Seeing Embers

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Chaper 8: Kidnapping is okay when you’re dead.

I angrily paced through the hallways, trying to find my way through this maze. Just as I ran into someone.

“Oh my goodness I’m sorry. I was just looking for-” they began to ramble. I looked up to see a short blond haired female.

Her eyes widened as she grinned, “Are you Aria?” She asked.

“Yes, were you looking for me?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

Not replying she grabbed my arm and began to drag me down the hallway.

“I’ve been wanting to talk to you.” She started to say as she pulled me around a corner. I tried pulling my arm from her but she had it in an iron grip.

“Care to tell me where you're dragging me?”

She stopped walking, turning back to me.

“Me and Gluttony have been wanting to talk to you. I’m taking you to my room.”

She said, pulling me along once more.

“Aria. Where are you? We need to talk.”

My head snapped behind me to see nothing, but I heard approaching footsteps. My eyes widened and I turned back to the girl.

“I think L is looking for me, we need to get out of here right now if you want me to come with you.”

Envy quickly nodded and looked me over.

“My room is the end of this hallway the 6th door on the right is my room.” She said as her figure began morphing. Into a perfect replica of me, I stepped back.

“I’ll explain later just go unless you want him to get to you. I can't explain right now.”

“No, I’ll go now”

I sped past her and to the end of the hallway and counted the doors until I found the sixth door. I quickly opened the door and rushed in, quickly closing it behind me. I sat in the dark with my ear pressed against the door. I heard footsteps going quickly past my door, then silence. I released the breath I’ve been holding and back away from the door and blindly felt around the walls for a light switch. I did this for about a minute until I felt my fingers brush over it. I flipped the switch. And light illuminated the room.

I sighed and turned around and my breathing hitched.

Gluttony was sitting smugly on the bed smirking, her legs crossed. Her curly hair was wild, and her eyes mischievous.

I put my hand on my chest and scowled.

“How long have you been sitting there,” I asked, as she gave me a confused look.

“Ummm, about an hour.” She replied, her hand on her chin.

“You sat in the dark for an hour.”

Gluttony nodded.

“And why is your hair so messy?”

“Sloth was nosy and in my room and wanted to know where I was going earlier. So I ran for the door and threw a pillow at his face he then fell asleep and might’ve accidentally hit the floor.”

I tried to hold back laughter, and failed when she added, “I also think his nose is broken.”

I began cracking up, as Gluttony began laughing along with me.

Just as I was wiping a tear away, the door burst open. As the girl from earlier, ran inside and slammed the door closed and locked it.

We froze and looked to her as she heaved, trying to catch her breath as she propped her back against the door. Her forehead was sweaty and she looked exhausted.

She hissed “What kind of steroids does that son of a motherless goat take. Because he can run pretty flipping fast, he almost got me.”

She pushed off the doorframe, he body shifting back to her original form.

She pointed at me, “You owe me big time. I literally had to drop kick him to get away. By the way, he’s really pissed off now. Do you have any idea how freaking tall he is compared to me.”

“Yeah, I freaking know how tall he is. I literally have to crane my neck all the way back to talk to him.”

She nodded ”By the way. I'm Envy, I can shapeshift into anything I desire.” she looked to Gluttony, who gave her a weird look. ”I owed her an explanation, since I might of came off to strong.”

Might of?

Gluttony gave a cheerful look and slapped her hands loudly on her thighs.

“Anyways how was meeting Ezra?” She started trying to change the subject.

I raised an eyebrow as Envy looked annoyed.

“Well besides threatening to slap the shit out of him and L for keeping secrets from me, it went fantastic.”

Envy laughed shaking her head.

“Out of all the people you could’ve threatened it had to be Ezra”

She began to walk to her bathroom.

Leaving the door open. You could hear the sink faucet running. “Not that that’s bad I just expected you to threaten Greed before Ezra. Ezra's probably the nicest out of all of us.”

