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CONTAGION - Book Four.

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Chapter Two.

The Alien planet was unknown to earth and was referred by its occupants in been called Tuemillow, which was an orbiting moon three times the size of earth and orbiting in the safe zone of that worlds sun. There gravity was 37% heavier than that of earths, and the occupants were aquatic by nature, which had developed the ability to live on land.

They were industrial and higher structured in their social standing, with subordinates, who themselves had underlings, which formed in large their military, with factory workers etc. been yet again of a lower class. Their entire structure was built upon invasion and war, by pillaging whatever they could, and colonising new worlds.

The goods they obtained were bartered and used to off pay the immense financial debt which was occurred from the ruling factors, who sold their knowledge and abilities to the lower classes, rewarding them impressively if they colonised and invaded new worlds. As such actions paid for their ships and munitions, even food and everything needed to survive.

Basically, they were born into debt, and nurtured to serve, the only way any individuals could escape from their inherent debt, was to borrow from their leaders who in turn took a high percentage of the spoils as repayment. That said, if such individuals learnt quickly, and developed their mental and physical abilities, they could progress the ladder, and in time fully repay all debt, and then become over lords themselves.

The one incredible advantage they had, was that by discovering that they could send asteroids in advance of any invading armies, they quickly could destroy a worlds defences, and take over their technology.

As such they soon became a formidable and much feared force, which had to date colonised over twenty-eight worlds, and robbed them of their technology and mineral riches.

What they had not been aware of was that earth had survived the asteroids which they had sent towards this distant blue looking planet, and that by the standards they were used to facing, the earth was in advance in its technology, and had an incredible surprise awaiting them if they did choose to invade.

General Olgersmuff, was the commander in chief, and the highest-ranking officer in charge of the military, sent to colonise planet earth. He had used the asteroids as an advanced weapon of mass destruction. What he had not known was that Mars and the moon were colonised, and were intercepting the asteroids and mining them, stripping them of their riches, and rebuilding their own defence systems from the very material he had been sending their way.

However, he General had advantages which the earth was to soon understand, that it placed their chances of survival in been very low. Each invading globe was the size of our moon, and held just over fourteen million Tuemillow’s, plus their landing crafts and munitions.

Intelligence had been acquired twenty years prior to the asteroid that had hit the earth, and they had not been aware of the advancements in earth’s technology, nor had they known of Elaine’s abilities, or Anastasias and now also Jamie’s. Their entire orbital mother ships were only one hundred and seventy-nine in number per planet, yet that also did not include all those in and orbiting world already invaded which lay in the multiple thousands.

As such, they had to leave three to guard their home world, which left only five such crafts to invade the earth, and two of these were deliberately held back in case they discovered another world to colonise. As such that left three orbital moon sized globes which were now on a direct path towards planet earth, and distained to reach orbit within three months, for the first craft and six weeks for the second and another six months for the third.

They had learnt that by delaying invading crafts, it enabled them to place the higher ruling factors in the following globes, with the commander and the highest-ranking military in the last one to arrive.

Ordinary soldiers were like ants, and in their billions, and as such could be used to soften the planets defences, and any waist to resistance, until the higher-ranking military could arrive.

The reason this was tolerated, was it meant any invading soldiers who overcame such resistance and killed the opposition, could in turn acquire vast wealth, and use it to offset the incredible debt in which they occurred. This gave them an opportunity of advancement, and in time of becoming controllers of troops themselves, and progressively climbing the ladder. Once they reached a certain level, the debt although immense, was set aside and they could acquire riches, and build upon their success.

Yes, they usually still had to borrow money to acquire equipment, and crafts of their own, but that was off set against any future spoils of war, as once they had a proven record, they were trusted to, or should I say encouraged to advance themselves, and becoming higher members of their society. Who themselves then loaned money to their subordinates, and acquired interest which was used to build their own standing, and then to offset their own debt?

In many ways it could be best described as been a multiple of pyramid type structures, with the very lowest been the base of the pyramid, been the ground troops, from there they progressed higher until they reached the top of their particular pyramid.

Strangely it did not stop there, as then if they were truly to progress, and it was not impossible, it just sorted the wheat from the chaff, and if they truly wanted to progress even higher they moved from their pyramid and started at the next pyramid again at the base and laboriously worked their way higher.

In time if they reached the pinnacle of the second pyramid, they could become galactic controllers who were totally free of debt, but had so many subordinates below them, and each subordinate owing them vast sums of money and paying interest.

