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Chapter Ten.

Their journey home was far from uneventful, although five of the elder vampiric leadership had volunteered to accompany the group back to the compound, not to hear the message as that had already been delivered by viewing it within their minds.

It was more for the groups protection as it was revealed there was a contingent of younger vampires who had chosen to violate their sacred laws and hunt humanity, and it was these who had refused to return when Lucian had sent out the order to cease hostilities.

Lucian had explained they had acquired what they termed a bloodlust, stating all their vampiric society matured differently, it was not possible for the young generations to exist in different dimension until they had evolved which usually took nine-hundred to a thousand years.

By then they had learnt to control their emotions and lusts allowing their bodies to naturally evolve much as a human from puberty to becoming an adult.

A day into the journey Eliza, Liz and Alex were alerted by two of the females from within the group who were accompanying them.

“Danger we sense our kind approaching,”

Moments later Alex alerted all within his group, and Asdic spoke telepathically to his family, Candela from the escorting vampires showed Asdic an image of Lucian and ordered him to copy immediately shifting into the direct image of their collective leader.

“Do not speak, let us as your servant’s speak for you, I am an elder and have mental abilities to shield your mind and to order these children to be believing it genuinely is you.”

As those words were heard by all within Alease’s group, they understood what was happening. It was then Candela, and the others of her kind projected mental orders and images, first creating the impression there were over five hundred warriors accompanying them and that Lucian was leading the group.

The subterfuge worked, “You are ordered to not approach, but to seek out these rats and destroy them, continuing with this until we order you to return and seek out humans.”

Immediately the hunting party of some two thousand vampires fell under the mental influence of Candela, believing it was Lucian who had issued these orders.

As they departed, Candela kept the mental camouflage in place for several hours until she was certain they were once again safe and alone from their kind.

Word reached Director Harrison, through Justin Alex’s son of their arrival in the next five hours, and for the Home Land Security base to be made ready, only the drones could not detect their arrival, and this caused confusion.

Alex spoke through Justin explaining all that had transpired and that other than a faction of rough vampires a truce was in place, and for the prisoners and the President to be ready to receive a delegation of elders.

However, Director Harrison was not prepared for what happened next, from apparent empty air a solitary human looking subject appeared within Director Harrisons office.

And before even been noticed Charli Harrison and the stranger vanished, incredibly the same happened within the Presidential office, one moment the United States President was there by his desk, the next within the blink of n eye, he was gone.

As the President appeared in an alternate dimension along with Director Harrison, the prisoners were already being held for judgement.

Lucian and his wife Diana appeared as if walking from empty space, acknowledged their guests and then viewed directly into the Presidents mind. Seconds later it was as if it had never happened and the President appeared back within his office to be confronted by confused security and alarms sounding.

“Mr President, where did you go, one moment you were here then the next second recordings show you were gone?”

“Stand down, that’s a direct order, it was a new illusion device we are testing and required to test it in the most protected office in the Western world.”

Although there was confusion, an unexplained peace came upon the those from within the room, and they accepted the explanation and merely returned to active duty.

However, others within the military who were observing yet outside the influence from within the room became suspicious and were concerned for the direct break down of procedure and protocol that was required in any possible abduction case.

Lucian spoke within President Hamilton’s mind,

“Sir the prisoners were found guilty and are awaiting judgement, you, however, were and are innocent and your brave offer of sacrifice for your people is refused, your actions showed you are an honourable man, however, be warned there are as I speak those in this building plotting against you.”

President Hamilton, tried to answer without speaking, “I can read your thoughts, simply direct your question in your mind, and I shall understand,” replied Lucian.

The president placed his hands over his face with elbows on his desk as if he was thinking, and not wanting the computer to view his yes.

“Am I permitted to know who these individuals are?”

Yes, however, I offer a solution, within your kind Asdic and his family are accomplished shapeshifters, I have already spoken to him, and he has agreed if you request his service then his family are at your disposal. Consider having him replace they key staff which I am about to reveal to you, this way you control events and bring about the peace we both desire.”

Sandra was pleased when Liza returned, they hugged and spoke about the adventure over a meal, and during lockdown, even though a peace was declared the base required operation lockdown and followed trusted procedures.

“I need to shower and remove days of grime,” stated Liza, Sandra smiled, are you interested in me washing your back?

Liza looked up and had a wicked grin, “That and so much more, I am so tensed from the stress of the trip and been away from you that I feel as if I could bust, so yes, a shower and a massage would be wonderful, after that fun, bondage role play and bloody good sex.”

“Will it include the tens machines?” said Sandra and Liza’s eyes widened knowing what she had in mind.

“I can’t wait, I hope you brought more than three of those little toys,”

That night the base security witnessed some unusual foreplay, and consensual adult sex, causing those in the security observation room to become uncomfortably aroused.

As time went by, fewer reports had been received of vampire attacks; however, their existence was now known and out in the open, causing considerable concern for the public’s safety.

Nations from across the world were now developing weaponry to fight these creatures, also coming to accept if vampires are real, then just what other supernatural life forms were there.

However, the immediate difficulties facing humanity became the insect and rat populations, and for the nations who had the financial resources, a Supersoldier programs was introduced under the controlled guidance of the United States military.

Intelligent Plasma weaponry became the accepted norm, and eventually cities and private estates were protected and operating such systems, however, the technology although recently tested in the field of battle was open to unfriendly hacking and soon the power was gained by the United States military to gain control of other nations or privately-owned system and use these weapons against them.

Although it was not realised these were the beginning days of a global war and population control, time was rapidly approaching when war not only on other nations but also on vampires and the supernatural communities was to be declared.

The End.

Book Two to follow.

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