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Angelic Love

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Chapter Three.

Justine and Chris had communicated with Rose an old friend of Dawn their mother, and she offered a place of refuge. Dawn and Rose had once worked together and were themselves incredibly powerful creatures been part human and part Fay.

But an accidental action, taken in complete innocence, had opened their world to other ancient life forms from an alternate dimension, and for a time thee invading creatures took advantage of the unsuspecting world.

It had taken the world earth by surprise, and millions of lives were destroyed, even the Fay and daemons and vampires died, including that of master vampires.

However, Gordelus, Lord Carlyle and a selected group of wealthy friends, avoided this destruction and quickly took advantage when these creatures were finally destroyed, and the survivors were able to rebuild their lives once more.

Under Gordelus control, the surviving vampires started rebuilding their army, and this time only selecting those with intelligence and power, until they were a terrible force.

Then and only then, did they start recruiting lessor humans, to build an army of warriors exceeding the multiple millions from across the world, and even now strict control was set upon who could be turned.

Gordelus was one of three Sub Supreme Masters, and who secretly left the Amazon, and was himself directly responsible for the turning of lord Carlyle.

Up until that time, only primitive tribal members had been turned, and the occasional wildlife to create an outer ring of protection. But one day, a highly organised team of warriors ventured into their area, and these were like none the three vampires had ever seen before.

They carried weapons of force, and of which could inflict pain from afar, the warriors were incredibly brave and fought in an organised military manner, and which impressed the vampires.

Gordelus was designated to capture their leaders and to turn them so they could become the start of a newly built army.

The death of Gordelus, had alerted the two remaining Supreme masters and these human warriors were supreme to that even of the human soldiers who they earlier had captured and turned, and they interested the old Masters.

Justine and Chris awaited the arrival of Nathaniel; word had reached them that he would be with them within the hour. Nathaniel had been smart, he was wealthy in his own right and had kept three separate bank accounts, of which his father Lord Carlyle was only aware of two of these accounts.

Nathaniel used account one as his master account, and had money regularly deposited into account two, to cover direct debits etc. and a very healthy spending allowance.

But Nathaniel realised at an early age, that he wanted independence from his father’s eyes, and set up a third account under a different identity and regularly for years had withdrawn cash from account two, and paid part into account three.

He knew now, upon his supposed death that his father would have the first two accounts closed, so under the pretence of giving Justine a monetary gift, a kind of payoff for her supposed compliance to Lord Carlyle’s will, Nathaniel told a friend from within the bank of his intentions, and that Justine was with child. And he, therefore, had withdrawn Two point four Million, as a supposed gift, in cash.

Upon learning of this some days later lord Carlyle was furious at his son’s frivolous attitude for money but knew now it was too late as his son was dead, murdered in cold blood by creatures he had been aware existed, but until then had avoided contact.

Now these actions had declared war against the vampires, and Lord Carlyle intended to use the full force of his empire to hunt down and destroy this race of creatures, although in his anger not realising nor understanding that they were a variant of Fay creatures, and who had incredibly powerful guardians.

Justine awaited Nathaniel’s arrival, while Rosemary ensured they were protected and comfortable, both Justine and Chris were in part distantly related to Rosemary, and who herself was gifted with almost eternal life from mystical creatures not born of earth.

She like all fay could be killed, but it was complicated, and very few life forms now living upon planet earth held that ability.

Rosemary, also, was in regular mental contact with Dawn, who had in a previous episode been chosen and translated to been reborn as an avenging angel, and both Justine and Chris were her direct offspring and born before her transition of human and Fay death.

“Justine…,” called out Nathaniel as he ran over and hugged his partner, they had gathered here as Rose had obtained permission for Queen Mabb to oversee their union of marriage, and as a gift of service, she had made them knights of her realm of Fay.

Even Queen Mabb was acutely aware that the two Supreme Master vampires were not of earths natural realm and held powers above and beyond that of even her control.

Non the less, she intended to give her subjects every opportunity to defend the humans including the Fay and knew she could if required call upon her father, or even Dawn herself, as a very last measure.

The problem was the sheer volume, the number of turned humans from that of Gordelus and Lord Carlyle.

These were themselves not as powerful as the Supreme Masters but were an incredible force, and measuring in the multiple thousands, and below them was the army of vampire warriors, the grunts, those turned to battle on behalf of the higher leaders, and these measured beyond the multiple millions.

Collectively these now outnumbered the Fay by over three to one, just by their incredible power, strength and intellectual stamina.

The great war with the life forms from the alternate dimension had vastly reduced the numbers of Fay available, from which to be called upon to defend planet earth.

Yes, there was twice that number in the armies of King Oberon, but these were held aside for the protection of the Fays dimension, and not that of the earth; and even then, this only just equalled what was available to the vampires, and they were added to daily.

Fortunately, there was one factor on the human’s side, the ‘SPMC.’ Special Police of Magical Creatures whom had influence within the Prime Minister’s office, of Ten Downing Street, London, United Kingdom, and that of the Royal Family.

And, now held offices across the world, and working secretly with governmental agencies. It was this very organisation which Rosemary still headed and was directly responsible for the setting up and overall control of Ester Williams and her team, and the Lion’s Share of funding came from the magical creatures and SPMC.

Although to avoid detection, Ester Williams knew she had to report only to the United States President, she had also been informed and was aware, that the President himself, answered to another, and should for whatever reason the President become compromised or unavailable, then Ester had a pre-programmed memory hypnotically implanted, in whom to, and in how to contact Rosemary.

Only unknown to Ester, and as an act of safety, a secondary measure had been implemented and Cathy the second in command, was a Scientific Advisor to queen Mabb, a Fay creature, and under a glamour to look like a human.

Cathy knew what to do in an emergency, and was in regular mental communication with other Fay, who were loyal to Queen Mabb, and following the scientific party, investigating into these alien life forms.

Rosemary was wealthy in her own right; however, Dawn had a vast amount of financial resources and had also gained access to weapons not created by human, and these now remained in Rosemary’s care.

Justine and Chris, been the sole inheritors of their mother’s estate, had created along with Rosemary their empire, and along with Rosemary, had financed the Alien Life Form Research Unit, of which Ester Williams headed.

Also, they could withdraw upon Fay business conglomerates, and whom disguised their involvement in human affairs, and were themselves the remaining five percent of companies in the Top ten Blue-Chip companies in the world.

At all times the fay had deliberately set out to keep a balance of control, knowing of Lord Carlyle’s influence and ability to unite his resources to turn towards evil intent.

Within every single company owned by Lord Carlyle, the higher Fay had placed their operatives, knowing they would be turned into vampires, yet who held the ability to even then shield their minds from allowing Lord Carlyle from seeing into their true intentions.

This had given the Fay an advantage as each member was a highly specialised research Technician, and able to report back into highly classified research been undertaken by Lord Carlyle’s companies.

Only now one of the Two Remaining Supreme Masters had exited the Amazon leaving his brother to oversee their Subterranean empire and had found ther way to Lord Carlyle’s side.

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