Unknown to Elaine, a section of the US presidential staff, had become disgruntled, in having fallen victim to the Undraus video which had been circulating the underworld, and claiming that Elaine Armstrong along with the Portland Foundation was responsible for the initial outbreak of the bird flu, and which almost totally destroyed mankind.

Gully Richards was a technician working for the presidential team, and was a highly respected arms specialist, and at the highest level of her chosen career. One of her junior staff had been playing the fool, and had accidentally knocked over a batch of chemicals in a sealed laboratory, resulting in her own instant death, as by themselves the chemicals were harmless, but once mixed in a certain proportion with selected other compounds they became very explosive and corrosive.

She was killed outright, but unfortunately Gully Richards was also within the room and had been finalising the new formula to create a highly advanced bio-weapon. Had she not have been wearing full protective clothing and breathing apparatus, she also would have been killed. When she awoke, she was in the base hospital and had survived by the skin of her teeth.

However, what had been unknown was the mixing of the chemicals had caused an air born vapour which had penetrated her air filters and moments before the extractor fans could remove the chemicals, a portion had entered into her blood through a small cut on Gully’s gums.

It was not a high dose, none the less it eventually made its way to her brain, and drastically altered her bodies chemical structure, and destroyed certain reasoning and thinking processes. Her recovery took some months, and in time Gully was released back into active service, where she resumed with her career.

Unknown to the doctors, Gully’s personality had changed, and she gained an intense hatred to Elaine Armstrong, and fixating within her injured mind, that Elaine was responsible for the mess the world was in, and Gully decided to set about ending Elaine’s life.

Within time Gully started associating with likeminded individuals and incorporated them into her research team.

The Portland Foundation was the world’s leader in advanced weapon research, and they had become aware of Gully Richards research.

An invitation was sent to the US President, offering an opportunity for Gully Richards and her team to give a demonstration of her research, at the Bear Ridge Mountain Command Centre.

Since relations with the President had been healed, and a union had been developed with selected countries, such exchanges of knowledge had become the accepted norm.

Usually it was The Portland Foundation who were sharing their knowledge, so this invitation gave the president reason to be proud that one of his teams had contributed.

By the time of the invitation, Gully had acquired another seven researchers, who like her, also felt an intense hatred towards the Portland Foundation, and in particular Elaine Armstrong. Believing with all their hearts and minds that she was responsible for their suffering, and that she needed to be killed.

As the journey from their base was over three hundred miles, all such visit required individuals to be fully armed and capable of defending themselves, as should the transporting hover pod develop a malfunction, and be forced to land in hostile held ground, then they would be forced to defend themselves and fight their way to safety.

Within Gully’s team were two computer experts capable of infiltrating into the most advanced A I computer, as found within the presidential command centre. As the craft was approaching its landing coordinates, one of the technicians pressed a remote, and seconds before the hover pod landed in malfunctioned mode, and went into a crashed landing, and sent out a signal stating they were under attack.

Procedure allowed such crafts that landed within a selected safety zone, to allow the incoming visitors immediate unchecked emergency access into the Command Centre for their immediate safety. As the armed technician disembarked, they kept a low profile, and quickly made their way into the emergency entrance. Once inside the Command Centre, it in turn went into full lock down.

As the visitors were expected and known to be demonstrating newly advanced weaponry, they were given immediate access to the testing grounds, where Elaine and her team were awaiting their arrival? However, what the visiting team had not been aware of was the hover pod had as a matter of security, had Elaine’s advanced hidden miniaturised surveillance throughout the craft, which recorded all video and audible conversations.

The actions of the technician using the remote had been observed, and their sensors had also registered that the occupant’s bio-rhythms were extremely high, in fact highly agitated, indicating high levels of unusual behaviour.

As such Elaine was prepared for some type of subterfuge, but not knowing exactly what to expect, she had instructed her ordinary hybrid technicians to remain away from the immediate area and had set into place only the hybrids who were capable of becoming invisible using their chameleon abilities.

On arrival Gully Richards, walked over to Elaine and shook her hand,

“Gully Richards Mam reporting as directed.”

Elaine smiled and requested that Gully and her team relax and note that this was not a military base. As Gully pretended to relax, she instructed her team to prepare the demonstration, and then before she had moved away, her team lifted their weapons and pointed them directly at Elaine and her technicians.

“Right you bitch”, shouted Gully as she turned back to face Elaine, you are under arrest for the mass murder of earths citizens, and then before her eyes Elaine and the technicians vanished, and as Gully fired her weapon, Elaine and her team had leapt over the heads of the invading army, and landed behind them, disarming them in an instant.