“Well I did threaten Greed before Ezra, not only that. I also broke his nose and he probably has a bruised stomach. Along with getting another beating from L.”

The faucet turned off immediately, and Envy walked out of the bathroom smirking as she pulled her blond hair up into a ponytail.

“That explains why he’s been acting like a whiny little snot, hiding in his room.” Envy snickered.

“He’s always a whiny snot. He acts like he’s on his period.” Gluttony added, laying back on Envy’s bed.

“Anyways do tell the details on the beating he got by-“ she froze and we all stumbled back as the door slammed open, the door hit the wall with a crack.

We all froze wide-eyed at L standing in the doorway looking furious.

His eyes were blazing and there was a faint red mark on his cheek.

Envy scoffed, ”I deadbolted the door” I turned my head to her.

She pursed her lips in dissatisfaction.

“I was positive I drop kicked him hard enough to leave a bruise, not a tiny red mark. He is on freaking steroids.” She said annoyed.

“We need to talk,” L said turning to me, gritting his teeth.

“I’m sorry I can’t talk to you when you're this emotional.”

“Aria stop being childish.”

“L stop being an asshole.”

He began to walk forward, just as Envy stood in front of me.

“Whoa whoa whoa, chill the fluff out.” She started.

L rolled his eyes and grabbed her by her shoulders as she squirmed.

“You son of a motherfuc- biscuit eater. Get your freaking hands off of me.”

He lifted her up and moved her aside. As she snarled. I gave her a nod, as she smirked and I ran at L and slide between his legs, jumped up and ran out the door.

I heard him start chasing after me. As I darted around the corner just as I ran into Ronan. “I was just-“

“Freaking hide me you Heathen!” I interrupted ducking behind him.

“Why are you runni-“

“Aria stop freaking running,” L said coming around the corner. He stopped, looked at Ronan, and narrowed his eyes. As I peeked around Ronan, flipping L off.

“What’s going on here?” Ronan started looking between me and L, who was slightly crouched ready to grab at me. Sensing this Ronan held an arm out preventing him from getting to me.

“Ronan you should move aside,” L said his eyes darkening. Ronan raised an eyebrow, as his wings flexed out slightly.

“Why should I do that?”

“That’s a good question, Ronan and the answer is you shouldn’t,” I said, glaring at L. Ronan sighed and pushed his blond hair out of his eyes as he gazed at L.

“What did you do?” He questioned.

L scowled his hands pointing at himself.

“Me? I did nothi-“

“You liar” I hissed, my eyes narrowing. As he gave me a glare.

“You need to calm down-“Ronan started.

”Never tell an angry female to calm down”, L leaned forward slightly as I reached out from behind Ronan and swatted at him. Ronan refrained from laughing as he held his arm out pushing me back.

“Ok that’s it come with me,” Ronan said turning around as I walked backwards.

Me and L both gave him an annoyed look.

“Yes, both of you” he began “To be honest I don’t care about what you guys are arguing about but it’s not gonna help you get home any quicker. So you're going to come with me and eat with us, because Sloth, Lust and me and Asher haven’t really gotten the chance to actually have a conversation with you. Then we will judge you afterward.”

“Fine” I scowled, as a started walking down the hallway.

“Wrong way”

I cursed and turned around to see Ronan looking at me amused. L behind him smirked but said nothing.

I kicked at the floor and started walking the other direction walking past Ronan and L.

Fucking stupid hallways, they're never-ending. And I always get freaking lost. And why do I always run into people, am I really that clumsy?

Ronan caught up to me and L walked behind us, he tried to walk near me till I stuck my arms out telling him that if he breaks my personal bubble shit will go down. He then gave up and walked in the back. I could hear bickering in the distance, as we got closer to the dining room.

“You said fucking what to her?”

“Well, I assumed she was a-“


“Now now everyone we just need to calm-“

I heard a loud thud as we rounded the corner. To see everyone at the table. Sloth was sleeping in the chair next to Gluttony who was shoving food down her throat like it was a contest. Envy who was on the other side of the table, had her hands up and backed away from the table repeatedly saying nope.

