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"Bite me." "With pleasure." Kayla is a 20 year old book nerd who has no interest in boys especially after being hurt and cheated on by her ex. She is fun going and enjoys movies along with good food. She tends to enjoy most of time at the library where it's nice and quiet or out at the park and sit by the calming pond. Upon meeting Keene, he seems like a playboy and she wants to get away from him but no matter where she goes it always seems like he appears there out of nowhere. But there's a secret she hopes never gets out, she's the child of pure bred vampire hunters. Keene is a laid back yet cocky 230 year old vampire and he's very smart when it comes straight to the point. And just like all vampires, Keene has made enemies and like every hot guy, He tends to flirt with girls but also enjoys good books depending on if they fit into his schedule or not. Being a vampire he can just about do anything he wants but he tends to have to keep an eye one of his friends so they don't lose control on their blood lust. He meets Kayla and can't help but feel attracted towards her but even though she does her best to steer clear of him, only makes him more determined to have her. But he has a secret of his own....

Fantasy / Action
S.M. Allen
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Chapter 1

She sighed and got out her car looking at the college in front of her. She shook her head and looked at her best friend who was giving her an impatient look.

“Come on lets go, Kayla.”

“Lola, you do know I’m still unsure about this.” Kayla moved her hairout of her face and pushed up her glasses, clearly a little irritated as she closed her car door and set the alarm as the car locked.

“Look, I know I sort of dragged you into this but there is a giant libraryhere, so can you forgive me?” Lola gave her friend puppy dog eyes and she sighed. Of course being dark red head would always have an advantage, Kayla thought.

“Fine but if you’re lying to me; I will transfer out of here a lot faster than you’ll be able to run.”

“Hey that’s offense since I’m a vampire.” Kayla rolled her eyes and chuckled as the girls headed towards the admission office to sign in and get their dorm keys. They stood there waiting for the receptionist to get their belonging and Kayla turned her head towards the entranced as laughter echoed through the halls. Kayla cringed a

little but it wasn’t because of the laughter, it was because of the guy that it was coming from. She sighed in relief as they guy passed by the door and didn’t come in. The last thing she wanted was to be

in the same room as a guy. If it wasn’t for ex she wouldn’t be feeling like the way she was now.

“Here are your schedules and dorm keys. Sorry about the mess girls.”

The lady smiled and Kayla couldn’t help but look at the receptionist.

“What mess?” She couldn’t help the shakiness that showed in her voice when she spoke. The lady gave a small smile.

“Well, due to the amount of students we have this year, some of the girls have to share rooms with the boys. There really isn’t anything we can do about it unfortunately.”

“I see.” Kayla sighed and looked at Lola who had a small smile on her face. Guess it can’t be helped. They gave the lady a small thanks and headed down the hall to east wing dorms. Today was just not a good day.

Walking through the dorm halls was a little chaotic. Everyone was laughing and running around. There was a few times when Kayla got bumped into and Lola had to save her from falling to the ground. She

sighed and kept walking down the hall before being pulled to a stop. Kayla looked at her best friend to see her look at the door they were at then at the key that Kayla held.

“Please tell me you have the same key.” She prayed until Lola shook her head.

“I wish I did.” Kayla groaned then looked at the door before opening it. Of course it wasn’t locked. As the girls entered it seemed the room was empty and Kayla let a happy sigh before smiling at Lola.

“Looks like I have the room to myself until my roommate shows up.”

“You sure you’re going to be okay?” Lola asked with a worried expression. Kayla nodded. Even if her roommate was a guy, she knew how to handle herself. Lola hugged her before giving her a small smile and heading back into the crowded and wild hallway. Kayla sighed then put

in her ear buds and started unpacking.

He walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist then stopped when his eyes landed on ass that was wiggling in mid air from the closet on the other side of the room. He couldn’t help but let out a whistle as he continued to watch, feeling his dick pulse from within the towel. He’d seen many asses in his time but this one was the best one he ever laid eyes on. As the person stood up, he was thankful it was a woman and he groaned while his fangs extended as he

got a side view of her breasts that seemed to strain against her black shirt. Thank god for small shirts, he chuckled lightly then frowned when it seemed that she didn’t notice him. He cleared his throat loud but she still didn’t pay attention to him and as he took a step closer he seen why. She had damn ear buds in, clearly listening to music while putting her stuff up. He licked his fangs as he watched her stretch before groaning. He appeared behind her and covered her mouth muffling her surprised scream and pulled out her ear buds while his bulge pressed against her ass.

“Keep still and keep quiet for a minute so you don’t get hurt.” He whispered into her ear. She nodded and he couldn’t help but smile before nuzzling his face into her neck and inhaling her scent. God she

smelt so good and the blood running just beneath her skin made his mouth water but he calmed himself down. He didn’t want to hurt her in any way. Chuckling to himself, he couldn’t help but rub his bulge against her ass, “You have a nice ass, by the way.” He grunted and let her go when she elbowed him in the stomach then turned around with a red face as she jammed her into his chest with a pissed off expression.

