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Chapter Six.

Liza knew immediately upon mind linking with Sandra that there was something linking them, and that somehow, somewhere in the process of time their souls were once united, and that fate had robbed them of their eternal love.

Only now it was like an explosion of knowledge which revealed inherent memories from a previous life countless generations past, and that forces were in play to once again unite their souls, and a battle was to start with them playing their integral part in saving humanity.

Ester had picked up on her daughter’s thoughts, and she encouraged her to follow through,

“My child, few of our kind find true love, humans rarely find such love either from which I see was once between you and this Sandra, yes it was a different timeline, and so long ago, yet, fate can rob us, and at other times it repairs the damage giving you a second chance, take hold of it, claim it and follow your heart. Only I fear other powers are in play and these which will try to tear you apart.”

Liza reached up and held her mothers hand, “Thank you, mama, I value your love and advice, yes I will follow through as there is something between this Sandra and I, and waiting to be re-found, and for a brief few seconds I believe Sandra sensed it also.”

Their conversation was interrupted as the party of vampires was escorted into the building with Sandra leading her new family while assuring them they were safe.

Alex Corylus and twenty members of his family had acted as guards, with Alex relinquishing his responsibility to his son Justin as he separated to enter another room with Sandra to find Liza, Ester and Director Harrison waiting for their arrival.

“Welcome, it took courage to accept our offer, please rest assure yourself you and your new family will be safe while on these premises.”

Sandra could feel Liza and Ester quietly reassuring her from within her mind and knowing Alex was mentally alert while also communicating with his family.

And as night fell the station went into full lockdown, nothing for the next few hours were entering or exiting; however, Alex had other family members and a contingent of Supersoldiers patrolling the parameters, as safety was of paramount importance.

Sandra had taken great care to ensure all within her new family felt wanted, secure and important. As there had been serious contention from some in her snatching the leadership while others felt they could do a better job,

It was only after seventeen brutally bloody death later that the challenge eased as all the captured humans who had been turned backed Sandra leaving any further contenders facing certain death.

Alex, Lisa and Ester read this from within Sandra’s mind and assured her she had done the right thing for her and her new family, only now Sandra felt a bit overwhelmed by the events as they were unfolding.

It also did not help that within her mind were flashback memories surfacing of both Liza and her making love, as intense as it had been it was distracting her from the immediate situation.

Sensing a problem Eliza started the discussion involving Alex and director Harrison and giving Liza time to telepathically calm Sandra’s mind.

“It fazed me at first, especially viewing such intimate moments between us, yet in my heart I know it was real,”

Sandra interrupted, “As do I, only I am finding myself desiring your company and wanting the others to leave us alone, so we can reacquaint ourselves.”

“Same here,” came the immediate reply, however, for now, they both realised more important things were demanding their attention.

Terresa underwent genetic manipulation, and seventeen days later her body and mind were recovering, “I understand the value of what I have become and that I will never really be a super soldier, however, it is difficult to understand, the reality of what has changed, as in my mind I look no different.”

Jennifer Longman had been cleared of any suspicion of leaking confidential information and was brought to date on the Supersoldier program and now overseeing Terresa’s progress.

“You told Director Harrison that you enjoyed sport, particularly Netball and Kickboxing is that correct?”

Terresa acknowledge indicating yes, “Good I have arranged a demonstration as we have found such feelings are not uncommon. In the gym, we have set up a netball match, only its full contact and brutal, so you had better win. Immediately after the match, you are to enter a Kickboxing round against three of the militaries finest champions and understand they are ordered to win. O just one more thing, you take the three on at the same time.”

Fear gripped Terresa, the Netball did not concern her, but to take on three expert opponents together was dangerous, foolhardy and in her mind suicidal.

As the Netball started, Terresa found herself adapting and as the moments passed she realised she had an ability to interrupt what the opponents were about to do and adjust almost on the fly, and intercepting the ball with surprising agility and speed.

It was then Jenifer gave the nod and the players suddenly changed tactics and became hostile with full contact, and they were not gentle showing no mercy. At first, it stunned Terresa, however, as her mind adjusted she reciprocated, and thought nothing in breaking two player thighs and one collarbone, plus bruising multiple other players.

By the end of the match, Terresa had won an outstanding victory and understood the wisdom in allowing her time to gain confidence before facing three Kickboxing masters.

Terresa knew she was good, however, against three such foes she determined to draw first blood, using her speed to her advantage also still sensing what options were open and how the attackers might use them.

Immediately the go was given, Terresa used her speed and secured three fast licks to one of the opponent’s head, eliminating him immediately from further play. However, the next two opponents were weary and worked as one mind, covering for each other and quickly scoring minor points as Terresa found she was forced to adapt.

By round three Terresa caught one opponent off guard and took advantage rendering him out of play, it was only then that she realised the remaining player was not human and had been a plant to access her abilities.

“Stop,” shouted Jennifer, Teressa you handled yourself remarkably well, how are you feeling?”

Teressa smiled like I could run a marathon, but more to the point who do I have the honour of meeting?” indicating to the one only standing opponent.

Asdic bowed and spoke in Teressa’s mind, “My name is Asdic, I am the commanding officer of company A, from Jordon, we have offered our services to aid our kind in defending this world from an evil invasion which will wipe out humanity given the chance.”

“No fricken way, you can talk inside my head, cried out Teressa audibly and then became embarrassed at the realisation all she had to do was quietly think before speaking.

Jennifer spoke next, “Asdic is a shapeshifter and can utilise multiple life forms; however, he gives preference to large cats, Bengal Tigers in particular.”

Teressa was uncertain if that was true, however, decided to give him the benefit of accepting it as true, at least for now, only Asdic sensed this and transformed before her, and as his clothing tore away, there standing before Teressa was a huge carnivore standing almost three metres from foot to shoulder.

As Teressa fought to calm her heart, Asdic moved beside her and stood placing his front paws on Teressa’s shoulders; this brought instant fear as it dawned just how huge this beast was and that its head alone was larger than Teressa’s entire upper body.

She swallowed and then she giggled at an embarrassing thought as her eyes caught sight of the beast sex organs, Teressa blushed as Asdic viewed her thoughts, Asdic, as your dick, and o my what a beautiful specimen it was.

Asdic licked her face and quietly spoke, we can play latter little human hybrid, you are also pleasing to my eyes.

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