Vying For Silver

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Roses are red, violets are blue, the moon is rising, so is the truth. Will the alpha's finally claim there mates? Will her memories ever come back? Waking up in the middle of nowhere with no idea who I truly am was not how I pictured starting my day. Although i'm not sure what I would've pictured otherwise. I dont no what my name is and I don't know where I come from, all I know is that the woods are now my home and if anyone tries to take it away there will be hell to pay. Running the world's largest pack and trying to cope with the strange dreams that plague me at night are not a fun mix. My names Alpha Asher Knight, and I run the Winter Forest pack. The one known to kill anyone that passes onto pack lands without permission, the one that kills without mercy. If only they knew what was really true. Everything in life is not worth it if I dont have her, the mysterious girl that plagues my dreams and calls me from afar. I will find her and when I do I will never let her go.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

Pain. Pain was all I knew in that moment. The kind of pain that paralyzes you, the kind that you can’t get rid of. The type that kills you a little from the inside out. Trying to open my eyes is another story. They feel like sandpaper, raw and scratchy.

What the moon goddess happened? The thought slipped into my mind as I’m finally able to open my eyes. After minutes of trying.

As I first open my eyes I can’t help but quickly shut them as a blinding light shines onto me. A few seconds later I finally get them all the way open, I see that it was the sun that was blinding me. What the? How did I get outside? How did I get here? Where am I? Questions start popping into my brain as I try sitting up only to have the worst pain iv ever felt move through my body. At least I think so. But I cant remember. It felt like someone was gutting me. Feeling around on what I can only imagine is the forest floor because of the pine needles and dirt, I try to get my bearings.

Trying to think back to what happened last night or any day my mind comes up blank.

Think, think, think. Is the mantra I have going on in my head but then quickly think better of it. I need to get up.

Slowly sitting up this time, still in the worst pain ever. I’m finally able to sit all the way up. Sitting up I start to look around but all I see around me is trees, more trees and bushes. Ok and Maybe some dirt here and there. Finding my bearings and finally standing up, I try to take a step only to stumble and catch myself on a tree. I finally get my Balance and look down at myself. Looking down I see what I was dreading to. BLOOD....... Is the only thing that comes to mind as I see the fresh red all over my clothes. Still sticky and wet. Investigating I see where the pain was coming from in the first place. I had multiple cuts and scrapes all over me.

Where had those come from? What happened? More questions kept popping into my head as I Tried to keep walking through the pain. Stumbling along trying to find the nearest road or anyone that could help me.

Who am I?

Where am I?

I kept walking through the pain trying to think of anything useful only to come up blank. Nothing made sense anymore, I couldn’t remember anything. Not my name, Not where I lived, Who I knew. I couldn’t even remember what I looked like. My mind started getting all fuzzy in my anger because I couldn’t remember anything. Did I have a family missing me? How old am I? Twenty two . the number popped up in my head when I thought about it. It almost sounded like someone had said it.

I didn’t have anytime to debate if anyone was there as my body started to shut down. I fell painfully to the ground, as everything started to ached at an even grander level. the pain was to much. Why couldn’t I die in piece, why did I have to have all this pain? That was the last thing I thought of as my eyes closed and my heart stopped, in the middle of the forest floor. The last thing I heard were footsteps coming my way as all the birds chirped in the trees. The last thing I felt was the wind on my skin like a lost lover saying goodbye, and saddened by the way things turned out.

Waking up in a bed in what looks like a small bedroom or a cabin. I sit up a little to see if the pain from earlier will come back. When I don’t feel anything painful I sat up and look down at myself. When I look down I notice everywhere where I was cut is all healed. It looks like I never had a scratch on me. My skin looks even better than before if that’s possible. And then that’s when I really start to think.

How did I get here? I thought I was dead?

