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CONTAGION - Book Four.

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Humanity has united forces and under Elaine and Jamie's guidance there is a chance of survival, Love and marriage humour and fun included. Two of the students had smuggled in their pet puppies, well puppies are not the best way to describe them, as even as pups, they were over a meter high and very playful. As Jamie arrived to give a talk, one of the young wolves leapt towards Casey, and the cat instantly reacted, and moved sideways, knocking Jamie airborne, and it had happened so quickly and unexpected, that Jamie had not time to react. As Jamie landed into one of the sewage tanks, head first, he disappeared out of sight, and the entire occupants in the room went quiet. Before their eyes Jamie levitated out of the tank, covered from head to toe in raw sewage, and as he cleared away his face, he smiled. “Well I can assure you, those who were saying that I could fall into shit and come out smelling of roses were wrong.” There was a gasp, and then silence until one of the students could not hold it any longer and had started snorting with laughter. Before long the entire range of students were doubled up in laughter, and some holding their bellies, gasping to get their breath back. Jamie looked at them, smiled and concentrated. “OK for your next lesson” he said, as all the students found themselves levitated from....

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter One.

Book Four.

As the army cautiously manoeuvred itself, in forming a pincer movement, it carefully viewed the creatures that were unsuspectingly walking into a well-planned and intelligent ambush. In the past seven years the wolves had regrouped, bred and formed a formidable pack of over three thousand powerful hybrid carnivores, on this occasion a scouting parting was been observed.

The ant Queen stood at three point four meters high, which enabled her to tower some three meters above her subjects, the ants had adapted and evolved, and were now the most feared and intelligent of all insects to have mutated as a result of feeding from the remains from hybrid animals.

It had taken just over twelve years since the initial asteroid destroyed vast regions of mother earth, and already life was starting to rebuild. As a pack of twenty-three wolves moved into the targeted area, the ants deployed for the battle.

The carnage was devastating, and even though the wolves fought an incredible battle, they never stood a chance, by sheer strength, intellect and volume the battle was technically over before it started. As the ants cut up the bodies and carried away the desecrated corpse’s, their queen redirected her soldiers to oversee the protection of their new nest.

Elaine remained with Bear Ridge Mountain, safely secured in their nuclear command centre. Seth the bio-chemical computer was now the most advanced Artificially Intelligent computer ever known at that time to be made. It was capable of processing vast volumes of data, as easy as if you and I breathe in air.

The hybrids humans were aware of the ever-growing problem with the animals and insects and had until now controlled their new environment. However, when Elaine became aware of the ants which had moved into their area, it had forced the hybrids to re-equip themselves with plasma rifles, which could super heat the ants in a fraction of a second and killing them outright.

However, when you are faced with millions of ants, the volume alone over whelmed those fighting them and forcing Elaine to form new strategies in combating this danger to her family.

It had taken Elaine nine years to regrow her cloned army of technicians, and after coming to an expectable compromise with the US President; they had merged their resources, under the direct control of Elaine. The President was a defeated man, and he was also wise enough to admit his mistake, in failing to have informed Elaine Armstrong and her family, of the asteroid that was imminently about to hit the earth. Communication had been established with the US, Canada, the UK and five other countries.

After a demonstration by Elaine of her newly acquired abilities, it was soon agreed that she was by far the only sensible choice to carry the human race forward in survival. The Blue Goo as it became known was presented to all such nations and administered by The Portland Foundations Technicians. Resulting for the very first time in earth’s history, to create a race of highly evolved hybrid humans, and with a life span of three to four hundred’s of years.

The human race had to survive and interbreeding with hybrid humans was for a time encouraged, resulting in the newly formed humans, growing into full adulthood within only five years. The fact that all hybrid children were additionally born with the full knowledge of the parental gene, had enable them to rapidly regrow their scientific research and industry; and within the eleventh year, they had also established a fleet of inter-planetary crafts.

As Elaine had a fully functioning base already in operation on the moon, and as for Mars, the base there was only some five years behind the moon base. The human hybrids had soon realised and understood that any chance of survival, had meant off world colonies, and as the new born children grew into adulthood, they were prepared by the age of three years, to focus and develop an understanding and an education for scientific engineering and military survival off world.

Once engineers were re-established and factories were once again put into motion, the hybrids with the use of a new breed of super A I computers had enabled humanity to develop and produce interstellar crafts, at a rate of sixty a year.

By the thirteenth year, the population through hybrid interbreeding, had just topped sixty-two thousand within the US, and seventy-eight thousand in Canada, and rapidly growing every year.

Elaine and her team had been forced to try and capture an ant queen, however the danger of such a mission presented itself with innumerable difficulties, let alone in how to enter a colony of over a million ants the size of a large dog. It was however not an impossibility, as it was soon realised that if they could destroy the nest to such an extent, that it would force the colony to move its location.

After instigating and several aerial attacks by dropping deep penetrating high explosive bombs, the surrounding area including the nest site was devastated.

Once it became established that the surrounding food source as well as their nest site was no longer sustainable, the ants were forced to move, resulting in Elaine’s team of chameleon warriors as she called them, to set ambush upon ambush.

Within eighteen hours of bitterly hard battle the colony had been totally wiped out, leaving only the queen and four of her immediate guards.

Once the team extracted the queen, she was tranquilized and captured and taken as far from Bear Ridge Mountain as they could, and inserted into a mobile laboratory, to prevent her from signalling to others for help. It was again only thanks to a modified portable jamming device that the team was able to block her signals of hormone markers from alerting other ants to come to her aid.

