The Prince's True Mate

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"I can promise you this. Once I have my way, you won't be able to walk for days. And by the time I finally pull out, you'll be round with my pup," “Holy shit you’re huge,” I say, the words slipping out of my mouth quicker then I can stop them. He freezes up completely and begins to slowly clench and unclench his jaw. His hands are balled into fists at his sides, and his muscles flex slowly. “If you don’t want me to spread your pink lips and fuck you from behind on this table, I recommend that you stay silent. I only have so much control, Kyra,” He grunts, standing up so quickly that his chair tips over and falls to the floor.

Fantasy / Erotica
Ariel Low
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"If we’d never met, I think I would have known my life wasn’t complete. And I would have wandered the world in search of you, even if I didn’t know who I was looking for."

― Nicholas Sparks

You try to run, and you’re caught. Try to hide, and you’re found.

Its what they’ve told us all, nailing it into our brains since six years old. We have no choice in who takes us as theirs, and we cannot question the authority of the pack system. Alphas always pick first.

Yet ironically, I don’t know if I should feel deprived. I’ve never known anything different.

Girls with multiple 10s always get chosen.

Since running and hiding are off the table, I’ve chosen invisibility as my power. I’m just normal.

And any male will be damned if they want me because of such. Who would want a normal wolf as their mate? It's I can find my true mate.

Without any alpha, beta, or delta interference.

“Kyra, don’t get so lost in your thoughts,” My favorite brother Jett smiles teasingly.

“Screw off, you’ve been going to this ball for the last three years,” I shoot back instantly. Jett’s mate will be extremely lucky, Delta and all.

“It’s no biggie Ky. If you have an issue, grab me,” He pats my shoulder as he tries to comfort me.

“I don’t know, Jett... I’m scared. I might dislike Justin and Andrew but I don’t wanna leave those two behind. And the memories of mom. I feel like I'm going to forget her,” I shutter.

“Ky, if you have an issue just find me... and don't think about that stuff,” He repeats, wrapping his arms around me as we pull up to the curb. “I never thought I would say this, but I wish you were ugly,” He groans as I push my face into his chest. So much concern is laced in his eyes.

“Gee thanks. Good intentions were involved, you’re forgiven,” I sigh.

He opens the door for me, helping me out. I am careful not to trip over the dress my mother chose for me; a strapless pastel pink gown with a beaded bodice. Miraculously, it fit perfectly.

The royal castle in front of us stood dauntingly as it loomed over the guests who entered the main door. Taking both my suitcase and his, Jett leads me inside to a counter.

The hall we entered was stunning. The slightest noise echoed through the foyer, reflecting off of the tall ceilings. The wallpaper was mounted perfectly, the tiled floor glittered back at me. And in the middle stood a huge temporary counter, three women sitting behind it. They looked 30 at most, but it was impossible to tell as the royal court members are all immortal.

We approached the desk slowly, my heels clicking on the floor as we moved in front of the three. My brother handed the luggage to the one on the left before turning to the one in the center.

“Kyra and Jett Bailey,” Was all he said before she started to rummage through papers. When she found the one she was looking for, she gave a single nod. The woman on the left took out a card and began to scribble. She takes out some more papers. They look like a collection of medical and academic reports. About me.

Confusion overcame me.

“Oh, a new one. She’s just writing down your ranking cards love, don’t fret,” The lady in the middle answers. I merely give her a smile, offering my gratitude.

“Why doesn’t he get one?” I ask, pointing to my brother.

“Because I’m a guy,” Jett says into my ear as all three women chose to stare at me with a dumbstruck expression. The brunette one on the left had a slight smile on her face.

“Almost everyone scores perfectly on health,” Jett whispers in my ear.

Too bad my scoliosis would bring me down.

The brunette gave me my card back. I took a deep breath and glanced down.

Health - 9.5/10

Strength - 3.5/10

Beauty - 10/10

Intellect - 9/10

Personality - 9/10

Shit. If I don’t find him tonight, I never will.

Or I’ll have to find another way.

I looked up at his face to see a genuinely awed expression. Guiding me away, I am almost positive I heard him mutter something about keeping a better eye on me.

“I have to leave you here. All the guys have to go to a different room. See you at 12,” Jett whispers into my ear as he stops in front of a door, gesturing for me to go inside.

