Lovelier than Blood

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One condition." She raised a brow and his grin grew. "And that would be?" "Kiss me again."  With her parents missing and her cousin acting strange, Trinity Rosewood has a lot on her plate, especially when three men are sent to help her especially when things get.... complicated Trevor is the last fire warrior, so when him and his friends are sent to Trinity to help out no matter what, they start to realize that there is more than what meets the eye.

Fantasy / Action
S.M. Allen
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

He stood in the doorway of the training room of Rosewood Manor with his teammates who were more like his brothers if anything else, standing beside him watching two girls train together, both with dark hair.

"Which one do you think is Trinity?" The archer, Nigel asked.

"I don't know but they both have nice bodies, don't you think Travis."

"Stan, is hot girls all you think about?" Travis asked.

"You don't?" Stan asked in mockery. As Travis looked back at the two girls, he really hoped they weren't Trinity. There was something about dark hair that just put him off.


Before he could blink, a long arm was extended, holding a knife that had been aimed at his face. Travis looked at the redhead who saved him.

"Uh, Thanks." She looked at him and smiled.

"No problem but next time don’t stand in the doorway." She lowered her arm and walked towards the other girls.

"Hey! She could've killed him!" Stan yelled. The redhead stopped and turned around giving a slight grin

"It could've been worse."

"How so?" It was his turn to be curious.

"You could've lost your manhood." She chuckled.

"She has a point." Nigel agreed.

"I am sorry though." The short dark head said.

"Tammy, you don't need to apologize. You need to stick with your dark magic and Beth; you need to stick to your scythe."

"If that's Tammy, then that makes you-"

"Trinity." She cut Stan off, "Welcome, to Rosewood Manor." She held her arms out and bowed. Trinity stood back up and looked at everyone. "As much as I would love to chat and have a welcome party, we have to go out and kill a couple of vampires and possibly a chameleon. So, let’s grab our gear and get a move on children." She started to usher everyone out but Travis and his boys weren't going to budge.

"Who put you in charge little girl?" Travis folded his arms and glared at her.

"Travis, don't push my buttons. Just get in the damn car."

"I don't-"

"Where's Ben?" Nigel asked. Travis didn't like being interrupted but it was a good question so he let it slide. He almost smiled seeing Trinity a little aggravated.

"Beth is Ben." They stared at her weird and she sighed, "Ben dresses up sometimes as a girl to get information on a target. Since there are already three guys, we need another girl in order to get more information on our targets. Plus, going to a club with four guys and two girls looks weird." She moved passed them to join the others outside and Travis couldn't help but notice how good her jeans hugged her ass.

"Dude, she has spirit." Nigel said.

"No," Travis shook his head and followed after her with Nigel right behind him, "She has fire."

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