Wrath was choking Greed to death on top of the table as Ezra was trying to calm Wrath down from a distance. Asher sat next to where Greed I guess was sitting, his head in his hands.

Lust just sat away from the commotion next to Sloth leaning back in his chair ignoring the ‘attempt at murder’ in front of him.

Ronan sighed as he beckoned us to follow him. He gestured is to seats to the opposite side of the table from Sloth and Gluttony next to where Envy was sitting. How in the world did Gluttony and Envy get here before us?

We went and sat down, both smirking at Greed who was slowly turning blue.

Ronan walked past us over to Greed and Wrath.

He picked up Wrath by the back of her shirt and tried lifting her off of Greed, but Wrath brought Greed with her. Her iron grasp on him not faltering in the slightest.

Ronan frowned and tried shaking Wrath, so she’d maybe let go. Which she didn’t.

“You do realize if Greed dies at this moment in time that Aria will have to be sent to Salrelus”

Wrath cursed and let go of Greed.

“The bastard just got lucky”

Ronan rolled his eyes and stepped back still holding on to Wrath and dropped her in her seat.

Greed jumped back scowling, his hands on his throat above the newly formed hand shaped bruises over the ones that were still healing. His face was still bruised up from the earlier beating, which were now a yellowish color.

Noticing me and L’s presence he froze glaring. At this moment I realized he had dark violet eyes. Strange.

I honestly though L beating his ass would make him less bold. But it obviously didn’t.

He still has the guts to glare even though he knows we can kill him on the spot.

Maybe we damaged his ego too bad.

He looked around at everyone at the table and continued to glare venomously. Until Envy went to take her seat back and yanked him down by the back of his shirt into his seat.

He hissed, and snapped his head to her.

She gave him a look that made him shut up and turn back around.

Envy turned her head to me realizing I was sitting next to her. She smiled softly and leaned over.

“I see you got away alive” she whispered, as L glared at her. Obviously, he could hear every word she said.

”Wait, how did you and Gluttony get in here before I did?” I asked.

Envy gave me a dramatic look,

”A magician never reveals her secrets.”

Asher finally cleared his throat, we all turned our heads to see him sheepishly smiling. “Anyways” He began “I’m sorry if your stay has been rather unpleasant.” Asher said to us, but directing his glare to Greed. “But you will be able to return home soon once we get everything sorted out.” Ronan added. We were all finally sitting down at the table, where bowls of soup and bread sat at each spot. The table was long and made of dark oak.

“Yeah, I apologize for my idiot brothers actions. I don’t know why he’s such a imbecile all the time.” Envy said, Greed scowled in response as the other fates laughed.

“Brother?” I said, as Envy nodded in response.

“Oh my lord, I’m so sorry” I said sympathetically. As Greed glared at me and started to speak, until he was put to rest by L who gave him a death stare in response.

Everyone went silent besides the occasional snickers at my response, from Lust.

Asher cleared his throat and Sloths head shot up in attention. The sleepiness leaving his eyes as quickly as it came.

“So what did I miss.” He asked.

“Nothing much, besides Greed being himself.” Gluttony replies.

“Oh okay” Sloth said turning his head to me, “I believe we’ve already been introduced so I’m gonna go straight to my question.”

I gestured him to continue.

“How were you killed?”


What a way to change the topic.

“I’m sorry if that was abrupt, but we don’t know how you died only Asher, Ronan, and Ezra know. We are only permitted to see everyone’s sins.” He said embarrassed.

“Well, long story short. People were trying to force something on me like usual, that I didn’t want.” I scowled, “I defended myself, and I payed the consequences for my actions. Also does anyone want to tell me why I feel no emotion towards my death whatsoever?”

Ezra decided to speak up, “This realm does that. You can’t feel excessive emotions, unless we allow you to.”