“I’m not sure how we got here?” A voice answers me startling me so bad I end up falling out of the bed, hitting the hard wood flooring of the cabin. When I think about answering the person I get side tracked. As I’m sitting on the ground I have a look around the cabin, or at least I think its a cabin it could possibly be a small house. The walls are a lavender color which might I add looks nice with the black comforter on the bed, and the lavender and black dressers and night stands around the room. there’s also two doors that lead somewhere although I’m not sure where.

when I stand up I notice the walls have quite a few paintings and drawings on them. walking up closer to them I notice they all have wolves In them. theirs one painting that catches my eye so I take a closer look and notice there’s a black wolf with deep red markings all over it, with a little white as well. If I didn’t no what I was looking at I would of thought it was blood, but taking and even closer look, I see that its the actual fur that has the color.

I don’t know why but looking at the wolf makes me start missing something. although I’m not sure what. Or who?

Silver and blue. A memory? Although I’m not sure, when I try to think about it the memory fades and I hear quiet voices out side.

When I hear foot steps outside of the cabin coming closer. I hurry and get back in bed to wait for the door to open. When the door finally opens a minute later, a woman about my age comes walking through the door.

Looking up at her I see she has dark almost black hair put up in a tight bun on her head, she also has stormy blue eyes that look like they can see right through you. She’s wearing tight fitting skinny jeans and a black tank top with combat boots. She’s a bit smaller than I am but toned, and looks to be about the same height as I am.

“Hi, I’m glad to see you have finally woken up, my names Blake its nice to meet you.” as she holds out a hand for me to shake.

“Um thanks, Who are you? where am I?” Is what I ask Blake when I go to shake her hand. shaking her hand and looking up at her I notice that her eyes quickly look away. What’s up with that?

“You are in the heart of the wilds in Wyoming. I brought you back to the compound when I found you bleeding out in the woods. How did you get out there anyways, if you don’t mind me asking.” Blake asks a little to enthusiastically.

“Um....” I say as I try to think about why I was out there, but nothing comes to mind. The wilds? Wyoming? Compound?

“What’s your name?” She’s asks after a few minutes when I haven’t said anything.

“Um.... My name is.....” I try to think of what my name is but all that comes to mind is nothing absolutely and completely nothing. “Um... I’m not sure I don’t remember.” I say after a few seconds of trying to think.

What is my name?

Who am I?

And then that weird voice answers me again.

“Your name is Silver..... Silver Alpha.”

“Oh well I’m sure you will remember soon, here put these on and meet me out side when you finish cleaning up. There’s a bathroom through that door.” She points to the right of the room where I notice one of the doors from earlier.

As she walking out I couldn’t help but shout out to her.


“Ya, what is it?” Blake says waiting for me to answer.

“I remember my name” I say.

How did I remember it? Thinking back to when the voice spoke I remember that Blake didn’t even notice someone was talking. She acted as if nothing had spoken. Am I going crazy? After a few minutes of not answering her, she finally spoke up.

“Um, are you going to tell me or?” Blake asks in a normal tone, not seaming to be annoyed by not answering her right away.

“Oh shit, sorry I kind of zoned out a little. My name is Silver”

“Well then welcome Silver to the wilds, ill be waiting outside to show you around. Take your time cleaning up.” Blake says as she finally makes her way out of the room.

After my shower I get dressing in the clothes that Blake gave me. A black tank top tight fitting skinny jeans and combat boots with socks underwear and a bra. The sizing was a little off but that would’ve been kind of weird if the sizing was just right so I went with it. It’s better than nothing. Gently combing my hair out with my fingers not that it helps. I think a bird nested in my hair before Blake found me in the woods. At least that’s what it looks like. I had to wash my hair three times just to get all the blood and dirt out. And I still feel gross.

Looking into the mirror I take in my appearance. I have smooth white skin and I’m about 5′6″, with slightly curly dark brown hair. I have brown eyes and curves. Looking at my self with the clothes Blake gave me I notice I look like a freaking badass. How inconvenient to think about that right now, when I notice I forgot what I even looked like. How could I forget what I look like? But asking questions like that, I might not like the answer.

Trying to think back on what happened, but it gets me no where, so I start to wonder why in the world I was out in the woods to begin with. Why was I covered in blood? When I cant think about it anymore for the sake of my sanity. I start to focus on just combing out my hair.

