Hunter's Moon

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When sixteen-year-old Riley Black goes out into the woods one night with her best friend to find a dead body, she ends up getting attacked. When she starts to gain supernatural abilities of speed and strength, she realizes it was a werewolf. Now she's being hunted. By a rogue werewolf and a group of hunters, all while the local pack tries to get her to join their ranks. Riley's only sanctuary is her best friend, Nadia, and the new senior it town, Jack Bryan. As she struggles to get through her junior year alive, Riley must fight for not only her life but the lives of her new friends.

Fantasy / Action
A.M. Clay
4.8 15 reviews
Age Rating:

Wolf And Flame

“Wolf and Flame”

The people who consider you weak

Have not yet noticed

The wolf hiding behind your eyes,

Nor the flames inside your soul.

Let them think you are weak,

And do what wolves and fire do best.

Surprise them

When they least expect it.

—Nikita Gill

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