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Inspired by the successful Twilight Saga. Seth Clearwater is in search for more meaing to his life than just being a potector for the humans of Forks.

Fantasy / Other
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Ever since I first phased, I felt that I could do anything. But now, it seemed like I was no longer in control. Everything seem to get out of my grasp, my feelings, thoughts, or actions. I know on the outside - to everyone - I seemed like the happy-go-lucky Seth, but on the inside, there was another story.

The dreams I had been having were usually forgetful - you know usually when you wake up and can’t really remember what happened - but now lately they’ve been in almost a pattern, becoming more vivid. As if it’s trying to tell me something.

I passed by strangers with unmarked faces, through what looked like downtown Seattle. The faces had no eyes, mouth, nose, no anything to show signs of an identity. My legs felt as if they were on autopilot. I felt myself looking pass the pedestrians - as if I was looking for something or someone. My body had come to a halt, as the strangers move in a speed ramping motion. Their movements left a blurry trail behind, causing my eyes to hurt a bit. A slight breeze had come through, making my wolf senses go wild. My eyes automatically focus in one direction. Waves of dark brown curly locks blow in the sudden wind, but it was the scent of a captivating, unfamiliar smell that catches my attention. Due to the slow crowd in front of me, I couldn’t see her face - only the mess of curls and soft blow of a white fabric. Even not seeing her face, her presence alone made my heart pump harder, my legs trying to move forward.

The slowing of the unknowns come to a freezing stop...And I saw her! Well, I saw her eyes peeking through her hair as the rest of her face is covered by it. The almond-shaped eyes held chocolate jewels as they’re framed by long dark lashes. Her smooth light mocha skin tone radiates gold. A white dress hung loosely on her slim frame. She looked like a fallen angel. The autopilot is taken off as the world around me continues to hold still. I move past them, but it felt like every step I took forward she would move further away. The usual grey sky above us has grown darker and bright red eyes appeared around her.

“Seth?” my attention is brought back to the mysterious girl. Her heart-breaking scream felt like daggers to my soul. An invisible force keeps me bound. The red eyes, hidden in the darkness kept their hard stares on her. It frightened me that I didn’t know the threat beyond the darkness. I felt the need to protect this girl. Like pictures being taken, the darkness grows around her as the red eyes move closer.

‘Why am I not phasing?’ I wondered out loud, desperately trying to move.

“Seth,” she whispered. Her voice sounded as if she had been defeated. The bloody eyes closed in on her. I could feel my body shake, hot with rage. “Ahhh!”
“No!” I shouted pissed.

I didn’t phase,
I didn’t save her.
I just stood here...

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