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Night Slayer - Book One

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Chapter Two.

Unknown to me at the time, and for hundreds of years vampires and supernatural creatures had existed and were living quietly among humanity.

Only in recent years, it would appear something had changed; possibly it was to do with the dark web, the internet or whatever. I really do not know, but these creatures were becoming organised and no longer quietly hiding, and it was this that had brought me to being amid the rave and watching unsuspecting carefree teenagers being signalled out for death.

It would seem I was not the only one interested in correcting this extreme action of such blatant regard for exposure. As the effects of these new vampires and supernatural creatures had caught the interest of those in government, and this had filtered through all intelligence agencies, and law enforcement, and making it intolerable for those who had quietly, respectfully and carefully existed amidst humanity for thousands of years.

Jennie O’Hara was one such creature, and please, do not get me wrong Jenny was no saint, far from it, but nor was she a manic bloodsucking monster who killed for fun and went on rampant blood lusts slaughtering humanity.

It had taken me time to come to terms with this, and at first, I had to learn the hard way humiliatingly, and waking laying on that bed, having been stripped of my clothing, washed and tied naked sounds kinky I know, but, and it is a big but. I later learnt it was to prevent Jennie from been forced to defend herself and risk harming me in the process.

Five bloody days I was forced to stay there, and no we never had sex, (you perverts for thinking that way,) well not at first, but that’s later. Incredibly we talked.

I know, crazy and sorry for those who were expecting something more exciting or sexual, we just talked, well, again, that’s not entirely accurate, as for the first two days, I fought and swore and my Irish side, especially being Red Haired, naturally by the way, Jennie can vouch for that.

Well, my anger had got the better of me, and I just let out all my frustration instead to verbally, while Jenny quietly smiled and gave me time to vent my anger. Eventually, by the third day, I was emotionally broken, fatigued and had cried myself to the point of exhaustion.

Jennie had sat by my side wiping away my tears and lovingly and with patients giving me the time I needed, and it was later I started to talk and listen to her story.

Jennie was born almost four thousand years ago and was among the oldest of her kind; interestingly she was created and not infected. It transpired it was during a time when a race of humanoid type life forms openly walked upon the earth, and life was so different then to what it has become today.

Jennie explained she was created to defend her kind from the ravenous creatures of that period along with six others, three females by appearance and three males. It was them which kept their masters and their kind protected, and upon every kill they ingested a quantity of blood to increase their abilities and strength, only learning to avoid bloodlust as that led to the path of insanity.

It would appear humanity or humankind had started to increase, and this forced these peace-loving life forms to seek refuge, preferring to keep a balance with nature and live in harmony.

Jennie and one other were permitted to remain to assist in protecting humanity as it grew into a civilisation, while the others, as Jennie referred to them, sought refuge within Gaia’s protection.

The two females who remained eventually found human partners and their kind started to grow and to become the Elders who soon realised harmony was required and a balance to enable their continued existence.

Only some of their offspring rebelled and created copies of themselves not from sex, but by feeding and failing to kill, as such, some victims survived and became vampires as we know them today. It was like a ravenous virus and quickly spread across the world.

Only most realised for their existence to continue, control was required, and for thousands of years a balance was maintained, that was until the last fifty plus years, and the digital age emerged, opening avenues soon to be exploited by creatures by far gifted in wealth, intelligence and giving an unfair advantage over humanity.

The truce broke down and selected powerful vampires became organised, making Billions from the internet, human trafficking, organ replacement, and feeding their ever-increasing bloodlust and leading to instability and eventual insanity.

Jenny had set out to restore balance and quietly and in her own way she was slowly, but positively taking down factions of vampires and starting to restore equilibrium, which is how I came to rather stupidly storm to her rescue and thinking at the time, myself the heroin.

Justin Phillips, Julien Greeves and Patricia Lewis were seated at a table holding a business meeting while having lunch. Only the dinner was alive, and a naked male held prisoner, mesmerised and slowly was drained of his blood by extended limbs held by the three vampires and drinking as required between conversations.