After dissection and tests, Elaine had created the first hybrid human who could directly communicate as well as understand the ant’s complex social structure and communications. Quickly once it became established this process worked, Elaine had Seth instruct the Portland Foundation to set about creating a small army of such clones, to enable her teams to become aware of danger and traps set by other ants.

Seth informed Elaine that he had detected another asteroid, which was in direct conflict with impacting into the earth, and if it had not been for their fleet of interstellar crafts, the earth would have once again been at the mercy of total destruction.

However, having received warnings, Elaine contacted the newly set up earth watch team, informing all respective countries, and together they sent three interstellar crafts to intercept and destroy the asteroid. This involved orbiting the asteroid and, sending out robotic landers to drill into the asteroid and place three separate nuclear devices.

The resulting explosion demolished a two-mile-long asteroid into chunks of orbiting rock, the size of golf balls or smaller, which eventually burned up in entering the earth’s atmosphere. It was however discovered by mobile miniature Seth’s that the asteroids contained considerable large quantities of rare and valuable metals, which would become essential to the earth’s eventual recovery.

This in turn presented an opportunity to be explored for future orbital mining, and in time enabled the Mars teams, to take advantage of this considerable bounty of much needed materials. It was however not realised that the asteroid had been deliberately placed into direct earth contact, until the long-range Earth Watch team based upon Mars informed Elaine, that five further asteroids were detected entering into what they now determined as a conflict zone.

In addition, it was realised immediately that this was far from coincidental, and that intelligent forces were deliberately guiding these asteroids in the direction of earth. It was however Anastasia that on visiting Elaine, became aware of the difficulties her friend was facing.

Anastasia was a life form that had been re-created through the direct intervention of Elaine, when her father had taken delivery of some unspecified fossilized eggs. It transpired they had been placed into long term storage as at that time, the technology had not been developed to extract or recreate the DNA from the fossilized life form.

It was only when her team of cloned technicians included the XDNA into the equation, that they realised they were able to recreate the very genetic life force which was now before them.

What they had not been aware of at that time, was this life form actually came from a different dimension of time and space, and that in part mirrored that of earth, but was over a thousand years in advance to our scientific knowledge.

As the newly formed life grew, it one day simply vanished before their eyes, and had manipulated energy and matter and transported itself back into its natural dimension. Sometime later when it had grown and matured, it appeared in Elaine’s personal room, and introduced itself to her. From there they developed a considerable friendship, Elaine was the first full human that Anastasia had ever come across who had the ability to use as much as 90% of her brain’s functions.

As a form of respect and thanks, Anastasia had gifted knowledge directly into Elaine’s brain, which enabled her in time to create her so called invisible warriors and to grow and outperform even the most advanced of artificially intelligent computers and making Elaine the most gifted and powerful human upon the planet.

Some miles away within one of the satellite colonies, Jamie and his family had grown, and had redeveloped the land which now formed their new homes. It was a chance discovery, that one day while excavating a previously unchartered area, that Jamie and his team came across some unrecognised fossils.

Elaine had told Jamie of how she had come to know Anastasia, and who was also called the Dragon Queen, and as such he instantly recognised that the objects before them were most likely from her time frame and not directly connected to earth’s natural inhabitants.

On informing Elaine, she immediately sent a signal using the device which had been gifted to her, to directly inform Anastasia that she was needed. Within seventeen minutes Anastasia had appeared by Elaine’s side, and viewed the object through Seth direct links to Jamie and his family.

Fortunately, they had not even disturbed the objects and left them as found, Anastasia was ecstatic with excitement, as it transpired these very objects were the fossilized remains of her direct family, which like her, had left their plain and time frame, to visit earth, so they could give birth. As incredible as it was, during that particular time period, her realm was at war, and if such eggs become discovered they were immediately destroyed. So, the family had decided to visit earth and gave birth there, rather than risk their children becoming murdered.

Sadly, an asteroid had hit the earth, and caused severe volcanic eruptions and mud slides, which had resulted in their collective deaths. It was only now thanks to the advancement of Anastasias own society, and that of our own, that such fossilized life forms could become cloned, and as all births inherited a genetic copy of all memories and knowledge of their parental genes, they became a copy of those who had died.

Jamie was just removing his family and ensuring the area was secure, when they became attacked by a small army of ants. Jamie had not realised; in his excavations he had opened an area very near to an underground nest. If it had not been for their heightened strength, speed and intellect, they would have been killed. However, Jamie understood that the fossilized remains were in a direct path of the advancing ants and had decided to take the battle directly to the ants.

They only had three plasma rifles, and were outnumbered by over twenty to one, none the less the battle had been intense and ended with close courter fighting. Jamie had become injured and his life was fading rapidly away. By the time Anastasia arrived, there was only seven ants remaining, and she used her skills to kill them outright, and extracted Jamie and the fossils into her dimension and time frame.

Elaine realised that it was an alien intelligence that had declared war upon the earth, and that it was using the asteroids as a version of long-range weapons of mass destruction. Seth even with his A I abilities had been unable to establish contact, or at that detect from where the aliens were originating from.

It was only when Anastasia returned with Jamie, that she combined her mind with that of Elaine, and after five days they had detected a cluster of signals coming from a star system outside the Milky Way galaxy.

Jamie had been gifted with yet another rebuilt body, and this time Anastasia had been forced to in part regrow a section of his brain, resulting in the use of an advanced version of the Blue Goo’s nanobots, and highly advanced off world computerised chips to rebuild his brain and skull.

What Jamie had not understood or realised, was it had opened his mind, and within a short time he was able to use just under 100% of his brains processing power. Effectively making him even more powerful than Elaine. However, such was his nature, and that he was in no way a threat, only an incredible asset, and between Elaine and Jamie they became formidable, and almost unstoppable.

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