The Fall of the Seraphim

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An AU universe with Dante's Inferno and Paradise lost influence mixed with a what if? A novella prequel. Imagine a world where instead of Morningstar, it was Archangel Gabriel and Cassiel was casted out of heaven. Eve didn't ever existed, there was only Lillith. This story is told I present tense by Micheal and Raguel, flashbacks by Orion and journal entries by Uriel through the centuries.

Fantasy / Mystery
A.D. Channing
Age Rating:

November 30, 1957 Paradis Latin-catacombs

November 30, 1957, in the late hours of the night, Raziel walked on the damp streets of Paris. The streets deserted, especially in the part of the city, he was in. Everyone was gathered in the centre of the city. Raziel was cast out of his home by his God, but he honestly didn't care. He achieved so much since he was cast out millennia ago. He was finally a private detective for the French Armed Forces. Raziel was officially added on the case and he already knew who it was. Theirry Paulin, a man who murdered about 13 elderly women.

Raziel came to a stop in front of the lit up sign of Theirry's job, Paradis Latin. Taking a deep breath, Raziel entered the night club renowned for its drag shows. The heavy smell of sweat and liquor clouded his senses resulting in Raziel to shake his head he walked deeper into the club. Sweating bodies moving around underneath strobing lights. Raziel pushed his way past the dancing crowd, seeing occasional glimpses of skin.

"Vous, là-bas! Visage d'ange!"

I quickly turned to look behind me to see a slight of a man smirking at me.

I looked at him, giving him a quick once over. A slight man in his twenties with soft features and a soft, red sensual mouth and auburn hair reaching his shoulders. His grey eyes twinkling.

“Simiel,” I whispered, a smile slowly taking over me as I went to him. We quickly embraced each other.

“It has been so long. How are you? It has been centuries. ". Simiel threw his head back and laughed, attracting attention. “Oh Raz…” He chuckled,” You haven’t changed all. What job are you doing nowadays?” He said in a thick French accent. I tutted. “You haven’t answered me.”

He sighed. “Always so observant, eh? I got a surprise for you. Come on.” he grabbed my hand pulling me through the crowd. I gasped as three people came into view.

“Raguel, Selaphiel, Ariel! Regards!”

Raguel looked up at me, staring at me right in the eyes. His lips twitched as his icy, blue eyes staring at me. Ariel jumped me giving me a hug as Selaphiel clamped my shoulder in a firm grip giving me a short nod. Ariel pulled away and smiled as something caught my eye. A light, brown skin man walked passed us, a strange look on his face. “Merde!” I hissed. I looked up at my brothers and sisters, muttering a quick goodbye as I quickly followed Thierry. I burst out of the night club quickly coming to a stop, a body slammed into me from behind pushing me a couple of steps forward. I whipped my head around to see Raguel behind me.

“What are you doing? I’m doing my job here. I can’t let him go, Raguel.” He gave me a look before rolling his eyes and ran past me. Letting out a curse I followed him. We ran through dark allies before he stopped at in front of a covered manhole. “He’s in there. Isn’t he?”

He nodded a dark look on his face. “You came with me because you want justice for those women?” Again he nodded. Letting out a groan I bent down and pulled the covering of it. I pulled it off and threw it behind me on the damp streets. I jumped down into the dark hole with Raguel following close behind me.

We fell for a while before coming to a stop as we landed on our feet, a loud thumping sounding out. It was dark as all hell as I started walking around with my arms outstretched. My brow furrowed as my and touched something cool and damp. There were slight cracks in the wall. Next thing I know there was a blazing light behind me turning around I see Raguel standing there with his wings out. I frowned at his troubled face. “What's the wrong Raguel?” I said. He pointed behind me. Turning around I let out a yelp of surprise, ripping my hand away from the wall of bones. I took multiple steps back as I looked around seeing every wall made up of bones, human bones with thousands of skulls made up the walls. I felt my stomach drop as I saw fresh corpses in a corner. Letting out a string of curses I walked to Raguel. “You know what this place is right?” I questioned. Raguel shook his head solemnly as he took in the thousands of corpses in a secret place underneath Paris. “It's the Catacombs,” I said softly. I took in the dampness of the place seeing tunnels. “Raguel comes on, you'll be my light,” I said as I walked behind him and start pushing him forward. I heard Raguel's soft, rumbling chuckle in front of me causing a roll of the eyes. We both froze as we heard a snarl. We turned around seeing nocturne red eyes.

“Well damn,” Raguel said. I pulled out my daggers while Raguel took out his long sword. Taking a fighting stance we stated as the eyes grew closer. I felt confused as heard a small whine and whimpers as a hellhound limped into view. He was covered in blood and had a piece a cloth that I recognize as Thierry's shirt. I rubbed the back of my neck and realized it was better this way, Raguel would have slaughtered him. It had extremely shaggy, midnight black fur and about 4 feet tall with deep slashes over its muzzle. “Damn.” I hissed as I ran to look at its wounds that were bleeding something fierce. “I'm not no healing Angel, but this should help,” I whispered as I rubbed his head. I took one of my daggers to my hand making sure to cut deep so it would heal longer. My blood, ichor dripped from my hand as I cupped it pooling before I smeared it over the hound's muzzle and sides as Raguel stood behind me. I watched as my inchor seep into his skin leaving deep, large scars behind. It took a few steps back before launching itself at me. I caught him as he rested his head on my shoulder sniffing at my shoulder before getting down. “What's your name, ” I wondered aloud. He looked up at me before sniffing around me again.


He barely glanced at me.


He sneezed.


He looked at me and snarled before sitting on his hind legs.

“Romulus.” Rachel said as he moved passed me. I watched as the hell- no, Romulus let out a bark and followed after him. I snorted as I followed behind them.

I quickened my pace to catch up. It went down a slope as we went sliding a bit. We heard creaking and there was a loud slam.

“What's that sound?”

“Rocks are moving,” Raguel looked behind us stuck.”

“What?” I said. I looked behind us too as Romulus came between us and started to lowly snarl. The hall behind us was now sealed leaving about 3 yards between us. Looking around you could feel the breeze. I looked at Raguel in surprise, in return he nodded and curled his wings in. I crunched down and grabbed Romulus's muzzle.“Shhhhh......Listen.”

Another breeze blew past along with quietest of whispers. Raguel was muttering as it passed. I couldn't hear what they were saying but, I think Raguel did. “What did they say.”

“They were telling us how they died, I could only hear a few.”


He nodded.“ Out of a few million.”

I blanched.

“By the Angels.”

“Mhmmm. All were sinners.” he put his hand on my shoulder. “And they do not like us.”

Romulus started to growl as we heard more shifting rocks against rocks.

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