“If this is how you treat your roommates then you seriously need help.” She huffed and pushed up her glasses. He couldn’t help but notice how cute she acted. He stretched out a hand to her and gave her

a gentle smile.

“I’m Keene Fangs.”

“Kayla Sparks.” She shook his hand before letting go and turning completely red and quickly turning away, “Puts some damn clothes on.”

“Why? Clothes are a pain and I like being naked.” Keene chuckled. Kayla was indeed cute and he couldn’t help but want to tease her more.

“One, you don’t have the room to yourself and two, There’s a girl present.” She let out a growl.

“Could it be you never seen a man naked before?” He raised a brow at her back and she scoffed.

“If you’re referring to my virginity, then no, I’m not a virgin but that’s not really the point. Until you get dressed I’m not going to talk to you.” He could see the movements of her folding her arms and

he couldn’t help but smile. Challenge accepted, he thought. He walked

over to her and grabbed her ass and squeezed it, earning a squeak from


“If you won’t talk, I won’t stop.” He chuckled and started fondling her ass. He could feel her tense up before sighing and turned around to face him, releasing his hold on her ass. Keene raised a brow in


“Get dressed and we’ll talk all you want. Just don’t …. touch my ass without permission.” He chuckled and walked over to his side of the closet.

“No promises but you do have a nice ass along with nice breasts.” He winked at her. Kayla pinched the bridge of her nose sighing before seeing Keene drop the towel on the floor and covering her eyes while her face turned completely red. She grumbled while he chuckled and she couldn’t help but peek at him between her fingers. Her eyes widened slightly when she seen the way her muscles flexed on his back as he reached for a pair of pants, the way they moved when he reached back in the closet to grab a shirt, begging to be scratched and when he leaned over to put his pants on she looked away before she seen the very thing that had poked her ass just a few minutes ago. Kayla started making her bed trying to concentrate on something else. What she told Keene wasn’t a lie, she wasn’t a virgin but that didn’t mean she went around looking at dicks and getting laid. That wasn’t her thing especially after that

asshole she dated.

“So, you going to the party?”

“What party?” Kayla asked, turning around right as he was putting a shirt on and she couldn’t help but stare at his abs before they were covered by a shirt.

“Like what you see?” Keene chuckled. She couldn’t help roll her eyes

“What party?” she asked again. He stretched his arms as he yawned a little and she had to give the guy credit, he was pretty muscular.

“It’s a party that the dorms throw. Considering today is Friday the party

will be a big one and there will most likely be one tomorrow night too.” Of course this couldn’t be a place where people actually cared about studying and not partying, Kayla thought. She could feel him watching her as she thought about it before the door opened.

“Hey Kayla…” Lola stopped her sentence when she looked at Keene with a raised brow before looking at Kayla. “do I need to kick his ass?”

“Lola, this is my roommate Keene. Keene this is Lola, my best friend.”

Kayla introduced the two and couldn’t help noticing the way Lola and Keene

were getting into attack positions, “Did you come here for something sweetie?” she asked. Lola straightened up and smiled.

“I was just wondering if you wanted to go check out the library.”

“You had me at library.” Kayla chuckled and started for the door with Lola before pausing and looking at Keene, “I think I’ll pass on the party. It’s not my thing.” She smiled and left the room.

As they walked down the path of the school grounds, Kayla noticed Lola

staring at her.


“You could’ve texted me saying your roommate was a vampire.”

“Lola, I don’t care if he’s a vampire. Besides, I rather not have dust all

over the room.” Kayla sighed and Lola shook her head.

“You should just embrace your gift.”

“Lola, being a hunter and vampire killer isn’t who I am. It may be in my

blood but it’s not by choice.”

“Kay, you’re going to have to give in sooner or later because at the end of

the day, trouble is going to sneak up on you and take more than a sip of

blood. They’ll drain you dry or worse, make you one of them.” Lola said

with a pointed look before fishing out her cell phone. Kayla shook her

head. Even though Lola had a point, Kayla knew how to handle her own.

“What are you doing?” she asked seeing Lola sending a text.

“Oh, nothing important.” Lola smiled sweetly and Kayla couldn’t help

rolling her eyes.

“Lola, I’m being serious here, don’t start causing unwanted trouble. We don’t need that. I especially don’t need nor want it.” Kayla glared and

Lola rolled her eyes as they walked up to the doors of the library.

“Trust me, I’m not stupid and when I say it’s nothing, I mean it’s nothing.” Lola smiled holding open the door and the girls walked in. Kayla sighed and couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen and it was just going to get worse.

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