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Chapter Four.

Over seventy pairs of eyes observed all that had happened and momentarily held back realising they had a choice, either confrontation while they appeared to have the advantage, or wait.

Incredibly another option was chosen preferring to test the strength of this group and learn, so twenty-five vampires were chosen while the remainder of their small group kept to the safety of the shadows and observed.

Within seconds the trap was set, and the intruder vampires attacked outnumbering their victims, only they were in for an unexpected surprise, Immediately Alex and Justine transformed from human to Lycan while the hunter group who had been with Sandra showed their true nature and along with the other Super Soldiers entered the fight.

Sandra was the only true human present, and incredibly she mastered her fear and attempted to defend her charges and those who just saved her life.

The battle was intense, and after some thirty seconds or more the advantage of outnumbering and a surprise attack was negated with two of the attacking vampires been ripped apart by Alex who was also infused with Liza’s blood.

After some seven minutes, injuries were inflicted on both sides, but no further deaths and as quick as the attack had taken place, it ended as the intruding vampires acting as one mind stopped fighting and exited from the field of battle, only unseen by the others Sandra had been the intended target, and she was nowhere to be found.

Justine had tried to follow but was restrained by his father as Sgt Thompson explained. “No son, it is a trap, they want us to follow and break up our group and defences, united like this we are two powerful, but once separated we then expose ourselves and I believe they would show no mercy.”

The loss of Sandra concerned them as no one had sensed her leaving, moments later it was one of the Supersoldiers who discovered the ground where Sandra had been standing had simply caved in swallowing her, and it was realised these vampires used the cover of tunnelling as a form of weaponry and defence.

They realised it was impossible to follow and Brian Willis from the hunter group spoke, “We are from the Super Soldier program, Director Harrison ordered us to gather intelligence and connect if possible with the supposed lost patrols.”

Sgt Thompson knew immediately what he was referring to, as he and his soldiers had not gone missing as reported, but had been ordered by Director Harrison without the militaries knowledge, as someone was leaking information and brought about such action.

“I am pleased to meet you as living rough in these swamps is not a holiday, and these bloody gators are everywhere, not to mention blood sucking leeches and mosquitos as big as my thumbs, every bloody day we have to extract dozens of leaches from our ball sacks, legs, backsides and almost every conceivable place on the body.”

There was laughter in the understanding between the soldiers bonding them, that night their numbers increased by four extra male Super Soldiers and four female Supersoldiers, while the remaining two had to report back to the Director of Home Land Security.

Sandra awoke to find herself secured to a bed and stripped of all her clothing, her sheets were gone, and as she focused her eyes there were other women and children within the room, only they were not tethered, and quietly went about their business taking no interest in the new arrival.

Sandra tried to break the bonds until a child walked beside her,

“You cannot escape no one ever leaves here, you have been bitten and fed from the blood of our leader. He chose you as his mate and to bear his offspring after seeing for himself how you responded in the midst of battle, soon you will be one of us, until then rest and gather your strength, as you will need it if you are to survive.”

Those words brought fear into Sandra’s mind, yet she forced down the feeling of repulsion and refused to give in and allow fear to rule her.

Unknown to Sandra, her every action was under observation, and her mind was already becoming susceptible to the masters control.

What he saw impressed him, rarely had he ever found one so strong-willed, at the point of stubbornness and controlling her fear, he knew this was worth the loss of two of his kind and he would have sacrificed more had it been needed.

However, unknown Carlos the groups leader, he had made a fatal error in his judgment which was soon to cost him his life.

Charli Harrison had the two agents escorted under armed guard to a section of the base used for classified research, knowing it was here that security was at its highest.

“Mam thank you for seeing us so quickly, we made contact as required and have vital information which could aid your research.”

Wendy Crawford, although a Supersoldier was also a recognised bio scientific researcher from which much of the bio-research into the Super soldier had evolved once the genetic DNA of the vampires was traced, recorded an improved upon.

Wendy had realised the importance of collecting data and had implemented herself through the Supersoldier program, so if required, she could accompany others in fieldwork gathering much needed intelligence and recognising what was important or essential.

To have met Alex Corylus and his son was a bonus, as his genesis was unknown and for whatever reason different to the intruder vampires, also the Corylus family refused to feed from humans and kept a private life refraining from socialising with humanity other than obtaining provisions and selling alligators to obtain money.

When Ester and Liza had contacted her and offered their service, Wendy was uncertain if this was a joke or a trap, yet it was Liza who reached into her mind assuring her they were genuine.

However, the Director of Home Land security wanted proof demanding a demonstration of their abilities; it was Liza who accepted the challenge.

“To your eyes, I am a young woman who could in no way stop let alone render one of your teams of security or soldiers without injury to myself, agreed?”

