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The city in the sky

Ok so this is the first story I wrote down on a piece of paper that wasn't for school I had told someone about it and they said I should write it down. I wrote down a part of it on a piece of paper front and back for them, that was a while ago so bare with me because it's a little foggy.

There has always been something up there above us in the sky

Amanda Grale has always been interested at the thing she could see in the sky above her world, she wants to go up there and see what it was. One day she gets her wish when she an elevator shuts down with her in it and she ends up passing out, she wakes up in the city. Which is where she figures out that not only is this a city and the future she figures out that she runs the city.

One of her inventions got sold and she was asked to make the city since the earth was slowly starting to be destroyed because of what humans did to it. She was made leader of the city because it was her creation and she accepted.

And as you all know you should never mess with the future

Now that Amanda is in the city she doesn't know how to get back to her presant without the future version seeing her.

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