard chuckling, “I just wanted to say that these walls aren’t soundproof.”

I looked to the back sofa to see a blue haired man sprawled across it grinning. His head turned to me, “Why, how are you it’s pleasant be seeing you darling, not under these circumstances of course.” He frowned, but quickly was back to smiling, his sparkled with excitement.

“Well anyways if you don’t already know, my name is Ezra.”

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