Sol, Myths, and Friends

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A story composed of different myth/folklore creatures (most are from the Philippines). Solaire, a witch fairy changeling, joins the Myths and Fantasy Club run by Hazel, an avid fan of folklores. With her spells and magic, Solaire opened the Kakayba Village of mythical creatures for the first time. As they enjoy their adventure in the enchanted world, Solaire found out the reality of her past and met the original Solaire, the human which the pixies took in exchange for her. While helping out the mythical creatures with their everyday life, and publishing tales for their club, they began unraveling the truth about the whimsical beings and the life Solaire left in the village.

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"Are you ready for the truth?" Tapan asked with a grin as the white light of the Sentro, the ancient clock of the village, lights up the whole library as it slowly turns counter-clockwise.

Solaire, with furrowed brows, glances at the clock, watching every inch of its hand move.

Is she ready for the truth? Is there even a truth?

Slowly the white light that covers the room turns blue and a loud boom echoed.

Solare didn't even blink, the image that suddenly flashed on the clock was the one that caught her off guard. Her hands began to shake as she bites her lips.

Good thing no one, aside from the Guardian Spirit, was in the room or the truth might've stripped her body to a terrifying identity she has in front of her friends.

She watched as two pixies carry a baby that looks like a fairy with her doll-like features, silver hair and violet eyes while another two are taking a human infant out of her crib. Slowly, they placed the fairy on the crib and took the little human one away.

"That's you, right?" Tapan turned around as the light from the sentro faded out. "You know who you are - a changeling, you know the truth, but why did you ask me to show you this ?"

Tapan watched as Solaire hold her arm while looking down on her muddy rubber shoes. Even with her hair dyed, the roots of her hair are beginning to show its silver color. When she came here with her friends the first time, everyone knew that she's not a human.

The moment they saw her, her eyes were burning with desire to go home, her hands were letting out yellow lights which signifies that she's opening the gates with her power, and her aura was shimmering with purity.

She looked exactly like her father, the great witch of the village, but her powers were similar to her mother, the Queen of the fairies. Sadly, no one noticed this. Not because she's from the human world, but because the human infant that was taken in exchange is currently living with them in the Kakayba Village as the witch and fairy's daughter and even using her name, Luna Maika.

"That is not true, right?" Solaire's voice was shaking, "Not true." She sounded like she's not even talking to Tapan, but to convince herself that she's a human, not a changeling - something that she knew the moment she read about it on a book but tries to bury the idea deep down in her veins.

"Have you ever felt like you don't belong?-" Tapan slowly moved toward the books about the ancient witches to show that she's not the only changeling who came back. "-like you're not at home? Have you ever had the urge to run away, but you don't know where to go?"

He placed his finger over an old dusty book and pulled it out of the bookshelf. He opened it and blew the specks of dust, "You're not the only one. But the truth is..." Tapan flew the book carefully towards Solaire who is wiping her tears, "You're also the only one who had her human changeling live in her shoes."

Solaire opened her hand to take the book as her eyes grew wild with the information she heard. An old man who has a very long thin white hair and crooked nose, was on the open page, "Lolo Pacio Balik. He was a changeling who came back after he opened the gates to Kakayba Village when he was only 7 years old." Solaire whispered the caption of the photo.


Solaire can't help but feel a tight painful burst on her chest as she tries to accept that she really is one. Her hands gripped on the book tightened until it screamed, "That hurts, prick! Let me go!" The book wiggled out of Solaire's hand and fell on the floor.

"YOU FOOL!" The book yelled as it stands, "Why did you give me to an emotional wreck? She might've torn me to bits!" It walked using its covers back to Tapan while its pages sway left and right.

Solaire turns around and bids goodbye without even waiting for Tapan's reply, she opened the wide heavy wooden door and left.

"Oh, the emotion! Oh, the drama! Oh, the dusty floor! Pick me up, rat!" The book wipes its cover with the last page as Tapan bends to pick up the book up.

"The problem is that human changeling. Knowing her, she won't let Solaire have her life here." Tapan wipes the book with a cloth as he put it back.

Everything was perfect, not until the pixies brought that human into their world, the village was peacefully flowing along with destiny but the current changed that day.

Not only did they brought a weak, powerless, and pitiful being, the pixies also left a danger on the human world. Every day, the council was trying their best to observe the human world if ever the witch fairy child creates a threat, which they would have to clean up after if it happened.

Luckily, she's a behaved proper one. She only uses her charms to make everyone around like her. She made them ignore her weird actions, such as talking to an invisible Santelmo or Dwendes.

Tapan sighs as he sits back to his chair. Being a Guardian Spirit of every creature on this mythical village is slowly draining his life force. If only he can pass this job to someone else, but unfortunately he can't.

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