This immediately caught Charli Harrisons interest, and she thought about the offer. “You say your name is Liza and your mother’s name are Ester.”

“Yes Mam,” replied Liza “Are you prepared to accept my challenge?”

Director Harrison considered the challenge, “Am I able to set conditions and location?”

Liza smiled, I will contact you in 24 hours, I trust you can chose wisely,” then as

Ester and Liza turned to leave; however, four armed guards tried to prevent them leaving, two hours later all four awoke been unable to remember as to what had happened, they were not injured only rendered unconscious, yet everything had happened so fast, even the internal CCTV had failed to show clearly, as all it recorded was partial static interference.

Ester and Liza had exited the building so fast that Director Harrison was suitably impressed and having realised these two visitors could have rendered the entire base and all its personnel helpless if they had so chosen, yet for whatever was their motive, they chose a none confrontational action.

Twenty-four hours later Lisa returned by herself walking directly into the base with the guards been ordered to allow her to pass, where Director Harrison was waiting.

“Thank you for not harming my staff,” said Harrison.

“We came to offer our service and not to declare a war, as my mother, and I have consulted with others of our kind and believe if we work together then humanity could stand a chance of serving the vampiric war which inevitably will come, only you need to understand from the start that not all supernatural creatures are evil, as many have lived among and alongside humanity for thousands of years.”

Liza was going to continue talking; however, she paused and slightly tilted her head, “My mother has just informed me your soldiers are ready and in place awaiting the challenge,”

Director Harrison was hesitant as the electronic surveillance in operation at the base showed no indication of electrical wireless communication.

“Really Director Harrison, you sent only twelve, but I see you were hedging your bets by having three automated units to try and ambush me, I will accept that, let us begin.”

At that Liza turned and quietly walked away, only Director Harrison had two of her security ambush Lisa with paintball guns from sniper positions. Liza had already sensed their presence and smiled; she turned as they both fired and merely sidestepped both paintballs, as they missed their target, raising a hand and lifting a finger then waving it sideways towards Harrison, Liza smiled and then continued to the site of the expected confrontation.

A quick demonstration of her abilities became the start of a new friendship and offering humanity hope for the future.

Carlos believed Sandra had fully transmuted from a human and into one of his kind, Sandra responded to mental commands and became passive in his presence, yet confrontational to all others.

Her strength impressed him encouraging and drawing him all the more to take Sandra as his Alpha partner. Other than the first seventy vampires who had accompanied Carlos to the bayou in Louisiana the remaining three hundred and four members were all converted prisoners, with most having witnessed Carlos or his kind murder their loved ones, children included and then drinking them dry.

The control exerted over their minds demanded loyalty, knowing it was death to disobey, this way Carlos had grown his satellite kingdom while others of his kind had left the security of their lairs and ventured to create new kingdoms.

Their original home had been disrupted by natural causes and then an eventual Dam been built some twenty miles away and their homeland became flooded.

Sandra could sense the masters presence, and submissively humbled herself forcing herself to evict fear and take control of her mind. However, Sandra had one unknown advantage, as during the confrontation at the bayou she had suffered several minor scratches which were normal for such an event and part of the course in the nature, of her work.

Only, Alex’s hands were bleeding, and in the heat of the battle he had picked up Sandra and placed her in an assumed safer position and unknowingly a small contamination of his blood had entered via one of her wounds.

Such was the case, that not even the other vampires nor the intruders had detected any taint on Sandra and allowing her blood to slowly mutate, even though Sandra had later been bitten and deliberately infected, the pathogen passed by Alex was overriding the vampires genetic coding and creating a mutation, that combined with the strength of Sandra’s mental ability had equipped her in ways none would have imagined.

The atmosphere was one of fear and apprehension as the others within the room knew what was expected to happen and with Carlos forcing his will upon Sandra, and typical of his kind to dominate and class woman as below his dignity and not fit to rule.

As Carlos entered, all present immediately submitted to his authority lowering their eyes to prevent direct confrontation, Sandra sensing what was happening stood proud, fearless, yet as Carl approached she lowered her eyes acknowledging his dominance in submission to his authority.

Carlos intended to rape her in front of all to exert his control, and as he lifted Sandra’s chin and viewed into her eyes, he was content believing he had found his queen and partner.

Several of the women had children by this beast, yet all had been raped in this humiliating fashion, and inwardly they hated the beast before them. As Carlos released Sandra’s shackles, he raised her from the bed and had others bathe her and scent her skin as he ritualistically in his mind enacted a fantasy.

Only as Sandra was presented to him fully submissive he dropped his guard and Sandra struck, as she gently gripped his face to kiss his lips, with speed and unimagined strength Sandra tore his head from its spine killing the beast almost instantly, only the blood remaining in the brain gave Carlos a few seconds of recognition as he stared into the eyes of a fully transformed Lycan holding his head and looking back at him.

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