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Chapter Nine.

Director Harrison learnt of the swarm and immediately placed the base on emergency alert incorporating drones to carry out area surveillance and gather intelligence.

The loss of the child and of Janet was deeply felt throughout the Corylus family, and immediate defence were put into place gifted by Home Land Security, Laser weapons, identity sensors and twenty-four-hour multiple drone patrol as it was imperative for the continued cooperation of the Corylus family.

Fortunately, three rat samples were caught via drones and snatched alive for delivery to the National Security base, “I have dissected all three specimens, and the results disturb me greatly,” explained Wendy Crawford.

Their genetic signatures match perfectly with phase one of the super soldier program when the vampiric child was murdered, it is possible either lab rats escaped, or genetic material was not disposed of correctly, either way, these creatures originate from that early strain, resulting now with an infestation of genetically altered vermin.”

“Vermin,” exclaimed Director Harrison.

“Yes mam, each body held parasite life forms mutated and evolving, this means the insect life will also evolve and the food chain is changing, in time ants are likely to become the size of small dogs and their hives contain millions, if we are not able to stop this then the world can face becoming overrun pushing humanity from the top of the ladder.”

Those words brought fear into Director Harrison’s heart, as she realised the possible implications and was wondering if it was not already too late for humanity to change the tide of evolutionary progression.

“I could device genetic target bombs, however as these rats are related to the vampiric race we are seeking to secure a peace treaty with, it could illuminate their kind, and that will be viewed as an act of deliberate aggression and war.”

As they were talking alarms sounded throughout the compound as it went into emergency shutdown, the drowns had picked the heat signature of thousands of rats swimming the bayou and heading directly towards their perimeter, the automated sensors started firing catching hundreds of rats in a crossfire and continued until suddenly the rats retreated.

“Dear Lord, merciful heavens, I do believe they were testing our strength,” commented Wendy Crawford possibly they traced three of their missing to this area, either telepathic links or scent trails, I can’t say, but something brought them here; also the drones are reporting several times this number throughout the bayou, attacking and eating whatever can be overpowered, gators included.

Mercifully the invading team of vampires had escaped and returned sharing the news of what transpired and how one solitary female vampire from the Corylus family had risk her life and lost it to warn them of the approaching danger.

It had been evident she could have escaped, but in doing so the pursuing rats would have ran direct into their group, and it was agreed that none would have survived.

Although this act of sacrifice did not affect their feelings towards humanity, it did touch hearts, and ill feeling towards the Corylus family was greatly reduced, these vampires were living on earth long before humanity arose, they learnt over time to live in peace and seclusion, taking only animal life for sustenance and farming cattle and other life forms to ensure a controlled and healthy supply of blood.

It was humanity who intruded, and the military who declared war, they had fought for peace, tried to avoid this conflict, but powers were in play which wanted their land and genetic secrets, now humanity had to pay.

As daybreak broke, the compound remained under high alert, but personnel were granted exit and entry, the surveillance drones had filmed the swarm attacking the monstrous alligators, and by morning the insect life was fighting and feeding from the scattered remains.

Samples were captured for future study, while Alex and his team set out to bag themselves some of the invading vampires, Liza had parted company with Saundra, as her influence was required to control her newly acquired family, yet the heartstrings were stretched realising they might not see each other alive again.

Praying quietly, Sandra spoke her mind. “Father, I acknowledge you as my creator, yet I never ask for this, nor had I sought it out, hell, I mean dear Lord I certainly don’t look pretty and ladylike in fricken Lycan form, and who God, who in their right mind would chose this type of life, although I must admit, it was good to rip the head off that chauvinistic bastard who murdered and raped all those people.

Lord, I agree it has its plus points, yet now I have gone and fallen in love, please, merciful heavens, please don’t let her be taken from me.”

Later as Wendy Crawford received her various samples, she realised Sandra needed distracting and sought her help hoping to distract her mind while Liza was away.

