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Chapter Seven.

Alex was pleased with the results of a unity pact between Sandra and Home Land Security, as valuable intelligence was gathered from born vampires who had sealed their unity with Sandra, and were able to confirm their original homeland, also in who their leaders had been, their intentions and reasons for declaring war on humanity.

As Director Harrison delivered in person the report to the United States President Joint Chief of Staff meeting, the President listened with interest, and then took advice and started asking question of Director Harrison.

“Charli, you know me I am a direct, but honest person, yet I am finding it difficult to accept that the military were to blame, and deliberately set out to entrap and destroy the home of this once otherwise peaceful species.”

“Sir, I am myself confused yet, the Corylus family have lived in this land for hundreds of years peacefully, there was always the occasional rough members who became loners and broke away from family packs, hunting humans and starting conflicts with the then native Indians who originally owned this land, but never a full-fledged war, yet it appears from mind examination this intelligence is the truth.”

Anger gripped the Presidents heart, “I am ordering a full investigation, have Cartlidge brought in for questioning as he would have had to authorise the budget for such, even if my department was failed to be told.”

“Apologies Sir, but there is more, it appears an earlier Supersoldier program was authorised from captured genetic samples kept from UV light, only a vampire child, a pure blood of their founder was captured and experimented on, subjecting the prisoner to sunlight, and different chemicals as well as biological test to find a weakness.”

The Director paused to take a drink of water and then continued, “Apparently a rescue attempt was made with dozens of human soldiers dying and was only stopped when orders were given to decapitate the child who was at that point very much alive. From there war was declared and in retaliation, the dam was built to flood the valleys were this race had lived apparently for thousands of years as a separate species and in peace.”

President Hamilton lowered his head in shame weeping at the news and learning that his kind had brought this war on themselves, and of the way they had treated a child. He was a father himself, and he knew how he and his wife would react if either of their children was taken only to be deliberately beheaded from malice. This war in the mind of these vampires was wholly justifiable, and the President sympathised with this newly discovered species who was possibly older than humanity itself.

Orders were given to try and find a way of communicating with these vampires and their leadership, although the President quietly admitted to himself if he had been in this father’s place, and holding such power, then he would obliterate the entire human species for such a hideous crime.

Terresa Bentley was a transformed person, and although she was unable to transform into a Lycan or vampire, her skills and mental agility far exceeded normal humans, and she realised if humanity was to ever survive, then this was the avenue which they needed to follow and creating a new species of humanity.

Soon all the military and law enforcement would be given such upgrades as a condition of employment, then possibly years later if humanity has survived such packages will become available, however, Terresa also realised that by then bio robotic upgrades would become available creating cyborg type Supersoldiers, the box had been opened and Pandora was no longer here to close the lid ever again.

Asdic quietly walked up to Terresa and hugged her, “We have simulation practice, twelve of my kind are like me feeling like pin cushions, we have had so many needles, and blood extracted that I could tear their bloody heads away and eat their dead but still warm bodies.”

“It was evident to me the moment I saw you transform into such a beautiful yet unbelievably powerful beast, that the Government would want to acquire blood samples and later incorporate your genetic coding into future soldiers.”

Just then Assistant Director Longman approached, “You both understand this is hopefully the last of our field trials, and if as expected you ace out, then as of tomorrow you are both on active duty and will accompany actual units in intelligence gathering, search and destroy or possible rescue of our personnel or any humans. Now go and do your best, that is all I ask from you, and good luck.”

Her babbling showed both Terresa and Asdic that Jennifer Longman was acting nervous, unbeknown to her bosses this was Jennifer’s way of indirectly informing her team members it was going to be a bitch of a field trial.

Terresa kept her mind focused while both Asdic and her, entered the field of operation, already they had devised a plan, and Asdic merged quietly into the background as Terresa joined her unit.

Immediately Terresa sensed something out of place, she knew each of her colleagues and had trained for weeks alongside each of them, only today two of the five from this close group were imposters.

Quietly as she approached, each colleague was examined mentally, and by the time Terresa reached them she had informed Asdic mentally of the intruders.

Asdic immediately answered, “I suspected something was afoot as my team members informed me telepathically that two of their numbers were seconded to work against us, they will be shapeshifting to take the identity of your team members, leave them to me.”

“Oop, sorry, I have already rendered them unconscious as I was not prepared to have them guarding my back.”

Asdic laughed, but then the trial began.

Tension was growing as state after state fell to the invading vampires, culling some of the humans for food while using others to become new future members and bear offspring.

The Presidential order for peace talks were ignored with one Four Star General been captured and then released to deliver a message,

“Where were you when we pleaded for the release of the child, we tried repeatedly to avoid this conflict, but to no avail, our kind were hunted down, and still we never retaliated, So, we spoke directly to your Federal government and an operative from the CIA, only they still murdered the child. Peace, no not until every human is forced to suffer as we did.”

There were attempts to prevent this knowledge from reaching the Presidential Office; however, they failed, the anger this knowledge brought about caused fear for those involved in the coverup.

Arrests were made, and the Heads of the CIA and FBI, including assistant Directors, were arrested, and in time it was revealed with the help of Ester and Liza as to who had reported this information, and why it was then covered up and not made known to the Presidential Office.

James Harriet of the CIA and Francis Goodfellow of the FBI were held responsible for crimes against humanity; however, it was Ester who offered the President a possible solution.

“Sir, as barbaric as this sounds, I believe your only true option is to hand over these two criminals and all those found to be responsible for the child’s capture and eventual death, well murder would be a more appropriate word.”

President Hamilton shuddered at the thought, yet eventually came to understand how Ester was thinking. That it was better to sacrifice a known number of personnel who were guilty of such a crime and allow the vampires to pass judgement, rather than millions of innocent humans suffer and die,

After consideration, and further investigation by Liza and Ester it was established eighty-seven humans had in one way or another deliberately acted to cover up this crime, and they were all arrested and held under armed guard.

Attempts were made to talk with the vampiric leadership but rejected forcing President Hamilton to act, in a manner he would rather have avoided, and after consultation with Director Harrison, a team was put together to capture alive five full-blooded vampires, and to be shown the prisoners so they could read their minds and verify their guilt, then to be given a message and later released unharmed.

Ester knew that it was also imperative for them to collectively read the Presidents mind, and to verify he was genuinely innocent of this knowledge and how repugnant this crime and action was to him.

On top, the President declared that he was prepared to freely offer himself to their leaders if it meant the hostility could be stopped.

Terresa and Asdic had passed the assignment and were immediately drafted into operation.

“I am ordered to inform you that you both along with your team of shapeshifters and Supersoldiers are to accompany Alex Corylus and some of his family including Ester and her daughter Liza on a highly secret and sensitive operation, and, failure is not an option.”

Terresa immediately picked up on the stress in Jennifer’s voice as dis Asdic and at the briefing they understood why and what was at state, the future of humanity.

“No pressure then,” said Asdic and Jennifer laughed, they had two days to gather intelligence before the operation was set into place, that evening as the station went into full lockdown Asdic spent the night with Jennifer realising it was possible this could be their first and last time together to make love.

After a three-hour workout, they both retired to Jennifer’s quarters and sought the privacy they wanted. Undressing each other they showered together washing away the perspiration and grime of the last few hours, embracing each other they slid to the wet room floor and made love, the hours passed before they slept and awoke refreshed and ready for action.

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