Only there meeting was interrupted by a secretary who delivered the news that seven of their enforcers had failed to return and as for their whereabouts and safety was giving concern.

“Impossible,” cried out Patricia, “They were our finest, and seven, no that is not possible.”

Justin and Julien raised their heads, eyes meeting and they lowered the limb in their hands and spoke.

“So, that confirms it, we have a master after our kind, we knew the risk we were taking, and in truth, I am surprised it had taken this long before we were found.”

Patricia blinked, then finished drinking her victim’s blood, and wiped her lips.

“I honestly was hoping these stories of ancient Elders was simply a myth, I have lived over three hundred years and never once sensed such a presence, could it not be some unknown military involvement, we know the human authorities are trying to eradicate our kind.?”

Her words were given consideration, only there was a scream, and the secretaries head flew into the room with her blood showering the walls and surfaces nearby.

The three vampires became aware of a scent, a specially designed hormone designed to instil utter fear, paralysing its victims, and confusing the mind and preventing logical responsive thought.

“You were warned, yet your kind still refused to listen, and that brought the interest of my masters.”

The voice could be heard but from where it was emanating confused the vampires, and as they started to regain a modest control of their senses and abilities, they tried to focus as to where their enemy was stationed.

Only their attacker was toying with them, playing a game which brought amusement as the fear being emitted was fed upon increasing their assailant’s abilities.

“You each have a choice; you can either die quickly or slowly like that victim upon your table, chose now.”

While this was happening a distant pinhole camera was recording all that was happening and beaming the signal via satellite to a secret and remote location.

Patricia immediately humbled herself by going to one knee and lowering her head, and this angered her two colleagues. Only both Justin Phillips and Julien Greeves found themselves unable to move, and no matter how hard they tried to exert a force on whatever was restraining them, it was impossible, yet, their minds were now bright and sharp and aware of every sound around them.

From apparent empty space, an arm appeared, and a single finger extended, and the clawed type fingernail slowly sliced through the skin of the necks, exposing a trickle of blood, and no matter how they tried they were gripped by an immovable force.

There top clothing was ripped away and clawed marks started appearing on their skin drawing more and more blood; it was then a reptilian-like tongue extended and started to lick the blood away, while all along, and whosoever or what so ever was doing this remained invisible to the eyes of its victims.

Slowly and painfully the vampires realised their very life force had been extracted from them. Until a clawed had gripped their hearts and one at a time they were ripped out bringing instant death.

Patricia however, had witnessed everything, and although she had submitted, fear had held her rooted to the ground forcing her to remain. Only for Patricia, she had seen who their attacker was, and the sight and instant recognition from some inbred inherited memory had emerged.

Standing before her was an original and Elder and once a companion to Jennie O’Hara. Now looking like any human, the eternal had adapted and held within her powers equalled by only Jennie and those who had travelled with their creators to a place of safety or refuge.

“Forgive me, please” stammered Patricia, while a gentle feminine hand lifted Pat’s chin forcing her to look into the Elders eyes.

“Child, you choose wisely and have shown humidity, you shall not die by hand this day, I am allowing you to live, so you can inform the others of what happened here, and I imagine your overseers who are recording us as we talk will want a detailed debriefing, you had better pray they will show you such mercy.”

A puddle of urine had pooled by Pats feet, such was the fear gripping her, and as the Elder realest her hold on Pat and blew a kiss towards the hidden camera, she appeared to vanish from sight and exited the room.

Many miles away astonished eyes had viewed the entire annihilation of over seventy-three vampires of various ages and responsibilities, some had even been armed and acting as security.

Methodically the Elder had quietly walked through the building, starting at the lobby and making her way to the Penthouse offices and private meeting taking place by trusted lutenist of the new order.

“How can this be, even our very best could not take down seventy-three of our kind, and without becoming injured or harmed, we need to have a talk with this Patricia Lewis, have her brought here immediately.”

“It has already been taken care of, we have a squad of police already at the scene, and Patricia has been arrested and is as we are speaking on route here,” came the reply.

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