When I’m finally done with my hair I walk through the cabin and open the door that Blake went through, only to be filled with the most gorgeous sight I have ever seen. At least I think. Stepping out of the cabin to find a massive clearing littered with people. There a garden in the middle that people are tending to and kids running around. It seems so magical. When I look closer I notice that all around the clearing in the woods there more cabin like houses scattered everywhere.

When I look to my right I notice Blake walking up to me with another person with her. She is wearing similar clothing to ours and has a sour look on her face as they make there way over to me.

“Nice to see you all cleaned up. Silver this is rose. Rose this is silver.” Blake states in a worried voice, motioning back and forth between us. Why is she worried?

“Silver what an Interesting name, did your mom name you that because you are poison?” Rose said with a even more sour look on her face if that’s even possible. What is her problem, now I know why Blake was so worried. Why did she just use my name and poison in the same sentence?

I just smile as she starts to glare at me, not letting her ruin my mood I turn to Blake.

“Its beautiful here, how long have you guys been here for?” I ask in an even tone.

“Um, we have been here for about 4 years. We usually move around every few years but have decided to stay here. The pack likes the location so it works, I guess.” Blake looks over nervously at Rose as if she’s trying to gage her next reaction.

“Wait why do you guys move every few months and what is a pack?” I ask a little confused on the matter.

“A pack of wolves. Are you really that stupid?” Rose says with a sneer. I try to think of what she means but nothing comes so instead I ask a different question.

“Wait what pack it this?”

“Well I guess you could say we function like a pack but are not an official one, were what you would call rouges. we don’t have an alpha so-” Rose cuts Blake off as she starts talking over her. “so you will need to contribute if your planning on staying here, everyone works no exceptions.” She states

Blake starts to say more about the alpha or something, but Rose grabs her arm in a brutal way before she can finish. “Don’t talk about alphas, I’m the leader around here remember your place Blake” Rose says with a growl in her voice.

When Rose grabbed Blake it was like time froze. everything went in slow motion and then at the speed of light. Something clicked and I was in front of Rose with my hand around her throat. I had her pinned against a tree, while she clawed at my hands for me to release her. Everything in me wanted to kill her for the disrespect. disrespect? the word caused me to have a flash back.

Someone pinned me up against the wall yelling in my face. I cant remember who all I know is that I knew them well. The man holding me against the wall had dark hair and blue eyes. he was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans, but that’s about all my mind would let me remember. “you will learn what respect is little pup. If you ever disrespect me again ill kill you. Now its time for some fun, what do you say?” The only sound that came from me was a whimper as I awaited the torture that I knew was about to come. With a growl in his voice he called to someone in the next room. “Cail get you ass out here, I have a present for you.” he sneered waiting for this man named Cail. “ya, what is it?” The man named Cail asked as he appeared in the door way. He was very tall and fit with bright blue eyes as well, except his hair was blond unlike the other guy. He was also wearing a black t-shirt and dark jeans. Maybe it was to hide the blood? “I need you to take care of her and make sure she’s down for at least a few days. she needs a lesson in respect, don’t you think.” Cail sneered at the man. “Ok” was all Cail said as he inflicted torcher on me for what seemed like days but in reality was only a few hours. I never screamed, screaming only caused more pain. The last thing I remembered was the hurt look on Cail’s face as the flash back was stripped from my mind. It was the look of regret.

When I finally came out of the flash back, I growled in Roses face as she still struggled for air. “Don’t ever grab someone again, if I see or hear about you doing it I will find you. And your not going to like what happens then. Got it” I say as I get really close to her face and tighten my grip on her. Just to prove my point. “That goes for everyone hear. If I see or hear of anyone touching another person in a harmful way ill hurt you twice as worse as you hurt them” I say with a powerful growl behind my words.

Everyone in the clearing was now on high alert. Guess I had everyone’s attention. “I said, GOT IT?” with the biggest growl yet.

“Y-yes” she stuttered struggling to breath, as I loosened up on her neck a little so she could answer me.

Only when I released her neck did I step back and take notice of everyone around me. Everyone in the clearing was kneeling on the ground with there necks bent to the side. Even the children. when I saw that, something inside me clicked back into place, that’s when I really didn’t know what to do. If you consider not having control of your actions normal, than this is one of those moments.

finally snapping out of my staring, I notice Blake standing next to me looking at me in wonder. “Hey your all free to go. I’m going to show Silver around.” she says to the crowd as she starts walking away. “Hey you coming or what? I wanna show you around before it gets dark.” she asks while everyone starts to clear out.