Alex passed through his land ensuring all his family were protected and alert, then he and the team ventured East where his mind was detecting a strong mental power and drawing him and the others in that direction.

Ester and Liza could almost taste the power like static electric on the tips of their tongues, and as they drew ever nearer thousands of insect’s lives watched their progression with hungry interested eyes.

On the third day, Liza sensed other life forms were now watching them, and Asdic quietly informed her, “my family have been pacing us in alternative life forms, as birds, rats, and wild cats, only they too have sensed a power and warned me our progression is known and something approaches.”

Within ninety minutes every mind in Alex group collectively heard the same voice, “Alex Corylus, I sense you, and your creator are here wanting to talk, If you genuinely come in peace, then you and the two females responsible for your bloodlines genetic modifications leave the others and travel for a further five miles, the others must remain where they are, having my word they will be protected and unharmed if they remain peaceful.”

“What of the rats,” said Liza, and with such force, the vampires mind was stunned by the power used.

“You, you are the daywalker who once died, interesting that you can now travel in sunlight, I look forward to our meeting. As for the rats, we have other predators which feed off them and whose minds are linked to mine, they will avoid this area, so your friends are safe for now.”

Camp was constructed, and Alex and the two woman followed orders, wondering themselves what lay ahead and if this was a trap. Only approximately one mile from the arranged meet, images of Janet and her sacrifice entered their minds, and they saw what the others had seen, so Janet could buy them valuable moments to escape and warn their kind.

“Her bravery will never be forgotten, as I had three of my kin in that group, two older sons and one young adult granddaughter. Her actions have united us as a debt of honour between our kind; we also learnt from her dying mind the vision of your grandchild been eaten alive, a pain no parent should have to live through.”

Alex chocked on his emotions and Lucian the leader of these vampires sensed Alex was a good loving, honourable person, as were those he chose to bring with him.

Almost from thin air, Lucian appeared before them, warning them of his entry seconds earlier. “Peace, my race is millions of years old, we had been the first of our kind and lived here on this planet long before humanity.”

As he had been speaking images filled their minds of how the vampires evolved, and originally sought a peaceful existence, then images of their lost child, the military experimenting a people stealing their land, to finally the child losing its head and been fed to alligators in sheer malice.

Tears openly flowed from all three visitor’s eyes, as Lucian viewed into their minds to learn of the reason for their visit.

“Normally I would never entertain such an idea, as it was not I who drew first blood or started this war; however, I and my family owe you a debt of blood, and I have seen from your mind your leaders were genuinely innocent of this crime having already apprehended those responsible, also the one who you refer as President Hamilton, although innocent of any crime, is offering his life to enable peace for his people and our kind.”

It was then that thousands of life forms appeared between two world, informing their leader that they agreed, the blood debt must be honoured and that they were prepared to hold council and judge those responsible.

Liza and Ester along with Alex realised for the first time, the leadership of these vampires were ancient, powerful and yet at heart benevolent, and far stronger

than ever first imagined.

Had they gone ahead and sought war rather than peace this species who hid their true power could and would have annihilated humanity for it stupidity.

Liza had been holding a private conversation between herself and Lucians partner name Diana, of which none of the others were aware had been taking place.

“Thank you for bringing this offer to my husband, he is an honest but proud person, and to have witnessed the death of our child destroyed apart within his heart that I feared was never going to heal.”

“You have suffered at the hands of evil-minded people whose only objective was greed and a technological advantage over others, warfare is their employer by living off the fear and death of others, for that my heart also cries as not all humanity is the same.”

I know and understand child, we have lived among humans since they started walking the earth, our appearance to your eyes is no different to your best friend or the person living next door, enabling us to have survived so long and unrecognised. However even we have had factions who broke our sacred rules and fed from humans, leaving the safety of our sanctuary and setting out to build a new family elsewhere.”

Those words helped Liza understand from where the legion of Dracula and other such vampire stories originated from.

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