“Gully Richards, my oh my, I would like you and your team to look to your right,” said Elaine, and as they did, a huge 200-inch monitor lit showing divided windows of all world leaders, the US president included. They had witnessed the entire incident and were amazed in what they had just seen.

In a moment before Gully and her team could react, they were all rendered unconscious,

“Mr President am I to assume this is a declaration of war?”

The President gulped in fear, understanding exactly the implications if Elaine was to retaliate, she could simply render the internal computers to malfunction, and the entire residents sheltering within the US command bunker would die a very painful death.

“Elaine I am as shocked as you are, and I honestly had not been aware of this most stupid act of aggression.” As he was speaking, he was aware that Seth was analysing his bio chemistry and would know if he was lying.

“Seth informs me that you are telling the truth, none the less this action against us cannot go unpunished, I am therefore taking possession of these individuals for my own research and shall utilise them as I see fit.”

Elaine was not making a request, but a statement, and the President was fully aware of this.

“Please Elaine, I cannot understand what has happened or why this unsanctioned action was taken, I can only ask you to take into consideration that Gully Richards was recently involved in a serious accident, and I feel this may have some reason for her unexpected behaviour.”

The President could be visibly seen to have droplets of sweat coming from his forehead. “Fear not Mr President, I actually hold you in very high regard, and if I put aside the one rather stupid over sight of you forgetting to inform my family of the asteroid, we were up until then, at least in my eyes regarded as true friends.”

Elaine paused for a few seconds, and then continued talking, “As far as I am concerned Sir, that incident has been resolved, and I still look upon you with the highest regards and view you and your family as friends, and friends can overlook the actions of unsanctioned sub-ordinates acting out of character.”

Elaine was smiling and the tension in the President’s office could be visibly seen to reduce. “Seth informs me Sir he has just carried out a full bio-neural scan of Miss Richards, and has noted severe frontal lobe damage, and sections of her brains chemistry have been altered.”

The Presidents Seth, a lessor model than in Elaine’s care, had failed to locate the said damage. “Therefore Sir, Gully Richards cannot be held responsible for her actions, however the remaining members of her team, are not so fortunate, Seth informs me they are functioning healthy humans, and that their actions were deliberate and conscious.

I am therefore claiming them as prisons of war, as for Gully Richards, my technicians shall repair the damaged brain, and have her returned to you as soon as she is operational.”

It was then that the screen went blank, Elaine had dismissed the President, he had to force himself to remember that he and the union of countries had voted Elaine to be their Commander and Chief, and as such they were now subject to her orders.

Elaine had already instructed Seth, and that Gully Richards was to be treated with respect and as an injured soldier of war, as for the remaining technicians, Elaine intended a minor brain readjustment, and then to have them rendered incapable of escape and to use them as breeding operators to restock her human hybrid army. Knowing each baby born would have the full knowledge of both their parental genes and become very valuable members of her team.

Jamie had also been gifted with A I bio chips, 17 of them each capable of learning and passing the acquired knowledge directly to Jamie’s repaired brain. He was rapidly absorbing knowledge at a formidable rate, and the incredible advancements had not changed his attitude or personality one single bit. If anything, it had humbled him, as the more knowledge he acquired, the greater the responsibility he realised he had in saving not only his family, but the world.

On returning to his home, Jamie recognised their colony needed to expand and to find more secure ground so the ever-growing family could expand. He had taken a high ridge to view the surrounding area and had seen a colony of huge bio army ants, emerge from a previously unknown nest.

Jamey studied their interactions, and just watched them, and then he leapt from the cliff and descended with speed, using his newly acquired abilities to change the gravity field around him as he fell. Moments before he hit the ground, he stopped in thin air, and then drifted to the ground, like a feather.

Walking towards the ants, they became aware of his presence and encircled him, Jamie simply ignored them and walked past them, when they tried to attack, they found themselves unable to even move. Jamey could have killed them, instead he preferred to demonstrate his abilities, and knowing they would be informing their queen of his actions.

As he entered the queen’s chamber, she was an impressive sight, standing at just under four meters in height, and some six meters long.

No matter what she did, the queen was unable to move away or towards Jamie, and her guards were frantically trying to defend their queen, yet simply unable to even come near to the intruder.

After some nine hours, the queen slumped to the ground, broken and exhausted, she had never in all of her existence seen such a foe, and he had not once even shown or displayed fear nor aggression.

Jamie spent two full days in communication with the queen, having informed Elaine through telepathy of his intentions. On the third day the queen exited the nest with Jamie riding upon her neck as if he was riding a broken in stallion.