“Okay,” I whisper, hugging him before I go through the double doors. This room is probably more stunning than the last. I didn’t know that it could be. Elaborate firefly lights fill the room with a glass ceiling that showed the stars. I couldn’t help but grin widely at the sight before me.

The room begins to grow dense with other girls. I make my way to the corner, avoiding the dancefloor towards the far end and the long tables in the center. A makeshift stage is in front of the wooden plates that made up the floor. Soft music was coming from somewhere over to my right.

I sat on a plush sofa, sipping a drink that a staff member had given me. A couple of girls sit by me and begin to talk.

“Is this your first time?” A petite ginger with a jade green dress asks.

“Yeah. Pretty easy to tell?” I laugh slightly at the nerves coursing through my body.

“No. Well, maybe. Yeah, it is. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine! My name is Olivia,” She smiles.

“I’m Kyra. Is this your first year?” I ask.

“First... But I’ve seen it before... it’s really different every year. Same rooms and all, but the decorations are completely redone. So are all the events and festivities. Other than the claiming, that is,” Olivia smiles softly.

“Wait so what pack are you from?“.

“Oh... I’m from the Royal Pack. But like, our customs are different. Because we all live forever, the females kinda get a say in their mates. Sucks for the mortals. Totally unfair if you ask me. But I doubt that you would want to live with someone who isn’t your true mate for the rest of your life. I’ve seen it happen before, and they’re usually miserable,” She sighs, a slightly pained expression crossing over her face.

“I’ve never heard that... that’s interesting,” I say, feeling a twinge of jelousy. “But what do you mean by kinda? Don’t tell me that it’s every other girl or something,“.

“The Royal Family gets an ultimate say. Can’t get out of that... thank god Cassius would never pick me or anyone else that isn’t her. I doubt that he’d ever pick someone who isn’t his true mate,”

“The Prince?” I ask. “Doesn’t he sleep around? I mean that makes me think that he’d pick anyone but his true mate. It’s like he’s disregarding her completely,” I comment. Olivia nods, thinking. Her smile fades slightly.

“I mean yeah, but from what I understand, he screws around because he’s waiting for his true mate. His job is pretty stressful and after two years he caved. It’s not like his actions are irreversible. Plus, you have to will it to get someone pregnant. So there aren’t hundreds of little princes running around,” Olivia adds.

“I guess so... I mean I wouldn’t do it but whatever. I agree to disagree,” I nod. She nods back.

Olivia and I talk some more. We discuss our favorite foods, colors, books, and movies and a shit ton of other things.

Who knew she actually hates her red hair?

Looking at the clock behind me, I see that it’s already 11:55. Five minutes till midnight.

The festivities would begin soon, which was why the men began to shift in through a door to the right.

11:59 is when all of the men were in the room

A minute left, and I still couldn’t feel him.

I started to panic.


And on queue, two large doors slightly to my left were thrown open, revealing the Queen whose husband had recently passed due to an attack. She waltzed inside before they turned right, going directly in front of me until they reached two very large chairs past me. Mostly everyone’s eyes are on her, hoping to get a glimpse of the immortal beauty. She sits down gracefully, smiling at the crowd that subconsciously moved nearer. She looks at the clock impatiently before she cleared her voice.

“You may go back to whatever you were doing, my son is slightly late,” She commands clearly through the room with a slight frown on her face. Everyone goes back to chatting as they were before.

I can feel some lingering glances, but I don’t know who they’re coming from. It’s concerning.

I sip on my drink some more while listening to Olivia speak about her most recent vacation to Greece.

“I can’t sense him, Olivia,” I panic.

“Kyra, be patient. There are so many people here. When the crowd shifts you might find him,” She comforts me, leaning her head on my shoulder.

That’s when the doors open once more, a lot faster than before. A man walked inside with a lopsided bow-tie and two buttons undone on his dress shirt. You could hear a needle drop as he walked next to the queen, sitting beside her.

“Continue,” He announces before he shot an annoyed look towards his mother.

I, however, can’t help but stare at him. His blonde curls framed his face perfectly. Long black lashes framed his grey eyes. You could tell he had some serious abs going on under his from the first two buttons that he was currently closed due to his mother’s face that held disgust.

I felt a pull towards him.

Shit, no, no, no!

“I gotta go,” I squeak out. Olivia just looks confused.

