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Chapter Five.

Infiltration from an unknown species was spreading across the United States and into Canada, Europe and including Mexico. It was early days, yet people were reported missing, and law enforcement compromised, in Mexico riots had broken out as town after town had started to fall and lose control.

Alex and his family had been aware of the reports and realised the vampiric wars had started, only for some unknown reason the expected war from the bayou region of Louisiana stalled and for a time there appeared to be internal fighting and reports of leadership replacement filtering out.

This had given Director Harrison vital time, and her other five similar units directly under her control had instigated their own improved Super soldier programs, only time, in general, had outrun them and demand for similar resources to combat the ever-increasing invasion was needed.

It was Alex who Sandra eventually mentally connected with, as it he who had inadvertently contaminated her with his blood strain. He became aware of images and words been spoken within his mind.

“I see it is you I need to thank for my survival, only I would have preferred to never have chosen this lifestyle, that said, yes it has its advantages, and in time I believe I will adjust, but know for now I have taken control of the vampires in this family, and they answer to me.”

Alex saw the image of a head been held lifted high, so Sandra could view into its dying eyes, and reflected was the image of Sandra only she was one terrifying looking Werewolf, and it was the last thing Carlos saw before life and consciousness left him.

Alex realised immediately this was a queen of her kind and powerful, as to have taken Carlos off guard and then overcome any resistance from those loyal had taken considerable courage, resilience and strength.

Liza and Ester spoke within both Alex and Sandra’s mind.

“Welcome sister the blood now flowing through your veins originates from my daughter, and I we offer peace and cooperation, plus assistance in uniting our forces, what say you?”

Sandra saw within her mind a brief history of how this blood strain had come about, also how events had unfolded and led up to now,

“Child, there is much you need to learn, and we can teach you, forming a pact of unity, as the others now thousand in number will eventually seek you out and try to destroy you.”

Sandra though over those words, I have hundreds of compromised human vampires here, they were brutally converted and mistreated, raped and enforced to obey, I have become a hope for them, yet I see as well as understand if we are to survive then I agree we need unity, I accept your offer.”

It was established that it would involve Home Land Security under Director Harrisons guidance, and this was eventually accepted with an agreed time and place to meet.

“Mexico has fallen, I repeat Mexico has fallen,” came the news from the TV on site journalist as his camera person filmed scenes of devastation, panic and fear etched on the faces of the few survivors who had managed to escape under a hastily fashioned Super soldier rescue attempt.

“It is Charles Aldridge reporting from CXZ TV on the front line along with my camera person Terresa Bentley.”

In the distance as Dawn was breaking, a few vampires were caught in the sun fighting Supersoldiers, only to burst into flame and all caught on a live TV Broadcast.

“Did you get that; please tell me you filmed those monsters burning as the suns light seemed to touch their skin.”

Terresa never answered as she kept filming, even while soldiers tried to prevent further exposure, only it was too late and had already been instantly broadcast on a live feed.

As the camera was taken away and both Charles and Terresa were arrested and taken to a secure holding for their own safety, only the soldier had not turned off the recording, and although the film now only showed the ground, the sound caught every word spoken and protest from the two brave CXZ employees.

“You can’t do this, the public have a right to know what is happening and of the danger, they are in,” cried out Terresa.

“Sorry Mam, it is only for your safety as there could be more of these creatures as yet unseen.”

“Bullshit” cried out an angry Charles Aldridge, “You saw for yourself they can’t be exposed to direct sunlight, we have the advantage, why are you and your kind not taking advantage?”

Patiently the three soldiers guided the two CXZ employees away, “possibly because at the moment we are outnumbered by approximate two thousand to one, I think that might have something to do with it, now please stop complaining and accompany us, as our commander has just ordered us to bring you to see him.”

Both were hastily placed into an armoured troop carrier and driven under additional security to the nearest Home Land Security base and handed over under their direct care.

Director Harrison had seen the live broadcast as had the Penticton and chief of staff, and although unquestionably stupid to have placed their lives in such direct danger these two employees had captured valuable footage which was needed to help fight this war.

“Terresa we understand you are an independent operator contracted out to CXZ News, is that correct?”

Terresa considered director Harrisons words, “Yes Man, apparently none of their employees other than Mr Aldridge here would accept the assignments, I also heard some resigned rather than be forced to endanger their lives.”

“So, what made you accept?” enquired the Director of Home Land Security,

Terresa smiled and gave a nervous laugh, A bit of excitement, but mostly the money, I insisted on $120.000, with fifty percent up front and a bonus if I recorded these monsters been killed, that last section of film earned me another One hundred thousand Mam,”

There was little point trying to hide her reasons, as she knew the government would have found out, and this way she was earning their trust for her honesty.

“Tell me Terresa was it not Charles Aldridge who guided you in what to shot?”

“He thought so Mam, but if I saw something interesting I filmed it with or without his permission, however, I admit it took considerable courage for the both of us to enter ground zero, especially with Mr Aldridge Mam as he had to keep his back to those monsters.”

That thought sent shudders along Director Harrisons spine,

Harrison thought over her words, “I have received direct orders to convince you both to join our program, all your wage and bonus will be paid directly on you saying yes, and you will have access to top secret information, something other journalists would die for.”

Teressa had no need to consider the over and accepted right away, realising the prestige and benefits that would accredit her name in the future, however, Charles Aldridge took longer to decide.

“What about my employer and my salary?”

“Your salary is still paid by your ordinal contract, however, while contracted to us you receive an additional Fifty thousand bonus, the same applies to Miss Bentley, who has agreed on her salary remains untouched, and a bonus like you on top, does that answer your questions?”

Aldridge decided to play tough, “No, I do not accept,” he was about to continue when Director Harrison nodded to one of the soldiers escorting the two guests.

In front of Aldridge, two fangs protruded from the Super soldier’s mouth, and Aldridge took a step back in fear, realising he had taken matters to far.

“Kill him,” exclaimed Director Harrison, “No! shouted Aldridge, only it was too late.

“You choose wisely Miss Bentley,”

As the husk of Aldridge fell the floor, Terresa smiled, “He was a king size prick, I am glad to not have to work with him anymore.”

“He was not trustworthy, and as for our offer it was more than generous, his greed proved he might have sold us out to a higher bidder, that is a security risk which we need to avoid, come allow me to introduce you to your new team.”

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