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Chapter Eight.

Julie Corylus sat watching her granddaughter Janet, quietly play on their lawn awaiting the return of her son, the birds were chirping with the dawn chorus, yet fear of sunlight no longer concerned this old and established family, as ever since their union with Ester and her daughter Liza and the sharing of the genetically altered blood, they could operate in both day and night.

Under the guidance of Jennifer Longman, the Home Land Security unit researching into a Supersoldier program, had experimented and eventually created a genetic substitute discovered from Asdic bloodline, which alters the T-cell encoding and created a useful pathogen enabling Liza and Ester to become resilient to sunlight even while in shifter form.

After almost losing their two most valued operatives it was determined to find a way of preventing such damage ever again. Asdic and his fellow shifters had miraculously enabled Jennifer’s scientists to eventually solve that problem.

Julie relaxed and closed her eyes, moments later a sixth sense alerted her to danger, quickly the old woman used her vampiric senses to survey the area while jumping from her chair to take her granddaughter to safety.

Only to her horror, the child was amidst a swarm of rats the size of cats, and such was their speed, and verbosity young Janet was stripped to the bone in seconds.

Julie would have fought; however, there were too many and estimating at least six hundred and the swarm was fighting over the bones. As old Julie ran using all her vampiric strength she mentally reached out warning others of the danger, in her backyard were six hunting dogs, if it had not been for these distracting the horde of invading rats, Julie realised she would not have reached safety.

Liza and Saundra Harrison had managed to steal precious time together, which was something this war had prevented, they knew within their hearts and soul that in a past life they had been lovers, as one in body, mind and soul.

Sandra removed her top and ran her hands over my taught skin; I was amazed at how fit she was, while her skin felt to the touch, as soft as a newborn kitten, yet the hidden muscles were stronger than steel.

Lowering her lips to my neck, she softly kissed me and ran hands along my spine, and as I shuddered, she undid my pants, and reached in and slid her hand between my thighs, I wanted her and could feel her heat so close to my skin, O how I wanted her.

Forming her lips around one of my right breast nipple, Sandra softly dug her teeth, only just enough to arouse me. It was as if my whole emotions were exploding in pleasure, and gently she lifted and carried me to her bed, and as I was lowered onto the silk sheets, she started kissing his way down the rest of my body.

My clitoris had been stimulated, then reaching at my jeans, Sandra quickly undid the rest of the clasp, and pulled both the jeans and my pants away…, never before had I felt like this, and already my body was quivering in pleasure, and just from within my mind, as I had already climaxed, and as she brought her tongue between my legs, softly kissing me with wet lips, and sank teeth gently into areas of pleasure, which was sheer heaven.

Reaching upwards I ran my hands through her hair, shuddering in the quivering orgasms, which I was experiencing. And when she next entered me, and penetrated just enough at first with her fingers, as if she was teasing me, and forcing me to lift my hips, and wanting her in deeper. Then Sandra started thrusting, having extracted a phalli’s type vibrator and held my thighs exciting me in a way I never thought possible.

I had no idea as to how many times I had mentally as well as physically climaxed, and it was only when we laid beside each other, that I started to regain a modest control of my emotions and feelings.

Looking around the room, my eyes widened in amazement, as there against one of the walls, were shackles and a whip, and was evidently there for my kind of sex. “Well now that is interesting…, are you up for a bit of fun?” I asked Sandra.

As she raised her head and saw as to where I was looking, she smiled. “That depends on what you have in mind,” came the replied, consensual role play, I replied and good sex,” we agreed, and I shackled her against the wall.

As Sandra stood there, with her arms outstretched in a crucified manner, I ran my teeth over her nipples and sank the teeth in deeply and drawing blood.

Her eyes grew large in surprise, and as I then kissed along her body, and ran my lips down to her clitoris, then taking hold of it, I caressed it, gently tantalizing her with my tongue, and drawing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Then just before Sandra climaxed, I stopped and struck with force, whipping her across the legs, and drawing some more blood. Sandra shuddered in anticipation, as I lowered my mouth and licked the blood, and then kissed her on the lips.

The game went long into the night with Sandra experiencing climax after climax and forcing herself to remain in human form and by morning, we both lay on the blood-stained silk sheets, and never had either of us experienced, so much sensual excitement, and fun in years, and now we were back together, and knowing within the back of our minds, that we united and eternally in love.

Music played quietly in the background, while I wiped my brow, the heat was causing my concentration to fail, and my thoughts kept drifting, rather than thinking of what awaited us.

Sandra who had been keeping me company was fit and virile, and extremely good in bed, and I had once again found my soul mate, my companion, lover and friend.

We were facing a global war, humanity lay on the brink of extinction, but for now this was our time, hell, why not, Sandra was also incredibly good-looking and had also not wanted any external complications and for now, just bloody good sex, and in my eyes, our lives could end soon such was the danger we were facing, but for now, the immediate importance was our thoughts were of love and been together as one, as tomorrow we could die.

I was due out on a top secret highly important mission to captor a cluster of invading vampires, only we could not kill and if possible, to not harm them as we needed to convince these vampires we had peaceful intentions.

It was then Alex Corylus, and I jointly picked up a distant call for help, and warning our kind of immediate danger, it came from Julie Corylus, as I tuned all my senses to her mind I saw what she had witnessed and spooked such an old wise and resilient family member.

As Julie ran deep into the bayou, a group of hostile vampires were quietly approaching her homestead, having gained intelligence and knowing the Corylus family were in large guarding the base.

Only they had not come prepared for what fate was about to throw at them, on seeing them approaching Julie screamed warning them of the approaching danger.

In shock, the groups leader realised at the speed the rats were running that without the warning, they would have been swarmed and possibly killed, eaten alive. Only it was too late for Julie, as she unknowingly sacrificed her life by warning the others, as the rats caught her, swarmed and tore her flesh from its bones.

As the intruders witnessed her death, Julies last thoughts had been to tell Alex of the intruders and where they could be located.

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