I get up to leave, but his eyes snap towards me. As soon as our eyes meet I quickly turn away, my fear growing. My brother was making his way towards me with a slight frown on his face.

I meet him half-way and hug him.

Why can feel him starting to stand up behind me?

“What’s wrong Jett?” I ask.

“Don’t think she’s here... Again. I feel nothing towards any of these girls,” He mumbled as he tightened his arms around me.

I feel an angry stare directed at the back of my head.

Unwinding my arms I offer him an empathetic smile.

“I’m sorry about that Jett, but I really want to go. He’s not here.” I say, panicking more now. He’s about to move towards me, but something is holding him back. He nods carefully before grabbing my hand and heading to the door.

Two bulky guards were in the way.

“Can we leave?” I beg them.

“He can. You can’t. I find it hard to believe that you’ve forgotten the rules,” One of them says. He smirks slightly.

Fuck the rules!

I begin to try to push forward, but Jett pulls me back.

“It’s not worth it. Let’s go back,” He whispers into my ear as we move near the couches again.

When I turn I see that the Queen is holding the Prince back. He looks furious with me. The Queen just looks at me with concern.

With a sudden urge to pee, I make my way out of one door on the side to hunt for a bathroom.

The Queen’s holding him back, I should be fine.

I was only halfway down the stranded hallway before I felt two arms pin me to the wall.

A drunken male had pinned me down, attacking my neck with sloppy kisses. They felt disgustingly wet on my neck as I tried to push him off. He had an overly large nose, and light brown hair.

“Stop it!” I shout, smacking at his back. He’s too big to push off.

Before I could kick him in the nuts he is off of me and against the nearest wall.

A punch hits him square in the jaw.

I was sobbing quietly as the man with curly blonde hair beat the shit out of him.

“Mine. My mate,” He is growling.

Leave it to Prince Cassius to save me.

He must have heard me crying because he turned around and picked me up in a blur. The man somehow made his way through the halls quickly with my flailing around on his shoulders.

I want him to stop and put me down.

“Let me go,” I blubber. I can barely see where we are going because my vision is blurry from the tears.

He throws a door open, bringing me inside, and pins me against the wall. A light was on through an open connecting door. A girl runs outside, without any clothes on.

“Get that whore out of here!” She shrieks, causing him to back away and me to put my hands over both of my ears. I was able to get a better glimpse of the man who took me.

Grey eyes with thick, long lashes. Those amazing blonde curls.

The Prince, a future king.

My true mate.

“Clarissa, get the fuck out,” He growls, moving towards her angrily. She stomps her foot in defiance.

“I wasn’t finished having fun with you yet,” She pouts. What a child.

“I don’t want to be here... I’m going. Have fun,” I mumble quickly before running out the door and back down the hallway, finding my way back from the trail of blood that came off of his hand.

Prince Cassius.

Tears threaten to pool out of my eyes as I walk into the hall once more, finding my brother. He stood next to a girl with a goofy grin on her face. Olivia. When he sees me, he nods; telling me that he had found her. His true mate.

I hid my tears and left them to be alone.

I decided to slip back into the banquet hall, and after a drink or two, it became apparent that the Regal Ball was coming to a sudden close as it neared 1 am. A short, greying man made his way to the small stage, gesturing for everyone to surround him. The men went nearer before he chose to begin.

Cassius slipped into his seat again. He radiated guilt.

The Queen is furious on the other hand. She looks at her son straight in the eye.

“We will start off with the Deltas. Any objections can be made when staking a claim,” He explained as my brother stepped forward, gesturing to Olivia beside him.

Thank god no one objected. It’s not like they would’ve had a valid claim against her either.

Several more deltas went forward, gesturing to those they chose. Only one had an objection, a claim made by a beta. The betas started after, but on the third one, I thought I was going to piss myself. It was the drunk dude, and he pointed at me.


Dragging me forwards, the man voice rings throughout the halls.

“Any objections?” He questions.

After a second of pause, I heard the first ‘I’ from an alpha of a smaller pack.

Another one from a slightly more powerful alpha as well.

One of the stronger alphas staked his claim, getting ready to finalize my destiny.

An “I,” cut clearly from the hall as the doors opened once more.

Grey eyes, blonde curls.

Everyone gasped.

I just want to crawl into a hole and die.

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