From that moment onwards the ants became a valuable work force, and army, as their numbers ranged in the millions per nest, and Jamie knew from within his mind, that this queen was by far the largest in the western continent, and that all sub-ordinate queens and ants would fall under her control.

Five months later the first of the invading battle globes sat in orbit with millions of invading soldiers just awaiting the order to invade earth. Moments before such an order was given, and the huge bay doors were opened, three hundred intelligent miniature limpet mines attached themselves to the hull of the huge craft, each limpet mine held a miniaturized A I bio computer, and held a miniaturised bio-plasma explosive ray, that once detonated could cut through almost anything, like a hot knife slicing through soft butter, and then reset themselves, detaching and remaining in orbit awaiting the next victim.

As Elaine gave the order for detonation, the craft was sliced and diced into section as if it had been through a medical scanner and was sectioned into pie type chunks. The inhabitants were instantly killed.

“Opps…,” said Elaine, she had not realised the limpet mines were quite that powerful, and she had hoped to have salvaged some of the technology and crafts. “Seth please remind me to reset the detonation rate, the next time we are faced with such an opponent, I want the object rendered inoperable but not totally destroyed.” As she had been speaking, clean up bots had orbited the salvage, and were scooping up samples of organic material, and any objects that might be of use once dissected or dismantled and analysed.

The remaining orbiting junk, was collected and sent to the moon base for research and eventual smelting, harvesting as much material as they could obtain. However unknown to them there were two more inbound globes and they had become aware of the destruction of the leading globe.

The Mars Seth had detected the first globe and predicted its entry point, relayed the information to the moon base and instructed it to place limpet mines in selected predicted orbit. As for the approaching two additional globes, they were out of range and had as of yet not been detected.

China had recovered from the devastation and by sheer number of population and military prowess, had millions of surviving troops, which included an elite scientific team of highly trained space technicians. Unknown to Elaine and the US, China already had a highly advanced space program, which included fully operational armed orbiting satellite space platforms, and an intelligence gathering satellite orbiting Pluto.

China had been aware of the asteroid which hit the earth two days before the US were informed, and had taken extensive measures to ensure, it’s leadership and military would survive.

As such, they were now a formidable force to be reckoned with, and could if they choose advance across the world, however they also realised this would gain them very little and if the human race was to survive, then it needed to cooperate and rebuild, sharing technology and advancing as one unified entity.

This in itself was almost alien to their usual way of thinking, however just prior to the asteroid, Elaine had saved the life of the chairman’s daughter who had suffered a severe brain injury, and even Chinas most advance technology was unable to help her. Elaine had learnt of the accident and had via Seth contacted the Chinese offering assistance, no strings attached and that Chinas technicians could even oversee the operation.

The resulting act of kindness had saved the child’s life and also her gifted her with additional abilities of high intellect, the Chairman was so pleased to have his beloved daughter returned to him, that he formed a friendship with Elaine, regarding her in high esteem, and had promised to one day repay her act of kindness.

Seth informed Elaine that the Chinese were in communication and requested an audience with her. “Why Mr Chairman, this is truly an honour to be talking with you,” she genuinely meant every word, Elaine was fully aware of her new abilities and held no fear, as such she spoke to the chairman as an equal.

“Elaine please the honour is mine, I am so pleased to learn of your safety and to having survived this most unfortunate of incidents. If you check with our Seth, I tried to personally warn you of the approaching asteroid, but the US intercepted my communication and prevented it from reaching you.”

Elaine had not been aware of this and as the chairman had been speaking, her version of Seth was accessing selected files from the US Command Centres computers, it showed the President had not been informed, but an operative of the Undraus cooperation who had infiltrated his way into the war office, had prevented the communication from reaching Elaine.

As he was still alive and safely secured within the presidency command centre, he thought himself untouchable.” Elaine I have contacted you to make you aware that there are two further battle globes approaching earth, they are at present not in range of your sensors from Mars, however we have a base satellite in orbit around Pluto, and have been observing the star system they are emanating from.

“Mr Chairman,” stated Elaine, she was impressed by this man before her, “I can offer you and your survivors whatever assistance you require, including a bio-…”

Her words were interrupted, “Forgive me Elaine, I honestly do not mean to be disrespectful, but time is one thing we do not have, and regardless of past interactions, I understand we need to unite,” he paused for the briefest of seconds and then continued talking. “If you were about to offer me the so called Blue Goo as you call it, we kind of intercepted a batch over a year ago, and have since developed a version of our own. I admit it is only a copy, and you have every right to become angry, but please I ask for our united survival, that we put that aside, and progress towards a united future.”