“Thank goodness”

I can’t imagine how scrambled my emotions would have been if I felt them completely here. Ronan’s realm was bad enough of an experience.

“I have a question, If you would allow” Lust asked, looking around the whole table as he leaned forward. I nodded my head for him to continue.

“This questions mainly directed towards Ezra, Asher and Ronan.” He sat up in his chair and leaned forward. “We’ve never had someone besides us in this realm. Not in any point of any of our existence. What makes Aria any different? Fate is fate, there is no such things as mistakes.” He questioned, narrowing his eyes.

“He’s right, what makes her any different?” Greed spoke up.

“Well that’s something we don’t know, we do know she wasn’t suppose to die when she did” Asher said, “The universe must have planned on this happening. So I’m sure we were suppose to meet her.”

I don’t understand this why would I need to meet them.

“Why did I need to meet you guys?” I asked.

Ezra shrugged. “I don’t know, but I do know your suppose to go back.”

“How would you know?”

L leaned forward, “He has an attachment to souls, so it helps him judge them accordingly. Basically to know where to send them and what not.”

“Again, L how do you even know this.”

“Let’s just say I study.”

“Is that the truth.”

“Yes and no”

“I’m gonna knock you-“

Gluttony cleared her throat obnoxiously.

“Why don’t we eat and after decide what to do. It’s plan as day that Aria will be leaving us and going back to Earth. We still need to-“ She was cut off by Sloth falling asleep face first into his soup bowl. She pulled him up by his hair, then grabbed a napkin and wiped his face.

“As I was saying we still need to prepare to send her back.” She said as she set the napkin down and pulled his soup to the side.

She took his bread and ate it as she got a pillow out from under the table. I gave her a confused look. “This happens all the time.”

She set it on the table and let go off his hair, making him land face first into the pillow.

“I have a question” I leaned back in my chair crossing my arms.

“Why is L with me. As my so called ‘protector’?”

“I was requested to by the universe before you were born. I had the choice to accept or decline. I accepted.” he responded.

”Prove it” Greed sneered, his eyes appeared doubtful.

L raised an eyebrow and narrowed his eyes. “Why should I prove something to the likes of you?”

Greed stood up, scowling venomously.

“Greed sit down.” Ronan demanded.

Greed threw a glare at Ronan, who was sitting calmly in his chair. Giving Greed a look that dared him to challenge his authority.

Greed huffed in annoyance and plopped back down in his seat.

“Greed is not wrong.” Ronan starts.

Greed gives a victorious smile.

“See I am-“

Ronan raised his hand to Greed.

“Wait, do you have the mark?” Ezra asked.

“Yes?” L replies giving him, his face expression like he was stating something obvious.

Everyone gave him a look of anticipation, as I was confused.

“Well are you gonna show us?” Envy questions.

L looked around at everyone with an uneasy look.

“What is the mark.”

“It’s a mark branded into your skin by the universe. It’s quite a painful process to get it from what I’ve read. I’ve never seen it though.” Ezra explained, grimacing at L.

“I wanna see it” I spoke up. The explanation of it sounded cool. Especially when something higher than these idiots put it on L.

“This isn’t the appropriate environment to-“ He thought for a moment, and gave Ezra a look.

“What it would be on-“ Ezra froze, “It’s on your back.”

L nodded.

“I can just touch your back through your hoodie and project an image of it to everyone.”

“So I’m assuming I don’t get to see it?” I ask.

“No, but it’s better if you don’t it can be very...” He paused trying to find words. ”How do I put this. I can’t explain it but now is not the time for you to see it.”

L said, as Ezra got up from his seat and placed a hand on L’s back.

Envy choked on her food and Greeds face went red, “What, no, it can’t be he’s a-“ Greed stammered. Everyone had expressions of shock.

Ronan glared at Greed shutting him up again once more as Asher began to speak, “Since everyone appears to be done with there food. We can commence to judging.” He looks to me, “All of the fates have seen the sin corresponding to them and they can only tell the truth. And it seems all of them have agreed that your okay to go back to earth.”