“Um ya, sounds fun.” following Blake around the compound as they like to call it. I notice that all the houses are build in like a ring like fashion. looking through the houses I notice that there are about three rings of houses. It almost looks like its built to protect the center meadow. Each house guarding making sure nothing passes there line of defense. beyond the houses were woods for miles and miles, nothing to be seen and no stores to go to. that brings up another question.

“So I don’t see any cars around and I certainly don’t see any stores. where do you guys get you food from?” I ask

“We hunt for our own food, everyone pitches in. We usually have big pack dinners every night as well. Things here are a little bit more laid back then what your used to. We like to stay close and make sure everyone that night has eaten. Uh, make sure everyone is cared for I guess.” Blake says

“Wow I don’t think I ever heard of something like that. Well then again I don’t think I id remember even if I had.”

“Hey, I’m sorry I know you’ll remember soon enough. Maybe you even have a family waiting for you or something.” Blake says in a sincere tone. I look away from her and look to the left, I notice that we are a bit away from the house in the forest, I’m about to ask where were going when something catches my eye.

“Oh my moon goddess, is that a fighting area?” I ask excitedly

“Ya, but we call it a training yard. Most of the males train there, weave never had any female fighters before. Might be an interesting fight. Id like to see you kick there asses.” she laughs a little.

“Ok, lets go.” I say as I start walking over there.

“Wait your not serious are you I was just joking. Oh moon your really doing it arnt you.” She gives me a 'are you crazy look'. “ya” is all I say as I look to the side at her and keep walking.

When we get there I notice indeed all the people here are of the male gender. Wow I really thought she was joking, I guess not. This is going to be fun. When I get to the middle of the training yard every person there just stairs at me. There’s only on person ballsy enough to approach. Figures.

“Hey what are you doing here ladies, looking to watch a fight?” He asks in what he thinks is a seductive voice. But really its a huge turn off. When I take a closer look at him to assess my opponent, I notice he is a hulk of a man. He is probably six foot and is all muscle, I don’t think a single part of him has any fat. He has black hair and blue eyes, and is wearing the same thing as everyone here. A black tight t-shirt, dark pants, and combat boots. He is defiantly not my type to egotistical for me. At least that’s my first impression. but Blake over here is looking at him like he’s her world. Interesting.

“Hi....” I trail off waiting for him to say his name. “Its Hakan” he says after a minute of me staring at him.

“Hakan my names Silver and I’m here to challenge you to a fight. Doesn’t your name mean fire?” When I finish talking he looks at me like I just said the funniest thing ever. Then he starts to laugh along with everyone here. fucking assholes.

in between laughing he looks at me and sees my face. “Wait your serious?”

“Ya why wouldn’t I be?”

“Um nothing, ok I accept. I hope you ready to get beat Silver.” He says my name like its poison. What is it with everyone? It happens so fast I almost don’t see it coming. Then he comes at me. I step sideways and avoid his attack by inches. Only to have him spin and come at me again. Only this time it doesn’t go as he had planned. I spin away from him one last time and kick out my leg to hit the back of his knee. Ha, made contact. He then goes face down in the dirt only to flip on his back. When he does that I hit him in his wind pipe then in the temple swiftly knocking him out. When I stand up and look around, I’m stunned at what I see.

Once again everyone in the clearing was kneeling, with there necks bet just as last time. everybody had a look of wonder on there face including Blake who was kneeling with her jaw hanging open in disbelief.

“Welcome home Alpha. We haven’t had a alpha in what seems like forever. Hope you like the ones nobody wanted cause that’s this group. What is our pack called?” someone said from somewhere in the back of the group that had gathered. I had no idea what they were talking about but I gave up a name anyways.

Its like I new what to say when I said it. So it wasn’t a surprise when everyone howled after words.

“Welcome to Redemption pack”

Although all was said and done I still couldn’t get this one thought out of my head.

Who am I?

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