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In most fairytales that we're familiar with, there are lots of singing, animals cleaning, and even happily ever after. Unfortunately, we all know that not every story or every character in every story lives happily ever after. This is one of those stories... Rose Knightly has always struggled to fit in. With the other princesses, with life in general, and now with her family. After her father falls ill and is on his death bed, her brother Declan comes to claim the throne after their father's passing. He is quick to "fall in love" and marry his queen, Evangeline. At first, Evangeline seems to be the kind of person Declan needs in his life but soon as time passes Evangeline's true colors shine bright and Declan is left wondering if he may have made a mistake to marry so quickly. Will Rose be able to fit in with and have a great relationship with Evangeline or is Evangeline out to seek and destroy every relationship there is?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Once Upon A Time...

You know those fairytales where everyone bursts into song, animals clean, or everyone lives happily ever after? I wish I could tell you that is what this story is about but perhaps I would be lying if I were to say it was so.

In a kingdom not so isolated but not well known either there lived a king named Dominic and his queen Diana Knightly and their three children Rose, Declan, and Jase.

The Knightly family was a tight-knight family unit. One wouldn’t have dared to think something or someone could come between any of these family members. They probably wouldn’t even have thought something possible themselves.

Rose was the oldest being the only female child born to their parents. Declan was the middle child but oldest son. He would be the one to claim the throne if anything ever were to happen to their father. Jase was the youngest child and youngest son. While both Rose and Declan were a little shy, Jase was the opposite. He was always the child to get into mischief and go on many wild adventures. He also became the comedian of the family.

The family Patriarch Dominic met his lovely bride Diana at a spring festival hosted by Dominic’s father, the king at the time Lennox. Lennox and his queen Della would host a spring festival every year hoping their third son Dominic would find him a wife. Dominic and Diana were in their twenties when they met. It was love at first sight for them.

Dominic was a little shy in talking to Diana but he finally mustered up enough courage to ask her out on a date. After six months of dating, they were married. Then another six months later they found out they were expecting Rose.

Rose was a child like any other. She would sleep all day but stay up all night. Something that would later follow her into adulthood. She loved to play dolls and play dress up and followed her mother everywhere. She was her mother’s girl for sure.

When she was four years old her little brother Declan arrived into the family. He had a little of a rough start as he had an irregular heart rhythm but the doctor said he would outgrow that...and so he did. Rose and Declan became best of friends but also would fight as most siblings would. But at the end of the day, they loved each other and nothing could ever come between that. Declan would play dolls with Rose and Rose would also play cars with Declan.

When Declan was six years old, he had told his father he had wanted a little brother. Dominic had wanted the same, but he had thought his and Diana’s time had passed. That they were too old to add another prince to their castle. But by utter surprise queen Diana had fallen pregnant in her advanced age. She had later given birth to their younger brother Jase who came into the world a spitfire.

Growing up into the teenage years Declan and Jase became closer to each other while they grew distantly apart from Rose. Rose would soon come to feel that her own brothers didn’t seem to care anything about her.

In her teenage years, Rose had not been interested in finding a mate to spend her life with. She was too busy spending time with her best friend Ivonna who was the only princess in all of Mytandria that ever showed any interest in being Rose’s friend at all. She had various crushes on some of the boys of Mytandria but they wouldn’t even acknowledge her existence when she tried to speak to them. So she was doomed to think she would be alone the rest of her life.

Declan on the other hand dated quite a few of the girls of Mytandria but none of whom could be his choice for a future queen. He decided to take time slowly and live his life to the fullest before deciding to be betrothed to someone.

As Jase grew older, he became particularly close to one girl named Karina who would eventually turn out to treat him wrong and flirt with a few of the other boys of the land.

Eventually Rose found her soulmate Jadon at the tender age of eighteen by meeting through Declan and Jadon’s sister Davina.

This is where the story begins...

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