Everyone froze. How could I forget about pride, I know all of the seven deadly sins.

“Can I do it, pleaaaase.” Envy begs.

“Do what?” Sloth croaks as he wakes up.

“Pride is gone.”

Sloth smirks, “Let me do it. I can do it better than anyone else. I have the element of surprise.”

What in the world are they talking about?

Ezra puts his face in his hands and Ronan and Asher collectively sigh.

Ronan nods at Sloth who chuckles clapping his hands together.

The next second we are in a big room. The ceilings seemed to go on forever and there was a strange pattern carved into the floor.

Everyone is telling Sloth to hurry up and do whatever they want him to do. Even Greed is wanting Sloth to do it.

Sloth tells everyone to chill.

Silence fills the room, until Sloth snaps his fingers. In the next moment a man is in front of us. He must be Pride.

The first thing I notice is his height and his unusually light blue eyes with green rings around them which went perfectly with his dark complexion.

“What the-“ he froze seeing everyone look at him. Ronan and Asher both gave him a menacing look.

Pride was wearing a Red shirt with white flowers and had shorts and flip flops on paired with a flower lei around his neck.

“Hawaii, really?” Asher asked.

Pride gave a us a sheepish look.

“Don’t worry we aren’t gonna chew you out yet. We have to get Aria and L back to Earth. We were just getting to know them both. We are actually gonna send them back now.” Ezra said in a don’t argue with me tone.

“Ok, she’s good. I agree she should be able to go back.”

“But you weren’t here to hear the situation or anything.” I said accusingly.

Ezra turns his head to me. “He knew your sins towards pride since you died.”

Oh that explains a lot.

We walk over to the middle of the room.

They each stood on a section. All the sections had a unique symbol.

The lines connecting them all lit up a brilliant white. L walked over to the center and I followed him. We stood in the center circle as the Fates surrounded us.

“This will be painful, but it will only last for a few seconds. When you enter the living realm, only a few minutes will have passed since you died. When you return to your body, your emotions while hit you like a flood. You will be weak, you will be tired and you will most likely pass out after waking up. Coming back to life is hard on a body. This will probably be the most terrifying thing you will ever experience. Since L was in your mind. That is were he will go till it’s time for him to take his actual form.”

I tense up after hearing Ezra’s explanation.

“Don’t worry I will be with you during the whole process. I won’t be able to speak with you until you regain your consciousness in the living body but I’ll be here.” L explained with a sad look on his face. He knows what I’ll wake up to. And know that I remember too. Do I really want to be alive?

“I wish we could’ve hanged out for a little bit longer but you have to go. I hope you do okay down there.” Envy says with a reassuring smile. Gluttony nods in agreement.

“It was truly a pleasure meeting you.” Ezra says.

“Now let's not have a repeat.” Asher laughs.

I give a slight chuckle in response and sigh. L puts a reassuring hand on my shoulder as the ground beneath us starts to glow.

“Hey Aria”

I turn my head to Ronan who smiles softly.

“Be stronger than what’s against you. You will find happiness.”

For once I actually give a real smile back to Ronan.

“I’ll try.”

All the fates eyes turn a bright white. As they clasp each other’s hands.

‎“תן בחזרה את נשמות המוות לקח. אל תתן לרע למנוע את החיים לתחייה, לחיות שוב. המוות אינו מיועד לחיים אלה ולא יכבוש.” They chant in synchronization. The ground begins to shake and I feel L’s grip on my shoulder tighten. Before I can say anything the ground disappears beneath us. I look around and L is gone. All I can see is white and I feel like I’m falling. Then the pain Ezra mentioned comes, and it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

It feels like my insides are being melted and my body is ripping apart. I can’t scream or even let out a cry from the intense hot pain. It was worse than when I first died.

Quickly the pain ceased and I welcomed darkness this time with open arms.

Sorry for being gone so long. 😅 A lot has been going one the past year and I didn’t think much about my book.

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