Seeing Embers

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Chapter 7: Why is everything blue

“My names Ezra.”

“Well, Ezra... why is your whole…” I paused gesturing around me.

“My office?”

“Why is it all marine themed. I mean even your hair is blue.”

Ezra started laughing. “First of all my hair is naturally blue, second-“

“He’s a master of hydrokinesis” L butted in.

“Excuse me” Ezra began, raising an eyebrow at L “I was speaking”

“You were taking to long” L replied nonchalantly walking over to the couch on my left and sitting down.

Ezra sat up, rolling his eyes.

“At least I answer questions the first time they’re asked, instead of having someone threaten to castrate me” Ezra smirked, propping his elbows on his knees.

“I was not-“

“L” I asked, he turned his head to me. “What?”

“Shut up”

Ezra grinned triumphantly as I said that.

“And you,” I said pointing to Ezra, as he head looked my way.

“Wipe the stupid grin off your face before I do it for you”

He put his hands up in defense, “Well aren’t you quite the spite fire.”

I glared at him in response, and I wasn’t the only one glaring.

Ezra slowly stood up and backed away from us, then froze as if realizing something and turned around completely and walked to the bookcase on the right side of the room.

“I just realized I need to go check your records.” He said, his fingers lightly scumming over the books.


He looked over his shoulder at me, nodding.

“I’m in charge of all the records of dead and alive beings.”

He reached out and pulled a red book out with golden accents from the shelf and pressed a button that was hidden behind it and put the book back in its place as the shelf moved back into the wall and up into a hole above an entryway.

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, honestly, I wasn’t surprised he had a secret room

“Why do you have a secret room for the records, do people try to steal them?” I asked him following close behind him as he walked in the room.

Which happened to be an insanely massive library. The floors were glass and have little openings with seals every 50 feet.

He started laughing, “No, it just looks cool. Nobody is able to access this realm without permission.”


“Yes,” he said, skimming over the lower bookshelves. “I have a spell over those doors you entered before you entered my realm. Only those I am expecting are allowed to enter. Any others who open my doors will be greeted with an empty room.” He pulled out a red book, with gold embroidery along the spine and began flipping through it.

“So how long have you been a fate?”

Ezra’s eyes lifted from the book.

“I’ve always been a fate.”

“I mean when did you first start.”

“Let me rephrase that.” He said walking over to a table and setting the book down.

“I’ve always been a fate, I never started. I’ve just always been.”

“So how old does that make you?” I asked.

He laughed placing his hands on the table. He shook his head and looked up at me.

“Finally a question I don’t know how to answer.” He opened the book once more and began skimming through it.

“My age is infinity. Same goes for Asher, Ronan and my brother.”

“Damn you could be my forever extended grandpa, anyways you have a brother? Who is your bro-“

“Did you find her records yet” L interrupted walking to the table.

I glared at him. The dipshit had to cut me off.

He looked from me to Ezra, and scratched the back of his neck.

“Did I interrupt something”

Ezra smirked “No, nothing at all.” He stood up straight, “and yes I just found her records.”

Dumb freaking smurf.

He looked down at the page, “Aria. Gender female. Dark brown hair, and blueish green eyes. Height: 5”3’. Age currently 17.”

He began mumbling “Mate. Oof, let’s just skip that.”

I froze as I was sure I heard the word right.


He looked up with a raised eyebrow, “What about it”

“I have a mate?”

“You could say that”

Fuck my life, I groaned.

“Here it is” I heard L say as he looked over Ezra’s shoulder.

“Yes it is, It says you came into existence on April 6, your death should be-“

A shocked look came onto his face.

“You‘re definitely not supposed to be dead.”

I walked over next to L and tried to peek at the book. Just as Ezra quickly closed it and placed it under his arm

“When am I supposed to die?”

“I can’t say, it’s prohibited.”

“Then why did L get to see?”

“Because he already knows.”

I slapped L, “Why did you slap me?” He asked.

“You freaking Heathen why does nobody tell me anything.”

“I can’t tell you, it’s prohibited and-“

“Fuck this” I seethed walking off.

“Aria wait, where are you going.” L called out rushing after me, grabbing my wrist.

“Away from you, if you're not gonna tell me anything. I don’t want to be in your presence.”

L looked taken aback, and released my wrist.

Ezra quickly walked over to us,

“There’s no reason to be argu-“

I started laughing. They have to be joking. I know a shit ton of information is being kept from me.

“Your right, why don’t you guys go and catch up with each other. I’m sure you guys know each other. Because everyone in this god damn place seems to.” I hissed venomously.

Ezra flinched. As I turned and walked away, as quick as I could. Out of his office, and out of realm right from where I came. Before L could regain his composure and come after me.

Hey guys it's me Lyra. I know Aria sounds prissy in this chapter but remember. This realm she's in enhances all emotions. So she gets angry easier. And she has a right to be angry. Things that are pertaining to her are being kept from her.

Anyways if you liked this chapter. Give me a heart ❤️. Thanks.


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