His words had truly shocked Elaine, and she knew of the space program, OK not in full, and had not realised they were this advanced, however her vast intellect informed her, that a united front could give the earth a much needed boost, and once her technicians introduced hybrid technology, and then interbreeding could vast improve the earths chance, of surviving the oncoming war.

Elaine smiled and the chairman’s version of Seth informed him that her bio-readings indicated no anger. “Mr Chairman, you are undoubtedly well informed, and in simple truth I bow to your countries ingenuity, and for your honesty.

Russia is almost destroyed and only with a remnant of their once true might, even now I would not belittle that great nation as they are by far more of a threat than the over-trusting countries realise, that said, I agree we need to unite our resources and if you are truly wanting such, I hope the Russians will understand the value of such a united union.”

Elaine looked the chairman in her eyes, he could see from his Seth that Elaine meant in full every word she had spoken, “OK Elaine how then shall we proceed?”

Elaine thought for some seconds and then the Chairman’s computers started receiving data which was been printed out as Elaine spoke. “Mr Chairman, I have just sent a vast volume of data direct to your Seth, it is highly classified data, it in turn shows we have developed highly advanced hybrid clones, and I am offering you this knowledge so you can develop your own clones, in the meantime, with your permission I will send you a quantity of hybrid sperm and eggs, which once impregnated, will grow into fully functioning babies within three to five months, and then full adulthood in five years.” At that she paused to allow the chairman time to digest this information.

“From there Sir, you can grow an army of basic hybrid clones, and all born with the parental genes and highly skilled, who will advance your nation and help the world to recover.”

The chairman had been aware of the hybrid clones, but had not at that point acquired the technology, this gift was truly unexpected and showed him just how much trust Elaine had placed upon him. It also made him realise that as large as his military was, that had Elaine of so chosen, and she could have rendered his country helpless.

Seth informed the Mars base it was patching itself into the orbiting satellite around Pluto, the moment it made the connection, Seth became aware of the approaching battle globes. It placed instructions for the Mars Seth to estimate arrival ETA and instructed the computers and base commander on Mars how they were to deal with the next arriving globe.

As it came into the designated space around Mars, its commanders were still unaware that there was a base on Mars or the Moon and were intercepted by an organised cluster of highly intelligent limpet mines. The globe had been scanned and all visible weaponry was located, its propulsion system although unseen was detected, and mines attached themselves to all designated locations, then there was a series of mines which located each internal layers, and carefully had the mines detach themselves so that when they exploded, they detached organised section, exposing them to an instant vacuum of space.

As Elaine gave the order, the limpets each carried out their designated functions, and then detached themselves awaiting a new order. Incredibly the globe came apart like an organised blue print, which had been dissected in multiple dimensions. All occupants were killed outright either from the vacuum or the shock waves, fracturing internal organs and killing them instantly. What did survive was the internal stored space crafts which had been pressurised and equipped for space flight, also a large volume of technology and weapons.

Unknown to Elaine the first battle globe had held the grunts, the basic soldiers, and a few commanders of low rank. The second globe had contained equipment and technicians, plus a more advanced form of soldiers.

The Globe had been monitoring its surroundings and had detected life on Mars, without informing its occupants, and had dumbed its entire memory core before it had been destroyed, The resulting action had been intercepted by the highly intelligent commanders and scientists, in the next globe, and they reversed their course and returned to their home planet, to re-equip themselves, and to ensure that the remaining colonised worlds were aware that this planet, held a high level of intelligence, and therefore offered incredible riches.

As over One hundred and thirty Battle globes lifted into orbit, they all synchronised under the direct leadership of the highest commander, and headed towards earth, having re-equipped themselves with newly acquired defensives.

Earth had no way of knowing what was about to descend upon it, Elaine had united with China and equipped its military with the gifted technology. In the US presidents Command Centre, a lone technician from the war office entered his room as his shift had ended and he was tired, needing to wash have a meal and then sleep.

As he entered and closed the door, it locked itself quietly and his internal computer switched itself on. “Good evening soldier,” came an unexpected voice, “I understand you tried to destroy my family, and prevented a direct personnel communication from reaching me.” The soldier looked in horror as he realised who was speaking to him, he ran to his door and tried to open it, it would not budge and was sealed shut.

“I have prepared a special gift for you,” as Elaine spoke the pressure within his sealed room started to increase, within minutes he was screaming in agony, and then before Elaine’s eyes, he exploded like a balloon been popped.

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